Friday, January 26, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #466

Welcome to the last Fave Five of January.  One month of the year almost done.  Can you find some blessings and things to be thankful for from the last week?  Please join us as we intentionally look for the good things in our lives, making a habit out of being grateful.  A reminder that the link is for those participating in this meme only and links that are not FFF will be deleted.  We welcome all to participate but please follow the guidelines and keep the purpose of the meme in mind.  GUIDELINES ARE HERE.

~ steps forward ~  Faith last week  mentioning progress in her students reminded me of a definite favorite blessing this last week... progress in a new little 3 year old's morning arrival.  After a week and a half of tears, now though still hesitant, the crying has stopped.  And we are progressing in being comfortable enough not to cling to Mom.  It's a big step for some of these little guys and it's always great to see them move past that point.

~gentle reminders~

this is one of my favorite scriptures and running across it on Pinterest this last week was just a gentle reminder in a time I needed it the most.  Love how God can even use a platform like Pinterest to speak to us and bring us encouragement.  :)

~delicious cookies~ I very rarely eat packaged cookies but this box of  Cartwright & Butler Stem Ginger Biscuits was in a gift basket that I received from one of my dayhome families.  They are absolutely delicious with little bits of chewy ginger in them.  Dipped in my coffee or tea it was a real treat and I've been savoring them slowly trying to make them last as long as possible.  Alas I ate the last cookie in the box this past week.  But lo and behold, in an email this very week from a local coffee roasters where they came from, it is something they seem to carry all year.  Guess I'll be making a special stop there this weekend.

~prayers and support of friends~  I so appreciate this at all times but last week when for some reason I started to experience severe pain in both my thumbs, I was especially grateful for friends.  They prayed for me and one checked on me daily to see how I was doing and showed great concern.  You don't realize how important those two little digits are on your hand until they present great pain with even the smallest of tasks.  Praise God it has improved in the last couple of days and for that I am very thankful.

~new recipes~  this week I tried out two new recipes and both turned out delicious!  One was a delicious and very easy to make barley soup cooked in the slow cooker.  I pretty much followed the recipe to a tee except I used POT BARLEY instead of pearl barley.   Everyone raved about it and hubby has already said to make it again soon.  Recipe found here.  Then last night I was looking for an easy recipe that used some meatballs I already had in the freezer.  I wanted something that didn't involve pasta or tomato sauce and came across this recipe for meatballs and rice.  Super easy and really tasty too.  I did add a tsp of all purpose seasoning to the broth to oomphf the flavor some more and added fresh chopped spinach at the same time as the peas.  It's fun to try something new and a real bonus when we really like it.

What were your favorite blessings from the week?


Willow said...

Trader Joe's has a ginger cookie that sounds similar to your new fave. They might be a staple at our house.
I'm so glad your thumbs are healing and feeling better. Those opposable thumbs of ours are indispensable!
Having been overwhelmed several times this week, I will remember Ps 61:2. Thanks for the reminder.
Have a great weekend!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

My thumbs bother me too sometimes so I understand how inconvenient it can be...not to mention painful. I'm glad your's are feeling better.

Faith said...

I was just going to ask you if you know where i can get those cookies in the states and i see Willow says Trader Joe's! And I'm headed there early tomorrow anyways!! Yeah!!!!

yay for the 3 yr old transitioningmto your home with less tears. A huge blessing!!!

And guess what??! Last winter i woke up with my thumbs just so painful and difficult to bend. My chiropractor ( i happened to mention it at my weekly adjustment for my back when i was dealing with that issue) said it is from arthritis and tends to be worse in cold weather!!!!! I do this simple stretch first thing under warm water and as the morning goes on the pain goes away! Try it!

i love when God's Words jump out at us in places other than the Bible!

Happy weekend!

Barbara H. said...

It's so hard for little ones being separated from parents, but it's so hard on caregivers. too. Glad this one is making significant steps in adjusting.

I love that verse. It's neat when Pinterest ministers to us like that.

I am sorry about your thumbs! Hope it was just a temporary and not a continual thing. And I am glad for the blessing of concerned and praying friends.

It's great when new recipes are enjoyed by the family. Those cookies sound good!

Wendy said...

Well it must be a relief that the little one is settling better. It's so hard when they only want their Mum. Sorry to hear about your thumbs. I hope they continue to improve. Have a good weekend.

ellen b said...

Glad that little 3 year old is getting more comfortable with being left. Glad your thumbs have improved. Hope you have a good weekend.

nikkipolani said...

New AND has your family raving? Definitely a fave! I’m going to check out those links. So good to know your little ones are growing and adjusting to separation from Mom. I’m sure you see it often with your crew.

So is it a good thing that you can get your hands on those ginger cookies? ;-)