Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday's Fave #597

Here we are at Friday all ready this week.  This week just zipped by though I'm not quite sure why I feel that way. There was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing really different, no major event.  This is actually a good week for the discipline of Friday's Fave Five.  It makes me intentionally look for blessings when I  am in the midst of the mind numbing ordinary.  Please join us as we look for and identify 5 favorite blessings from the past week.

~ Peaches ~ one of my dayhome parents sent peaches for snack yesterday.  They were right from the orchards in British Columbia and boy were they delicious!  So much flavor compared to those bought when they are still hard at the grocery store shipped from who knows where.  Really appreciated that little gift from her.

~ playgrounds ~ I am so thankful that there are 2 different playgrounds within a block from my house.  Playgrounds are a saving grace for me during the summer.  It so nice to be able to take the child care kids and just let them burn off all that energy they have.  Though this year it is a bit nerve wracking with COVID.  Kids don't social distance at all but my dayhome kidlets try hard to follow the give some space to playground friends we meet that aren't part of "Susanne's kids" reminders .   

~ veggie shack ~ There is a little shack that sells fresh farm veggies in the parking lot of a Canadian Tire retail store not far from where I live.  I just tried it out for the first time last week.  I rarely get to the farmer's market in town because they aren't open long enough hours for me on Saturdays which is when I can go.  But this little shack is open when the retail store is so it's got hours I can use.  Everything is packaged in bundles with prices in even dollar amounts on them.  No one is working in there, it works on the honor system and you drop your cash into a slot after you've chosen what you want. It's very rare I have cash on me but this time I did happen to have some.  Last week I got some very delicious beets, peppers, tomatoes on the vine and I scored a bag of onions which is awesome as all the onions in the main grocery stores have all been recalled due to salmonella.  And everything was a fairly reasonable price.  I will be visiting this little shack of fresh veggies again! 

~ phone call ~ I had a phone call from a friend I haven't connected with in awhile this past week and it was really great to hear her voice.  She used to live close by and we'd see each other often, she was also my sub for my dayhome for many years. But then they moved to another part of town and she got a full time job and it just seems with everything that goes on our families we just struggle to connect on a regular basis.  We didn't talk long but it was enough to make me realize how much I miss her

~ looking forward to this weekend ~  my oldest and her husband will be visiting us this weekend and just having that to look forward to has really kept me going this week.  Today I'll freshen up and air out their room and get things ready for a nice visit.  I haven't seen them since Christmas because of COVID and I'm really looking forward to them coming.  

What have been blessings that you have found in your everyday, your sacred moments in the ordinary?



Gattina said...

In the very first time of the Corona disaster they tried that kids had to wear masks and keep distance ! The one who has invented that was certainly a man without children. After a few days suddenly kids hadn't to wear masks anymore and no distance either ! The only thing which remained was hand washing ! Sometimes the rules are so crazy that you can't keep them. We can go shopping one person only and for 30 min ! How can you do that if you have to buy furniture ???

Faith said...

I LOVE fresh peaches from a farm...i don't get them nearly enough now that I live closer to the a kid we had an abundance.

YAY for your girl and her hubby coming for a visit. that's awesome!

My list is up even though it's been a crazy busy week with me having to be head teacher due to the head having emergency surgery.'s my last day today for 3 whole weeks so I'll have some good things to look forward to on vacation.
I'm thankful we still do this weekly exercise as it forces me to slow down on Thursday evenings :)

(My post has so many mistakes!! I do NOT Like this new format/interface that blogger has switched to.)

Barbara Harper said...

This must be a good season for peaches. My husband found some at a local discount store and really enjoyed them. That's great to have two different playgrounds so close. I love the veggie shack idea. I've been thinking of calling an old friend to catch up. My oldest is coming in this weekend, too! We also haven't seen him since Christmas. Hope you have a great weekend!

ellen b. said...

What a joyful reunion that will be. Yikes over 8 months! Happy weekend to you!

Karen said...

Our state's peach crop didn't fare well this year. We had a frost in mid-April that killed 90%. So sad, as our western slope peaches are always a highlight of our summer. The veggie shack sounds great! We have one in town, but it's only open a few hours a week and I always forget to go there. I had a phone chat with a college friend this week. Forgot to add it to my list:/ Have a good weekend!

Jerralea said...

Love the veggie shack idea! Wish there was something here like that because I,too, can never get to the farmer's market when they are open.

Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter and son-in-law.

Deb said...

Hope you have a great visit with your kids. We had fresh peaches this week too. So good. I remember taking my kids to local playgrounds when they were little. It was always something they enjoyed. Hope you have a great weekend.

Wendy said...

I'm late here so I hope by now you are enjoying your time with your family. Sometimes we just need ordinary weeks. I like the idea of the honour system but like you I don't always have cash, especially now when everyone seems to prefer contactless payments so they don't have to handle the cash.

Jerralea said...

So glad you had a weekend with your daughter and son-in-law! Those are special times.

I love the idea of a veggie shack. Wish they did something like that in my area - I, too, can never get to the farmer's market during their hours!

The fresh peaches sound yummy!

nikkipolani said...

Every week, I think, "Peaches have to get on the Fives". And then I forget. But they are so so summer-sweet-good, aren't they?

That veggie shack is such a find! Bet you are making sure you've got cash so you can pick up more goodies.