Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #510

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Time to pause, reflect and remember the blessings from the past week.  Being intentional in being grateful, that is what the FFF is all about.  Won't you join us?  If you are new or need to refresh your memory on the guidelines, please go here first.  


1. Sunday afternoon enjoyment.  Sunday we had Mom for lunch and then we took her to a local garden store to see their displays of lovely Christmas trees and decorations.  She'd never been to this one before and it was nice just browsing and looking.  It was just enough of an outing to be fun without tiring her out too badly.  The trees were lovely, the cider delicious and it was nice to see my mom enjoying herself.

2.  Tree topper found.  After many, many, many years of use, I finally had to retire my angel tree topper as the lights were becoming too hot and melting whatever plastic was inside of her.  I have kinda been looking for a new tree topper for a couple years but that forced me into a decision.  But what to do now?  I couldn't really find anything I  liked enough to spend the money on.  Just when I was beginning to think that I would just go without one this year, lo and behold, I found a perfect one at the above mentioned Garden store.  

3.  the movie "Christopher Robin".  After the garden center excursion, we came back to the house to watch the movie Christopher Robin.  I'd been wanting to see it but missed it in theaters and then kind of forgot until Barbara mentioned it in last week's FFF.  We all enjoyed it immensely, especially Tamara and I.  My kids grew up watching Winnie the Pooh and it was always a favorite.  The movie not only wonderfully did the characters justice but had a good storyline to it too.  We laughed and we cried throughout. Brought back so many memories.

4.  Great Study.  Our ladies study group just finished the study on Psalm 119 (from Right Now Media).  Though a long one, it was really good and everybody got lots out of it.  It fostered some great conversation amongst us.  A lot of times it seemed to run parallel with what our Pastor has been teaching on so it really helped us to remember and was good confirmation.  Love when we find a study that is so relatable and touches on the things that are timely for us as a group.

5.  Friends.  I found this quote on fb from author and speaker Lysa TerKeurst:

"When friends pray more words over you than they speak to you or about you... 
Listen to their wisdom. 
Lean into their presence. 
Stand on their faith when you have trouble finding footing with your own. 
And thank God for these good people."

It really connected with me as it pertains to my study group of women.  I am so thankful for them and how God uses them in my life to challenge me, to encourage me.

What have been the things you are grateful for this week?  If you do a FFF post this week, please feel free to link up. 


Gattina said...

To me Christmas seems so far away when you lay on the beach and the sun is shining at 29°

Faith said...

Oh, we want to see Christopher Robin!! we didn't want to waste money on it in the mall theater because around here it's ridiculously over priced! Is it on Netflix?? Or did you buy it?

The Lysa quote is excellent and sums up my small group from about 3 years ago...this year I have several "new" believers and praying is a new thing for them.....and that study! I would love to check it out. I'm a member of Right Now Media....but haven't seen it. Is there a book to go with it or is it all online?
Sorry for all the questions!

Your day with your mother sounds lovely. She was probably thrilled. I miss my mom during the holiday seasons's hard to believe she's been in Heaven for 6 years now!
Have a wonderful weekend doing some relaxing things you love.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a perfect outing with your mom. Glad you found a new tree topper. I've been keeping my eyes open for one - ours is still going, but doesn't blink like it used to, so I'm afraid it's going to give out soon. So glad you liked Christopher Robin! We loved it and were moved to tears at times. Our kids grew up watching the old Pooh videos, too, and this just pulled on those heartstrings. Our church just read through Psalm 119 together over a week and then discussed it - such a rich passage. Great Christian friends are a treasure.

Willow said...

I really do want to see Christopher Robin!
That is a fun thing to do with your mom--I'm glad she was able to enjoy it. And finding that perfect thing for the tree top--yay!
I'm going to look up that study and maybe suggest it for our women's study soon. Thanks!