Monday, January 13, 2020

2020 Reading Challenge

Well last year wasn't the greatest of reading years for me if you look at final totals.  I'm quite a bit down from where I was in past years.  I didn't really have any kind of structured reading challenges.  I mainly just wanted to knock off some books that have been sitting around and piling up in my closet and I also wanted to get some books off of my massive to read list from the library.  And while I did do some of that the numbers were down the result of a busy year and because I allowed FB and Youtube and TV to steal my reading time.   And looking back I think that is because I didn't really have specific reading goals.   But all that said I still did manage to read a total of 29 books so I'm glad I was still reading at least.

For 2020 my main focus is still trying to read what I own.  I am on a book buying ban for the time being so I won't be bringing in anything brand new other than what I have on pre-order that was purchased with a gift card.  And I'm going to try and avoid the Little Library jaunts for a bit so no books come into the house that way.    We'll see how that all goes because yes, I have a bit of the Dory syndrome.

So broken down, my personal reading goal is going to look a bit like this:

- At least 3 books a month from my own piles

    -one of these books must be from my box that contains the books that have been sitting            around here the longest, the ones that keep getting pushed back because I keep bringing         in new ones.  Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have emptied this box. 

-At least 1 book per month from my library list because I just can't not go to the library

-At least 1 novella per month from A Lineage of Grace and Sons of Encouragement study books by Francine Rivers (for a total of 10)

-I'm going to shoot for the goal of reading 52 books this year.  This has always been my goal    but I have never quit reached it.  Maybe this is my year.

-Because of the success I used to have with the  "Spring Fling" and the "Fall Back into     Reading" challenges of the past, I am going to list the books I want to read for each quarter.   I'm going to put up a Linky in January, April, July, and October for those people that want to join in with me in posting their own reading pile for the quarter.  I remember loving looking at what everyone else was reading  (though if I recall correctly that helped add to my reading piles.  LOL.)  We'll see how it goes.

So what do you think?  Do you challenge yourself in the reading department?  What kind of challenges do you do?  How many books in your average reading year?


Wendy said...

I have set myself a target of 52 again this year. I achieved this last year so it should be doable. Like you I have a big TBR pile which I've promised myself to try and tackle this year. I'm also trying not to buy any books but I can't resist looking at 2nd hand books in charity shops. I use Goodreads to record what I've read.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Great goals. My Goodreads reading goal is 25 books, but I really hope to make it to 30, which is what I did last year,downfrom 40 the year before. Being in two book clubs means I either buy or check out whatever they are reading, so that makes the TBR pile go down slower, however, I do hope to read some of those books I was so excited about and then put on my shelf and basically forgot about. I do find that if I am not super intentional (my word for this year), I fritter away reading time on social media, and yes, even blogs. Thanks for this post and the TBR challenge. See you again soon!

Faith said...

My goal for 2020 is to read 60 books. I read a little over 50 i think in 2019. Yes, I'm spending less time on FB as well. I only watch Netflix on Friday evenings with Dave if we wanna see a new to us movie and I watch it while prepping dinner, walking/running on the treadmill in winter, or folding laundry and that is it!!!! I much prefer reading. A reading goal i have is to finish 2 memoirs and a prayer journal book.

OH...and to read The Fault in Our Stars which both daughters highly recommended to me. Apparently it was a movie too but I"m just gonna read the book :)