Friday, July 20, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #491

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  We are being intentional in looking for the blessings and good things in our lives, specifically from the last week.  Please join us.

I feel I have to mention I am once again having comment issues.  Even though I have the comments sent to moderation where they are supposed to come to my email so I can choose to publish them or not.  And it worked great up until last week when, yet again, they are no longer coming into my email.  I have tried everything to fix it.  I  tried the steps that Gattina suggested.  I tried checking the "notify follow up comments" box in the posts comment section.  I have tried all sorts of stuff.  And nothing.  Nada.  I am beyond frustrated with the whole situation.  I hope you all understand why I am not responding by email to your comments...because I can't.  It's also taking me longer to get your comments published as it is just impossible for me to constantly go into Blogger or onto my blog to see if there are new comments.

Anyway, that said, let's get to finding the blessings of our week!  This week was kind of unexciting and very, very normal but there are still blessings to be found.

~church picnic~  always a fun event at the church.  Lots of good food, fun things for the kids, visiting with church family and meeting new people makes it something to look forward to.

~ beautiful thunder storm ~ the majesty of nature gave us quite a show all through the night the other day.  There are some incredible photos here if you have facebook.

~ ac ~ this week has been a hot one and I am very thankful for air conditioning.  We have been going through a period of heat warning where it's hot in the day and doesn't cool off much at night.  Though I don't run it frigid, it is nice to have a nice level of coolness in the house.

~playgrounds ~  I live within 2 blocks of 2 different playgrounds.  Having a dayhome with preschoolers this is really a true blessing.  We have been taking great advantage of these playgrounds and when we are done the kids are ready to have lunch and then a nice quiet time.

~ new bedding ~  I've had a real tough time finding a summer weight blanket both hubby and I can agree on.  Either it's too heavy, too quilted, too stiff, not breathable or doesn't fit the bed right.  But after several tries over the years of different types of blankets I finally found one we can both live with.

What have been your blessings and good things from your week whether big or small?


Gattina said...

I get the comments now in my emails but I am not sure if I get them all. I check with my "Reader list" in Blogger. I am in Amsterdam to keep an eye on grandson Toby !

Faith said...

I actually do NOT like getting blog comments via email cause i get way too many emails as it is. So i get to my blog/read other blogs via my iPad and if someone posts an inappropriate comment on mine i just delete it. I still write my posts the old fashioned way via my laptop cause the blogger app for iPhone and iPad isn't all that great. I check my blog every couple of evenings to read comments and rarely get back to people unless i have their email ( like when you and i chat about books!).

I have to miss our church picnic this summer but they are always fun aren't they? Glad you enjoyed yours.

Yay for park playgrounds!!

Hope it cools off a bit for you like it finally did here for us.

Have a refreshing weekend!

Susanne said...

Faith: Part of the fun of blogging for me was to be able to sometimes respond back to people after they left a comment. That's how I made my "blogging friends" and I find that a lot of the joy of blogging is now removed.

Barbara H. said...

We haven't been to a church picnic in ages. Such fun! I'm glad you got to go!

I depend on AC a lot. The heat and humidity just drain energy out of me.

That's wonderful to have a couple of different playgrounds so close by, especially having a dayhome.

I have a hard time with summer bedding, too. I can't sleep without something over me, but it's hard to find something that's not too hot or heavy. Glad you found something just right!

Is the email thing with blogger a glitch or a new format on their part? Do they have somewhere to go for support or a forum? Wordpress has a forum where users can write in with problems, and other users can offer advice - occasionally an administrator will step in with an official fix. Does your email auto-suggest addresses when you compose an email? For instance, with mine, if I start to type "Susanne" in the "To" box, before I get to the second S, your email address pops up. If it does, then you can probably still email with blog friends you have emailed before. I hope the situation can be worked out - I know it's frustrating.

Susanne said...

Barbara: I have sent them a feedback memo, haven't found a support forum yet, but then I don't have time for all this. Yes my email does auto suggest but then that person has to already be in my contacts. And they also have to be in my contacts with a recognizable by me name. If I start to type Barbara but your email is a nickname or odd word it won't bring you up. It's always nice especially when one's post is a meme where people are linking to be able to email a new person and welcome them or even to respond to someone who's been posting for awhile but I haven't as yet emailed. Now there is no option to do that unless I take the time to go to their site specifically and search to see if they have an email button. Nobody got time for that. It's just taken the enjoyment out of blogging and made it work in my opinion.

Ann said...

I'm having Google problems also. May not even be able to post this. Hope we can both work things out.

Willow said...

I'm sorry you have been having blogger problems. I had noticed that you weren't commenting on my blog to my FFF but wasn't sure why. I hope that it all gets fixed soon.
I remember when google reader closed and I tried another forum for my blog list and it just didn't work for me. I don't see why things get changed up when they work just fine. (It it ain't broke, don't fix it.)
Your FFF were great. I think that AC may be the BEST invention EVER. And playgrounds for kids are so much fun!

nikkipolani said...

Shame the commenting thing at blogger has been on the fritz. As suddenly as the feature you needed has disappeared, I hope it will suddenly reappears!

Amen to AC. We are running it even at night when we can't get the house to cool down below the 80s. Glad you have AC for when the need arises. That thunderstorm must've been spectacular. We were promised storms on our visit to Colorado, but alas, none materialized. You certainly sound like you are enjoying all of summer's blessings.