Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #509

Sorry this was late.  I put the wrong time stamp on it.  Oops.  

First off, a Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my American friends.  I hope you had a wonderful day yesterday.  Friday's Fave Five is like that extra incentive for being thankful this weekend.  Please join in.  If you are doing a Friday's Fave Five post, please feel free to link up.

1.  A wonderful reminder that we really do have so much to be grateful for!

2.  Celebrating my Hubby on his birthday.  He chose an Indian restaurant for his birthday meal and though it was just 3 of us, we had a wonderful time and a great meal.  Thankful for this good man.

3.  Long distance conversation with a good friend.  We haven't spoken in a month or so.  Just too busy so it was really nice to have the time to have a good long conversation with my friend.  I really, really miss her since she's moved away but I'm so thankful for long distance being included in our phone plan so that we can talk as much as we want for as long as we want and not have to worry about the bill.  It was good to have a real heart to heart.

4.  News that everyone will be home for Christmas.  That made my mama's heart very very happy.

5.  Later start to the work day yesterday.  Oh how nice it was to relax with an extra cup of coffee, watch a bit of the morning news and read from study book.  I am so not a morning person so just this extra hour to get my morning going was like a gift.

What were your favorite blessings from the week? What were you most grateful for?


Barbara H. said...

I've seen that video - so cute, and a needed reminder. Belated happy birthday to your hubby! I'm grateful, too, for being able to talk long distance without having to worry about the length of the call or only calling at certain times for the lowest rates. I need to do that with a couple of long-time friends. Yay for everyone being home for Christmas! And how nice to have a bit of extra time in the morning. I am not a morning person, either, so that sounds lovely.

Ann said...

So how did you get a late start? Were the children just all coming in late yesterday? Nice that you like Indian food. Not a fan. :-)

Gattina said...

That video was real cute, without the gift paper we have Christmas every day! That's nice that you have all your family around on Christmas, I have no idea what we are doing. When your only son marries a patchwork family girl, it becomes difficult !

Faith said...

Hi Susanne,

I didn't bring my laptop to Massachusetts this week so haven't don ethe FFF. I'm most grateful that my side of the family are Christ followers as well as my husband and two daughters, I'm thankful my husband's side although not Christians, did host for us a wonderful thanksgiving and that we all traveled safely to Boston yesterday. I'm thankful for being a Light in this darkened world and that we have the freedom to pray for the unsaved family we are spending time with this weekend.

Happy birthday to your handsome hubby. And praise God your entire fam will be together for Xmas!!!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and i will be back to blogging in a couple days.

Willow said...

That photo of your daughter shows just how much she looks like you! Happy Birthday to your hubby!
Staying connected with friends is so much easier with phones. I'm glad you can do that with your long distance friend.
Slow mornings are the best!
Have a great weekend, and thanks again for hosting us.

ellen b. said...

Happy birthday to your hubby. Sweet photo at the Indian restaurant. We have to drive a long way to find Indian these days. Yippee for hearing the kids will all be home for Christmas. Can't take that for granted when they leave the nest. Happy new week to you, Susanne.