Friday, October 05, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #502

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  It's been a chilly week here in Southern Alberta.  And it snowed.  Yikes!  Perfect week to think on good blessings to get our mind off the weather.  Please join us as we continue in this weekly discipline of thankfulness for the good things in our lives.

~flannel shirts~ My girls love flannel shirts and have been trying to convince me I need one in my life.   A couple of weeks ago they went on sale for $9.99 at Costco so I bit the bullet and bought one.  I mean you can't lose for that price, right?!  I am totally sold.  I have worn it so much already.  It's cozy and soft and oh, so comfy.  I like it so much I went and bought another in a different color.  I know it's going to be a staple  in my wardrobe this year.

~blackberries~ Tried them for the first time that I can remember this summer and I don't know what on earth held me back.  Yummy.

~ library time~ I was able to grab some library time this week.  This is a definite de-stress time for me.  Wandering around and browsing through all the books is very relaxing and just lets me wind down.  I switched out the dayhome kids books, which they always like, I picked up a couple of movies for them to choose from for this afternoon's movie day, and I picked up a hold for me

~little bits of fall decor~  This year I went really simple with the seasonal decor and I like it it.  A lot less work and less dusting but enough bits of fall color to make it nice.

~3 more bags purged~ on my quest to get rid of stuff that is just laying around taking space, causing stress and making work in upkeep or shifting it around from spot to spot, I came up with 2 more bags of stuff and another bag of clothes from my daughter making 3 bags out the door this week!  Feels good to get rid of stuff that is no longer serving a purpose in the house.  A lot were clothes and household items so they will be taken to the street mission downtown where someone needing them will put them to good use.   I have a few larger dayhome things I will be selling that the kids just don't really play with  at all so those will be gone too!

What have been your favorite blessings this week?


Gattina said...

Snow ?? How awful ! we are just returning to summer with 24° next week ! Yes flannel shirts are very comfy and keep you warm. Not really necessary yet here !

Faith said...

I love,all your faves!! You've never worn a flannel shirt before and never had blackberries and you're a Canadian???!! 😜💕

Flannel shirts are our fave comfy after work and weekends wear here in the Great northeast from like mid Oct through to May!! In fact, it's the first thing i put on after a hot shower after a hard hike! We like the ones from LLB which we get at the end of season sale in the spring. I've had a couple from target but they are NOT the same at all although i will wear one sometimes with a shirt underneath, the cheaper ones just are not as soft. Enjoy those shirts!

Blackberries go on my oatmeal when blueberries are too pricey. I can get good ones here in NY all year round unlike blueberries which only seem to be good from May through November.

I love browsing in the library and did so after work yesterday.
Yeah for more purging!!

Happy weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I love wandering around the library. I don't do it much because I have so many books staked up already, but it's definitely a fun time. When the kids were little, library day was a favorite, and I loved that we feasted on books right after bringing so many new ones home.

Yay for cleaning out more stuff! And simple decor. I only have a few spots I decorate for fall, and I've definitely felt more fallish since putting them up, especially since our fall weather hasn't kicked in yet.

susan said...

How fun to experience two firsts this week.
Library time is also a great destresser for me. Our library has been closed (a month or so) for remodel. I think it is open now, and I am itching to get in there.
Great job on decluttering. Three bags full is quite an accomplishment.
Have a great week!

Willow said...

Welcome to the world of WONDERFUL flannel shirts! I wear them ALL winter. And fall. And spring.

I second your love of libraries. We go at least once a week to our local library.

And hurray on three more bags of stuff removed from your house!

Wendy said...

Snow? Brrr. I bet you're glad of your flannel shirts. Especially at a bargain. I love it when I manage to declutter "stuff", trouble is it has a habit of reappearing. I had a lot of things tucked behind my sofa which I managed to clear but now more things are there - including 2 car seats we were given for the little Grandsons when they're bigger. I need to get them into the loft for now! Have a good weekend.

Faith said...

Ok for some reason the comment i left this morning isn't here!!

Great list of faves!! Love flannel shirts, browsing in the library and getting rid of "stuff"!!

Happy weekend.....we have a holiday on Monday!! Yay!! Is this your Thanksgivng weekend??