Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #492

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  We are intentionally looking for the blessings from the past week.  Please join in with us.  If you are new, you can link in the sidebar for the guidelines and then just jump right in.  It's never too soon to develop the habit of gratefulness for big and small blessings.  A gentle reminder that if sign on to Mr. Linky you must be participating in FFF.  If you choose to combine it with other links that is alright as long as the essence of the Friday's Fave Five is maintained.

~ visit from my son and his girl ~  the two came down to spend a week and we've been enjoying their company and getting to know his girl a little better.  One thing that we did together that is definitely a fave is a good bike ride along the top of the coulees on the west side of town, a favorite ride of my hubby and me.  Then continuing our tradition, we stopped at a St*rbucks on the way back to the car and had an iced drink, which if you don't know, tastes especially delicious after riding bikes in the heat for an hour.

~ unexpected lunch invitation ~ Sunday the kids all went hiking in the mountains, so hubby and I were on our own wondering what to do with the day.  But that was solved when friends invited us out for lunch.  It's always special when that happens and it's always a blessing to spend time with our good friends.  We tried a new pizza place in town and we gave it a thumbs up.

~ giving life~ We girls really know how to live it up.  Yesterday my daughter and I and my son's girlfriend went and donated blood.  My son normally would have joined us but he got a tattoo a few months ago and there is a wait time.  But he came along for support (and the free snacks, ha!).  My second time giving and all was good.  Hats off to his girlfriend, as her first time donating was a bit rough with her getting quite woozy.  But all went well today.  Hopefully this will continue on and become a family tradition with all of us.

~ hugs from little arms ~  there is something about being hugged tight around the neck by little arms.  I just love it when they freely give those.  I will take it anytime.

~ friday ~  today is friday and what makes it even better is it's vacation time as of 5 o'clock tonight.  Whoo hoo!!  Unfortunately, our vacation plans were for the Okanagon Valley in British Columbia but there are quite a few fires with a very significant one close to where we were going making the air quality not so good.  We've been keeping an eye out on the Weather Network and will have to make a decision by Saturday morning in order to cancel with no penalty.  But even if it ends up being a staycation, it's time off!  Yipee!

What were your favorite blessings from the last week?


susan said...

How lovely to hike as a family. Love the iced drink tradition afterwards.
I used to give blood on a regular basis. But I can't anymore because my family and I lived in England during the mad cow years. How fun that you had a new person join in this selfless event.
Yep, hugs about the neck by little ones is something to treasure.
I hope your vacation, where ever/ what ever you go/do is refreshing and fun.

Willow said...

Oh yes, I know how wonderful that iced drink tastes after a long bike ride in the heat! Your ride with family sounds like a perfect way to spend the afternoon.
I hope you will be able to have your vacation in BC--it's a beautiful place. But if not, enjoy your stay-vacation!

Faith said...

Oh susanne,i hope you get to go away!! Those darn wildfires out there!!!

I must ask: WHY is t your hubby and the gf wearing bike helmets??!!

Love that you can give blood. My husband no longer can because of being in England close to a year when mad cow disease was a thing. Even though he never got it!! And i can't due to having the Lyme disease which apparently lies dormant in my body.

Yay for lunch with friends. Been too long since i did that.

Happy weekend and enjoy the week off!! 3 more weeks of wthe to for me

Susanne said...

Susan: That is one of the questions they ask before you go to give blood. I wondered why.

Faith: That is my son and I wearing helmets. I always wear a helmet. Here in Alberta kids 18 and under are required to by law and I started when my kids were little to set a good example. Then I just kept up the practice cause some of the places we ride are trails and I'm just nervous if I fall over. Jeremy wears a helmet cause he does the "real" mountain bike kind of riding, down steep hills and over rocky and very thin trails. See the coulee hills in the background? Yea, he goes up and down those.

Barbara H. said...

What a nice family outing! Though I have not biked in years, I do know the pleasure of an iced drink after getting hot and sweaty. Impromptu lunch outings are fun. Kudos to you for giving blood! I can't, either - a spinal illness I had years ago is considered auto-immune, so I was advised not to donate blood. My husband used to regularly but then the place where he did notified him a marker for hepatitis showed up in his blood. He went to the doctor and didn't have hepatitis and never has and doesn't participate in the behavior they say most risks catching it, so we don't know what the deal is. But, anyway, with so many of us that can't donate, I'm especially glad for those who do!

I had forgotten the sweetness of hugs from little arms until my grandson came along. Such a treasure!

I hope the fires die down, and I hope you have a great vacation!

Ann said...

I really hope you can go on vacation!! Everybody needs to breathe some non-hometown air occasionally!!

Thank you for donating blood. It's off my list now, due to anemia difficulties, but I miss doing it (especially having type B- blood).

Gattina said...

I am just back from Amsterdam the bike city and then first thing I see here are also bikes, lol ! A nightmare !
My husband got a medal for blood donation by the princess of Belgium because he had donated I don't know how man liters of blood ! That's nice that you had the opportunity to know your son's girlfriend better, I still don't know my DIL exactly after 14 years !

Susan Wright said...

Susanne- can you recommend a Christian fiction book that is set at Christmas? We are looking for something for our December book club. Susan from fruitfulwords

Wendy said...

Family time is always good. I hope you get your break but fires are such a worry right now - the common opposite us was on fire last week but fortunately we've have a lot of rain this weekend so hopefully we won't have any more fires. Whatever happens enjoy your break.

Deb said...

Have a great vacation! Thanks for giving blood! Such an incredible, life-saving act of service. Enjoy your week.