Friday, January 31, 2020

Friday's Fave Five #569

Welcome everyone!  Friday is here  and that means we take a pause in our busyness to look for blessings in our past week.  It's a "habit" that is worth developing.  When we train ourselves to look for good things and the hand of God in our lives it will help us to get through the harder times when they come.  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes.  Some can be complicated with many layers, some big and can't be missed while others may be as simple as can be and might be missed unless you are intentional in looking for it.  Here at Friday's Fave Five we share five of the one's that blessed us the most.  Please join us.

~ relaxed Sunday ~ I have been working hard to develop the habit of having Sundays for the most part be a day of rest.  I make myself vacuum right after work on Friday's.  Then Saturdays I have been working on finishing the rest of the chores and grocery shopping if it's needed.  Then on Sunday I don't have to do any of this running around and working.  This last weekend it just really worked.  Sunday all we had was church in the morning.  Dave and I went for subs for lunch and the rest of the day was spent relaxing, reading, watching some tv.  It was wonderful.

~ bread box ~  I know, it sounds like a silly blessing but for someone who doesn't have an official modern pantry it is a huge blessing.  I've been on the lookout for years for one that would fit and I finally came across one at Marshall's.  It was such a pain shifting around bags of bread, buns, bagels, etc.  And it looked messy all the time no matter how much I tried to organize it.  Now it's all hidden away.  And bonus blessing:  I used money I had gotten from just returning bottles so in my mind I got it for free.

~ extra drop in kids ~ I was blessed this week with some days that a former family in my dayhome used for drop in care for one of the kids. It was on days when I had less children anyway and it provided some extra income which right after Christmas is a huge blessing. 

~ help ~ my youngest took the time on her day off to come and watch the dayhome kidlets so that I could get to the dentist.  That was a huge blessing to begin with but then when they wanted me to go back in the afternoon she agreed to come over then too.  I can't even say how much I appreciated her willingness to give up a good chunk of her day off to give me a hand.

~ kitchen floor finished ~  The vinyl tile flooring is finally finished.  Dave worked hard to finish the project that he started before Christmas.  Right before the holidays, though, he took a fall on some ice and really injured himself and was not able to lean forward.  So the job was put on hold.  He has finally felt better and has worked all weekend to finish it up.  A few more baseboards reinstalled and given a fresh coat of paint and the whole job will be down.  I'm so grateful he is talented and willing to do these reno jobs.  And I'm so thankful for this new floor.  The laminate floor was just not holding up to the tough wear and tear of a dayhome and it always squeeked and scrunched as you walked on it.  This floor is super quiet and easy to clean.  So thankful.

What were your favorites blessings from the last week?


Wendy said...

I think it's definitely a good idea to try and keep Sundays for rest and relaxation - you're doing a hard job. The new flooring must be making a big difference, glad your hubby is better after his fall. Having someone to call on to help out (your daughter) is a huge blessing. Enjoy your weekend Susanne.

Faith said...

I love your Sunday plan. That's usually my day too for a real Sabbath ( day of rest) unless I'm serving at church. Sundays are my day to worship, make a light dinner, be in the Word and journal, read fiction or hike/kayak. When i hike or have a Sabbath Saturday then Sunday is my chore day. I try to do all errands after work or Sat mornings. It's so good ( and a commandment!!) to have a day of rest.

Yay for hubby doing your floors. Glad he is feeling better.

That's awesome your girl gave up her time to serve you. A true blessing.

How fun to see a former daycare child pop in!! And with extra money!

Enjoy your weekend Susanne

Anonymous said...

Extra income is wonderful!! Congrats on your Sunday rest progress.
BTW - Thank you for doing this FFF. It's been good for me. I can't do it every week due to time constraints or having things go on that week that don't need to be publicized, but I do appreciate it. --Ann

Barbara Harper said...

We try to keep Sundays that way, too. It's such a huge blessing. I have an old breadbox that I've been thinking of bringing back out for that reason--we have a pantry, but the bread and buns are all in bags that slip around. How fun that you were able to get a new one free! It's so good the family needing drop-in care did so on a week when you didn't have all the usual children.

That's so kind of your daughter to help out with the dayhome while you were at the dentist. I'm glad your husband is feeling better. The new flooring sounds great!

ellen b. said...

Oh my, sorry about that fall and the injuries. Glad he's feeling good enough to finish the floor. Sounds like a better alternative. Hope your Sundays can continue being peaceful! Happy weekend to you.

Deb said...

Hi Susanne - We try to make our Sundays calm, peaceful and relaxed as well. It really makes the rest of the week go better. Glad you got your new flooring finished. That will be so nice! Glad your daughter could help you out when you needed to go to the dentist. Have a great weekend!

Willow said...

I think I liked that sentence about the quiet kitchen floor best. AND that your hubby is feeling well enough to finish the work.

Quiet Sundays sound like a wonderful way to spend Sabbaths.

Gattina said...

I just noticed reading about your bread box that mine is 50 years old, we got it for our wedding, lol ! How nice of your daughter to help you out when necessary ! You are lucky that your Husband still can do all these things mine now can't do anything anymore he has arthritis and is also very vintage now 78 !

Jerralea said...

So we are both working on relaxing Sabbaths this year! I'm really enjoying mine even though I've not managed to make them totally work free yet. But I'm getting there!

Yay on finding the breadbox you wanted and for free!

It's a blessing when our children help us out - and it's good for them to give back as well.

nikkipolani said...

Love the range of thankfulnesses in your week. So glad to hear both that your husband is feeling better and that the flooring got finished.