Friday, December 13, 2019

Friay's Fave Five #563

Good morning everyone!  It's Friday, time to take a pause on the busyness of the week, and just look for blessings from the last week that may have passed us by.  It's good to take that time especially in the busyness (and sometimes stress) of the season and remember all that is good in our lives.  Please join me in sharing 5 of them.

1.  Movie set snow.  I know this is a funny kind of one but I love the big, fluffy, light as a feather flake, gentle kind of snow falling, you know...the magical Christmas Eve movie kind.  And I woke up to that this morning.  It so cozy and beautiful with the city lights reflecting off of it.

2.  Seeing Mom's joy.  Sunday we had Mom for lunch and when it was time to take her home we made a little detour to a Garden Center that at this time of year is decked out in all things Christmas.  While I went out back to get my fresh greenery for my porch pot, she was able to browse around and found a couple of gifts.  She was so excited because she can't get out and about all that much anymore and shopping around exhausts her.  She was so happy I had convinced her to go.  It was fun to watch.

3.  Christmas Eve service preparations.  I love the Christmas Eve Candlelight service.  It's so pretty and meaningful.  Tuesday our small group helped prepare by getting all the candles ready.  It was a fun, relaxed evening with snacks and visiting while also helping out.

4.  Tree is finally up!  I usually do all the decorating the 1st weekend of December but the 1st fell on the weekend we were in Calgary with Operation Christmas Child.   Finally this weekend the tree and decorations went up.  Now it feels more like Christmas and that I'm on track.  I love sitting in the morning when I first get up with just the tree lights on.  It's so peaceful and pretty.

5.  Unexpected Daughter Drop ins.  The other day I came home from small group to find my daughter sitting at the table having some supper.  It was an unexpected visit and totally made my day.  I love that she just comes over whenever she feels like it.

What have been your favorite blessings from the week?


Deb said...

Hi Susanne! I love that beautiful fluffy snow. So great you were able to spend time with your mom and your daughter. Family connections are so important. I love your Christmas tree. It is really beautiful! It's nice you were able to help get ready for Christmas Eve service. Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

The big snowflakes are so pretty coming down. How fun for you to take your mom on that garden center stop. Neat that you got to help prepare for the Christmas Eve service. Your decorations are beautiful! I know what you mean, I love that the kids are close enough to pop over.

Wendy said...

The snow is very pretty as long as you only have to look at it lol. Your tree is very pretty. How nice to get your Mum out and about and to have a surprise visit from your daughter.

nikkipolani said...

Oh, that garden center visit sounds perfect -- so glad your mom got to enjoy the shorter but profitable visit. And the snow! Looks like the cover of a movie DVD! Though, if you don't mind, I'll admire from the safe seats (here where it's still in the 70s).

Lovely tree, Susanne. glad your pretty tree is up for everyone to enjoy, include surprise family visits!

Faith said...

Oh i love that kind of snow too!! Our snow here in the capital region of NYS is almost all gone!! Yup....all 21 inches of it. Due to temps in the 40s and 50s (f) and rain. Then sun. Now today more rain. I love Xmas eve snow!

Your tree is gorgeous!

So glad you had that time with your mom.

How fun to come home and find your daughter!

I hope,you have a relaxing weekend with good coffee, books and that pretty tree.

Willow said...

If one must have snow, the light fluffy kind is the best.
All your faves are wonderful this week. I love the tree! You are blessed to have your mom and your daughter nearby.
Have a wonderful weekend!

ellen b. said...

We love it when the kids pop in, too. They all have keys...that way they can find me if I fall and can't get up. :)
Sweet how your mom was so pleased with such a simple gesture. We forget how great it is to have the ease and ability to get about wherever we want to go.
Love the tree and I'm with you on enjoying the morning quiet with the tree lit up. Happy and relaxing weekend to you!