Friday, November 20, 2020

Friday's Fave Five #611

Hello and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Our little corner of the internet where we are training ourselves to look for the blessings in our lives no matter what is going on.  Won't you join us in being intentional to take note of the good things God sends our way?

I will be doing my post later today.  It's been an insane and emotional week starting with a COVID test for me on Sunday, to a hard appointment for my Mom on Monday and culminating with an ER trip for my Dad.  And last night I was prepping for a phone call appointment with my Mom's doctor later today.  I have to write everything down because we're allotted only 10 minutes and that time goes really fast.  My brain is starting to scream "Time Out".  So I won't get a post up tonight but will join you all tomorrow.   Mr. Linky is up so please go ahead and link your own FFF post.  I'll catch up with you all. 

Okay grabbing a few minutes here, hopefully I can get 5 done!  If nothing else I am learning to go with the flow of what life is handing me right now.  I can rage against the inconvenience and interruption of it all and become stressed and see nothing but problems or I can relax in it, take one step at a time to move forward and keep my eyes open for those blessings which I know are there.  The secret is to keep looking.

~ negative covid test ~ last Sunday saw me going into the third day of a headache which advil was not helping, which is not normal for me.  And having a bit of a stuffy nose in the mornings, which can be normal.  It was very stressful as I had to go to church to receive the Operation Christmas Child boxes and pray over them.  But if this was something related to covid I certainly did not want to make my church members have to end up quarantining!  This darn uncertainity is so stressful. i ended up making a call to the province's COVID line and their recommendation because it was a secondary symptom was to either isolate until it resolves or go for a test.  So Sunday afternoon I went for the test, called in a sick day for Monday and sat and cried about not being able to do what is passion at church.   But 28 hours later my test results, thankfully, came back negative and by Monday afternoon the headache was gone.  The blessing in that rambling story is, of course, the negative test result but also the understanding and encouragement of so many people.  The person I called to tell them I couldn't come to church, the person who stepped in and did my job for me, the understanding and sweet words of all my parents in dayhome, and my sis taking on so many extra shifts with helping my mom.  Grateful for them all.

~ compassionate nurse in charge ~ there was a couple of things that happened with Dad's er visit that we lacked understanding on.   So rather than get angry or make assumptions  it was decided  I would inquire and I called and talked to the head of the nursing department in er and though she wasn't on shift she graciously took the time to find out what went on and then explained everything to me.  I'm so thankful for compassionate, caring medical staff even in the midst of their crazy hard days right now.

~ pizza with cauliflower crust ~  one of my favorite foods is pizza and hubby makes sure we have it on a regular takeout basis.  This last Friday we thought we'd try the cauliflower crust from one of our usual places because we're trying to cut our carbs.  I was a bit skeptical and so ordered a regular crust too in case we hated it.  But it turned out it was delicious and we will be getting it again. 

~ soup ~ with the colder weather, and the busyness of my life right now, I seem to have turned to soups a lot lately.  In the past couple of weeks I've made Hungarian Goulash, Tortellini Vegetable and Turkey soup.  And we've enjoyed every spoonful!

~ Christmas movies ~ This last week I've enjoyed a couple of Christmas movies.  Though not a person who has to watch every single one, I have turned them on early this year because they are a nice escape and that is what I needed this week.  Reading has been a bit tough cause my mind was too full but the happy cheesiness of the movies fit the bill.

What were your favorite blessings that you appreciated this week?


Gattina said...

That's fine no hurry !!

Faith said...

Awesome quote!!!!!!

See you tomorrow,

Barbara Harper said...

Oh, wow, Susanne. What a hard week. I'm praying for you and your parents.

Linda Hoye said...

Oh my, what a week. Take gentle care.

Willow said...

I am thankful that your covid test came back negative!
Oh my, I know the frustration of ER visits and not getting the information you need for an elderly parent. I am thankful with you that you got that all cared for and with a compassionate nurse.
Take a deep breath and rest a bit. Have a relaxing weekend!

Faith said... did have quite a wee. I currently am on my family room couch sipping hot tea and wondering if i have covid!! I'm giving it 2 days before i get tested and just stayed no in the next two days.soremthroat came on this morning at work ( not a covid symptom) and i. Achy and tired ( covid symptom). So. I shall wait and see ...another coworker was pout today with same thing, went to doc and was told it's viral unrelated to covid. So.

Hope,your dad is doing better!,

I have tried cauliflower crust and it's not too bad.

I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing and stress free weekend.

ellen b. said...

So sorry for the turmoil of the week and I do hope things are better now and will get better yet!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh that sounds like a rough week. I’m so glad that your test was negative and that your headache finally went away. I really like that quote as well.

nikkipolani said...

Oh Susanne! What a stressful time - but glad that God has helped you through it with people who've stepped in and helped to bear the burdens.

Hope that resolutions are on the way and whatever difficult health news for your family will be borne with grace and God's mercy.

Deb said...

Hi Susanne. I did not get to join in FFF last week, but next week for sure. So glad you didn't have COVID and that you were able to get some answers on your dad's condition. Hope this week goes well.

Barbara Harper said...

I'm so glad your test came back negative and you're feeling better. It can be so hard to get someone in the medical field willing to take that kind of time the nurse did with you about the ER visit. I'm glad you talked to one who was willing and helpful. I have not tried a cauliflower crust yet--I have seen it on frozen pizzas but not take-out. Glad yours was good! yay for soup and Christmas movies.