Friday, March 09, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #472

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  A little place on the internet to share five of your favorite blessings of the last week.  Please join us in the intentional pursuit of pausing and taking note of the good things in our lives.

~One of the best videos on youtube!~  I dare ya not to smile or laugh. On Facebook it was entitled:  "When you and your best friend have different taste in music."  I laugh every time I watch this thing.  Laughter and cheerfulness in the midst of a tough week is a huge blessing.

~sweet gift from a friend~ My hubby makes the best popcorn ever, if I do say so myself, and it's not just me that thinks so.  My friend also agrees with me and she gifted him these cute popcorn bowls to hold all that deliciousness.  Doesn't a cute container make food all the more yummy?  Thoughtful gifts are a blessing.
~finding this book~ This is Francine Rivers' new novel.  She's a favorite author but for some reason this book was not showing up in my city.  In fact, when I went to the Chapters/Indigo here they said none had showed up in any of their Canadian locations.  I was so disappointed.  But when in Calgary, I went into the Chapters there and lo and behold, when I asked the girl she led me right to it, apparently lots of people had been asking for it, and I got the last one.  Yipee.  I can hardly wait to get to it.  The gift of being in a country where we can read whenever we want and basically get ahold of any and all books whether to buy or borrow is a huge blessing that I never take for granted.

~safe travels~ my sis and her hubby had to take my dad to an appointment in Calgary, and wouldn't you know yet another snowfall warning was posted for that day.  Calgary received and incredible dump of snow on the weekend but they stayed safe through it all.  Have them get through that weekend of stressful driving safe and sound is a huge relief and blessing.

~a massage~ I have had issues with my neck and upper back since I was a kid and regular workouts and regular massages have really helped with that.  Unfortunately I had to cancel my February appointment due to, you guessed it, a snow storm.  So it was a few months since I have been able to get an appointment.  The last week due to stress and tension and just extra physical stuff I could start to feel the knots getting the upper hand.  So thankful my appointment was set for last night and there was no snowstorm or other occurrences that would have made me miss it.  It felt so good and now my shoulders and neck feel back to normal.  Very thankful that I have the privilege of being able to go for a massage when I really need them.

What were your favorite blessings from the last week?


Gattina said...

This video is really hilarious ! Incredible !
A good massage helps, because all tension concentrates in the neck or back, this year you were really spoiled with snow !!

Faith said...

A FB friend of mine posted that funny!

yeah for a good work out and a good massage, just curious: does your health insurance provider cover massages? Ours covers my chiro which i love but he can't always do a full massage and insurance won't cover one!!

That book is in our town library and I'm way down the list for it!! Maybe by April i will get to read it!!

So glad your family had safe travels. Dave is driving 4 hours east then north to get claire today from UNH and then 4 hrs back. Ugh. Please keep them in prayer.

Enjoy the weekend and lets pray that this white stuff begins to melt!!

Barbara H. said...

That video is hilarious. Those popcorn containers are so cute! And I am sure they mean even more due to the friendship behind them. I am glad you found the book! So much snow - so good your family members were safe in it. Yay, too, for the massage that gets you feeling back to normal.

Karen said...

The video is hilarious! Animals can be so 'human.' I so agree with you about how fortunate we are to have books available. I almost posted that for one of my five, as I just finished a good one and now I've got a few to choose from to read next. A nice problem to have.

The popcorn bowl is so cute! Massages are heavenly, I'm glad you are feeling better. Wishing signs of spring to come your way.

betty-NZ said...

I love popcorn, too, but only have s simple bowl! Nice variety of items this week.

Wendy said...

Hilarious video - I was waiting for the Cockatoo on the left to get pushed off the end of the chair! Oh I'm glad you got your massage rescheduled - sounds like you needed it. I didn't get to participate this week - we've had a really busy weekend. I hope yours was good.

nikkipolani said...

Have never seen a bird so into the music -- and that feather-fluffing!

Glad you could finally get the massage you needed.

Looking forward to reading your review of The Masterpiece.