Friday, November 16, 2018

Friday's Fave Fives #508

Welcome everyone to this special meme where we deliberately and intentionally look for our blessings from the past week.  Doing this exercise intentionally brings our focus onto good things in our lives, blessings that may be missed on those good or busy or routine weeks.  It also develops the habit of purposefully looking for the blessings when those weeks are not so easy or those weeks we deem boring and uneventful.  We are choosing to be grateful!  Won't you join us?  If you have not read the guidelines or need to refresh your memory, please go here first.  

And now onto choosing to be grateful!

~ shoeboxes collected and delivered~  Sunday was our church's Operation Christmas Child shoebox collection sunday.  Sending them off with love and prayers by the congregation is always a highlight.  There were lots of helping hands to load them into my Envoy and they were happily and successfully delivered without mishap to our city's collection center.  Handing over those boxes always makes me super happy.  Now they are one step closer to being placed into the hands of a child in need bringing hope and joy.

~ meeting someone who has been on a distribution trip ~  while delivering the boxes I was able to meet a young lady who has been on a shoebox distribution trip to Senegal.  She showed me pictures and we excitedly talked about her time there.  She related some miracles she was able to be part of and it made me all the more excited for my own trip.

~sunday lunch buffet ~ after a great service on Sunday Hubby treated us to lunch at a brunch buffet we've never been to before.  It was really delicious, so many great choices,  and it was nice to have along our youngest daughter, our pastor and another friend.

~ tea, books and jammies ~  it has been crazy windy here this week.  It is chinook season around here and that means winds that can gust up to 100 km (60 mph).  So that also means I avoid going outside in the evenings as much as possible.  Tea, a really great story and comfy jammies have all kept me cozy and seen me through the week.

~ monday off ~ on Monday it was a day off for me because Remembrance Day landed on Sunday.  Was it ever nice to have that day off to deliver those boxes and then relax.  I caught up on some housework, some shopping and some rest.  I also like that I had a shorter work week!

What were your five favorite blessings from your last week?


Gattina said...

We collect also gifts for children and people in need, now especially for Christmas but also over the whole year. It's for the poor here there are also a lot ! This wind must be horrible !

Faith said...

I liked haven no Monday off too Susanne and this morning we woke up to about 4 inches of snow and ice with a 2 hour delay!! Soinstead of leaving at 7:30, i don't need to leave until 9:30. I hope all the students come though because we had a fun circle time plannned. Hahha

How nice to meet someone who's been on a distribution trip!! I'm looking forward to seeing YOUR photos next spring!

I love curling up in comfy Jammie's and reading in the evenings, last night i enjoyed a lemon ginger tea. It was so yummy!

Have a good weekend

Barbara H. said...

When you said last week you were going to be able to participate in shoebox distribution to Costa Rica, somehow I didn't realize you meant that you were actually going there. How exciting! Does that mean you will be giving out boxes directly to kids? That would be so exciting! Nice that you ran into someone who could tell you about her own experience.

I am becoming more and more a fan of eating out on Sundays after church. So nice not to have meal preparation and cleanup to deal with.

Books and jammies are the best combination. I'm still trying to learn to like hot tea.

Yay for a day off!

Willow said...

I love those quiet days at home just curled up in my blankie. I'm glad you had one of those days.

It's evident that you are already getting excited about your Operation Christmas Child distribution trip. We're all getting excited with you!

Enjoy your weekend and spend some time with your blanket and tea mug.

ellen b. said...

A Monday off for someone who works as hard as you do is a good treat. Glad you had that day. Tea and blankets sound cozy and good. Hope your new week is a good one!

nikkipolani said...

Box collection always seemed early to me, but I was actually ready for it this year! So glad you have more stories to add to the anticipation of your own distribution trip. Exciting!

I can't quite imagine winds like that coming up every year. Staying inside with tea and jammies is the perfect solution :-)