Friday, January 18, 2019

Friday's Fave Five #517

Good morning everyone and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.   Come join us as we intentionally build a habit of looking for the good blessings in our lives, no matter what kind of week we are having.  As we look for the blessings it fosters an attitude of gratitude for the good things God brings and helps us not to focus on the negative when we are having a rougher week.  It makes those little hidden blessings more obvious and helps us to be more positive.  If you are new, just click on over from the sidebar for the guidelines, and yes there are some, and then join on in.

~beautiful day of hoar frost~  there is such beauty in waking up to hoar frost.  It just fills my senses in every way.  The cold, crisp air, the loveliness to behold in it's contrasts of whites, grays and blues, the sharp sounds of that kind of morning.  Love and look at these mornings as a gift of God to lift my heart.

~ 2 new favorite candle scents ~ at Christmas I was gifted a lovely candle from one of the dayhome kids.  It was called Winter Mint and the parent bought it at Winners.  It is so fresh and lovely and not at all overwhelming.  Unfortunately I have not been able to find anymore so I'm hoping they bring it back next Christmas.  Unfortunately there is not really a brand name on it for me to try to get it off the internet.  The other one is Hot Cocoa and Cream from Bath and Body.  Such a delicious, cozy scent.

~ immunizations started ~ for my trip with Operation Christmas Child I needed to get some immunizations.  While the immunization itself is not necessarily fun, nor is the cost...YIKES, I am very grateful that we have access to those.  Last thing I want is to accidentally catch a life altering disease such a hepatitis while travelling.  It also reminds me on one step closer to this grand adventure with God.

~ manicure and pedicure ~ because my daughter is an esthetician she is very generous and gives me these for very minimal cost.  I am being very spoiled and recognize that it may not last forever.   I am very grateful for her gifts to me.   The picture does not do it justice because of my shorter nails but she did such a great job.

~ church wide prayer meeting ~ in January our church always has a 3 day fast and prayer and then we join together on Wednesday evening to pray together as a community.  While not many turned up this year those who were there had a wonderful evening of praying together for our country, our leaders...goodness knows they need it!...our church and ourselves as individuals.  It was a great evening and a great privilege to be able to do this.  I am so aware that in our country this is such a gift and not everyone around the world is able to gather in this way.

What were your blessings this week?


Barbara H. said...

The hoar frost does look beautiful! When my son traveled to Cameroon, he had to get a whole slew of vaccines, too. Not fun, like you say, but I'm thankful for them and the help they provide. Nice nails! What a blessed time at the prayer meeting!

Dianna said...

What a lovely week of blessings you've had, Susanne. The candle scents sound so refreshing. I've gone to the diffusers using essential oils because it was getting harder and harder for us to find scents that didn't give us a headache. The churchwide prayer meeting sounds like a good time in the Lord. The picture of the hoar frost you shared is gorgeous. Have a lovely weekend, Susanne.

Willow said...

I remember all the shots we had to have to live and work in Indonesia. My kids--poor things. All. Those. Stabs. But it is worth it not to get yellow fever or polio.
I love the prayer and fasting time--we did that as our church searched for our new pastor.
Lovely nails!

Wendy said...

The frost looks beautiful but very cold! Nice nails. I hope you don't have any reactions from the immunisations. Rather you than me. Sounds like a good gathering at the church. Have a good weekend.

Faith said...

You've had a nice week of special blessings. I love when the corporate body comes together for prayer!

I sooo wanted to like the Hit Cocoa candle from BBW but it was just not me......,my faves are the cinnamon and the balsam.

When Dave did a missions trip (twice to Guatemala and once to The DR) he needed hepatitis vaccine as well as a couple others and our medical insurance covered it minus the $10 co pay! Your insurance doesn't cover it? Yikes indeed!!

But that's going to be such an awesome adventure for you!!

Happy weekend......NewYork stAte is under a blizzard watch.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Your picture is so pretty. I'm always amazed at how beautiful frost can be considering how much damage it can do. Your nails look beautiful. I like the colouring.

Karen said...

A timely reminder to pray for our world leaders. I neglect to do that in my (ahem) dismay? at the behavior of late.

Your nails look so pretty! I've developed an allergy to -- I think -- the acetone they use to remove gel nails, so I can't get mine done anymore. Disappointing, because I love how nice they look.

You must be getting so excited for your trip! When do you go?

ellen b. said...

Thanks for the reminder about your upcoming trip with Operation Christmas Child. That is going to be very special for sure. May God bless the trip from beginning to end. Woohoo for your personal nail care girl! Fun. Hope your weekend is a great one!

Deb said...

Hello Suzanne - I am joining in on Sunday evening. Sounds like a really nice week for you. I love that your church and community gathers in prayer. Boy, we sure need more of that right now, don't we. Hope your trip goes well. My family has participated in Operation Christmas Child before and it is a wonderful opportunity to serve those in need and share Jesus Christ. Have a good week!