Friday, February 08, 2019

Friday's Fave Five #520

Hi everyone and welcome to this frigid and frosty Friday's Fave Five.  I'll not lie, it's been a tougher week.  The dayhome kids and I are very much experiencing cabin fever because of not being able to go outside due to the extreme cold.  It hit -40*C last night!!  (which amazing is -40*F too!).  That is way too cold even for this hearty snow loving Canadian.  The kids have waaaaay to much energy pent up so it's been a bit  very chaotic and stressful around here.  But there is always blessings to be found even if the cold is not one of them.  Let's carry on and look for those, shall we?

1.  This meme came through my face book feed and totally made me laugh out loud.  The cold cannot stop the blessing of a good laugh.  Yes please apologize and be quick about it!

2.  Sunday Brunch with good friends. Sunday after church we were not only able to enjoy both an absolutely delicious brunch buffet but we had the great company of some dear friends along with it.  We spent an enjoyable hour and a half grazing through the delicious breakfast and lunch items sharing some wonderful stories and good laughs.   It's so easy being in the company of these friends with whom we truly feel comfortable to be ourselves.  That is a huge blessing.

3.  Feather duvet.  In frozen week straight from the above mentioned movie, I am so very thankful for my feather duvet.  It was a purchase made from Costco, last year I think.  I have never regretted it.  Warmth in the cold is definitely something to be thankful for.

4.  Hot soup, hot stews, hot coffee,hot tea...well you get the picture.

5.  Fresh bread.  No I don't make my own but we have a local bakery that I order freshly baked bread from.   Tastes homemade and it toasts nicely too.  Love fresh bread.  Goes especially nice with those hot soups and stews we've been having this week to warm us up.

What are your 5 favorite blessings from the last week?

Hope you all stay warm in the next week! 


Gattina said...

- 40 °C ! That's unbelievebal ! The coldest weather I ever experienced was -15°C but I think once arrived at minus 10 you don't feel more colder when it' -40°C ! Still no heating here would be enough ! I can imagine how stressful it is keeping little once inside and occupied ! Here it's rather warm + 9°C and as usual it rains !

Faith said...

Whoa!!! -40??!! And i was complaining of -7!! We actually had a weirdly warm week! Hope,your weekend gets warmer....ours is supposed,to be colder. Isn't it fun living,in the north? 😜

I love hot soups with fresh bread!!!! You're making me want to stop at my fave bakery on the way home,

That Elsa pic is hilarious!

I hear ya on the pent up energy. We finally were able to get our preschoolers outside for a walk. With 13 special needs kiddoes it takes our whole team ( me, the other teacher, the other TA the speech therapist, OT and PT and sometimes social worker!) what a sight we must be. Thankfully all of our students are mobile but some have leg issues so our walks tend to be slower. The fresh air felt good!!

Happy weekend Susanne!

Ps my library doesn't have the Lavender Tide series. 😢

Barbara H. said...

I don't envy the snow and cold! I think we got up near the 70s yesterday - even had to turn the AC on! But it's back in the 30s and 40s today, 20s tonight. I can imagine the challenge it is to keep children entertained without the outlet of the outdoors. The Sunday brunch sounds cozy. The hot meals and drinks are such a blessing this time of year. And fresh bread is wonderful! Stay warm!

Dianna said...

I believe you received this week what we had last week with those super super cold temps. I can only imagine how not being able to get outside to use up that energy that the little ones were a bit more of a challenge.

Hot soups and stews...yum! Especially with that bread fresh from the bakery!

It truly is a blessing to be in the company of friends with whom we can truly just be ourselves. We have some friends like that and it truly is a blessing.

I hope that things are warming up for you soon. Have a great weekend...I hope there is a good bit of resting involved in your weekend after being inside with little ones all week.

ellen b. said...

Good frigid morning to you, Susanne! We had some snow overnight and they are warning us of more to come today into tomorrow. Hot everything sounds really good and I love my down comforter and duvet.
Fresh bread is such a comforting food. Hope you have a good weekend.
BTW, I linked up again today. I hope to visit everyone. Blessings!

Karen said...

We've had snow, but not nearly the cold temps you're getting. It sounds like you know how to handle it with a warm duvet and lots of hot food and drink. Just the same, I hope you get a reprieve soon. I don't think I could handle the cabin fever as well as I used to with kids. Fresh bread sounds comforting. I think I'll drag out the bread machine today.

Wendy said...

Brrr that's cold! I can understand the cabin fever. I'm glad you had some blessing to make up for that. Hope you have a good weekend.

Willow said...

Hot! Yes, I noticed that. It's a perfect antidote to the frigid temperatures you've been experiencing.
Those nice warm comforters--perfect for the weather. Stay warm!
Have a heartwarming weekend full of renewing times and lots and lots of coffee, tea, and soup!

nikkipolani said...

Nope — that’s way too cold! Glad you’re well stocked for cozy warmth and eats. Oh how I miss blighting into fresh bread!!!