Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday's Fave Five #590

Happy Friday, everyone!  Welcome to the place where we take a pause in our lives and busy days and look for the blessings in our lives.  I can't believe it's the last Friday of June already!  The days are just zipping by and I need to purposefully hit that pause button and take note of God's blessings or they just slip on by without me even taking note.  Please join in as we live lives of gratefulness and thankfulness. If you are new to Friday's Fave Five please take just a minute and click on the guidelines link in sidebar and then join right on in.

~ good interview resulting in spot filled ~  I finally was able to have an interview with a family who first called just before everything was shut down.  We been trying to connect since and we were finally able to have that meeting this week.  They are a sweet little family with an adorable babe and they will start the Dayhome in September.

~ delicious chocolate fix ~ found these at Costco last week when I was looking for snacks without having a whackload of sugar.  We're trying to cut back on carbs and sweets but we still get a craving for a desserty or chocolately type of thing.  ChocXO Keto Snaps.   These definitely fit what we were looking for.  I love dark chocolate but some of them can tend to lean on the bitter side.  These are 85% Cacao but the chocolate is really tasty and pleasant.  They are super chocolately and delicious and settle that craving in a small couple of bites.   And they're organic to boot.

~ visit with our son ~ we have our son visiting us this weekend.  We always love when the kids come home but especially now as we haven't seen our out of town kids since Christmas.  We were supposed to all be together for Easter but COVID thru a kabosh into those plans.  So we are especially grateful to have him home for a few days.  

~ filled gas tank ~  shoutout to my amazing hubby who always keeps my gas tank filled for me.  He borrowed my car for two days as his was in the shop and he made sure he filled up my tank for me.  I rarely have to go get gas myself.  I'm very thankful for that.  One less thing I have to worry about.  And he also washed it for me.  Acts of service is definitely one of my stronger love languages.

~ Father's day celebration ~ this year was very quiet in the Father's Day celebrating.  Saturday we were able to see my Dad for about half an hour.  We have to book a time to see him in the assisted living facility he is in because of COVID.  There is only 2 of us allowed and we get all of 15 minutes to visit and it has to be outside, social distanced with masks.  But they must not have had to many visits during our time because they ended up giving us over half an hour which was really nice.  On Sunday, with only our youngest here we had a quiet lunch here at our house.  He loves KFC and Tamara bought a big bucket.  I threw together a potato salad and bought some coleslaw and he was thrilled with his father's day meal.   We let him do the traditional Father's Day nap and just had a nice relaxed day.  

What were your blessings from the past week?  Are you getting more intentional with looking for the good things God brings into your life?  If you've done a FFF post please feel free to add yourself to Mister Linky.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

How wonderful to get a visit with your son. Being with family is my favourite of all. It’s nice to have the spot in your home care filled. I will be back at work with toddlers on Monday but we are down quite a few families. In August my class will be full but some of the other classes will not be.Many parents are choosing to keep their children home if they can. At least till September.

Faith said...

Oh praise God you got that spot filled from r September. And a baby!! Nice!

Our Fathers Day was pretty low key as well. Dave was just hapymto have received his baby back ribs for dinner ha!!
Glad you could spend time with your dad.

Great that your son made it for a visit!!

We all LOVE dark chocolate here and the darker the better. We now try,to only buy fair trade chocolate wth no milk ingredients. To just so much better tasting and better for the body. Your snack looks like one we would love.

I hope you have a restful weekend.

Wendy said...

Glad you got to see your Dad and hope you have a lovely visit with your son. Things are gradually continuing to ease here but having seen the way the beaches have been packed in the current hot weather we're having I think there well may be a spike in cases in a couple of weeks.

Deb said...

Hi Susanne. I am so glad you got to see your father and have a visit planned with your son. Also it is so good you got your Dayhome opening filled. Many good things. An overall good week. Now relax and enjoy the weekend and the visit from your son.

Barbara Harper said...

How nice to have a dayhome slot filled with such a promising family! I'll have to see if I can find those snacks. We need to cut down on sugar and carbs. I don't like bitter chocolate at all.

I'm so glad your son got to visit! We missed our oldest's visit in April and hope he'll be able to come in August.

Ny husband often filled my gas tank, too, if he used my car. Acts of service is definitely my main love language, too. It always meant a lot to me that he'd be so thoughtful.

Our Father's Day was fairly quiet at home, too. I'm glad you had more than 15 minutes with your dad. A bucket of KFC sounds great right now.

Willow said...

Hmmm, I'm going to have to check out those chocolate snacks from Costco.
Father's Day has been quiet all around the world, I think. Ours sure was, too.
Visits from adult kids==the best things ever! I'm sure your dad would agree with that, too.
Have a happy and healthy and safe week ahead.

Karen said...

It's so nice to have our grown kids visit, isn't it? My boys have become such good company, and I love listening to their conversations with Dan. Your father's day celebration sounds like it was nice and simple and enjoyable for everyone. Nice to know the day home slot is taken care of for the fall! It will be here too soon. Your comment about the end of June took me by surprise, because I haven't been paying attention to the calendar. FFF has helped me be intentional, so grateful for this.

ellen b. said...

What a fun blessing to have a full gas tank! Sweet. I'm sure your weekend with son was wonderful. I so enjoy grown up kids! Glad you could see your dad. What a weird time we are living in. Hard to believe tomorrow is July!!