Thursday, January 11, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #464

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five!  Looking back over the past week are you able to recognize and find some blessings whether you had a great week or a tough one?  That's what fave five is for.  To help make us more aware, to help us to intentionally pay attention and recognize the good things in our ordinary days.  Please join in with us and share five of your top blessings.  If you are new and not sure what the guidelines are for Friday's Fave Five, simply link from the button in the sidebar, there is a short post on the guidelines and then join right on in!

~snowman building~  On Monday this week, the weather was gorgeous enough to take the kids out and play in the snow.  Because it was so nice the snow was perfect for making a snowman.  This was our creation for an wonderful hour of being outside enjoying the fresh air.  Good thing we got outside because by Tuesday afternoon the snow and the deep freeze returned.

~sleep~  I'll be honest, this has been one rough week with the dayhome.  New kids starting and having a bit of a hard time adjusting.  Lots and lots of hysterical crying on the part of the baby had my nerves absolutely frayed and left me exhausted by the end of the day.  I am so thankful for sleep to rejuvenate and am thankful I, for the most part, fall asleep quite easily and sleep through the night.  And since I had the flu last month, I am tiring out earlier in the evening and therefore able to get to bed earlier than before.  I am determined to keep this new habit going and not let myself go to bed so late during the work week.

~great service~  for my birthday last month my youngest had got me a really cute pair of velvet ankle boots.  I usually wear an 8 1/2 which is what she bought but they were very snug.  When we went to try and exchange them they didn't have any.  But the store ordered a pair from their computer and I had a choice of pick up at the store or home delivery for free.  Of course I took the home delivery.  And within the week the shoes arrived and fit perfect.  No trip to the mall yet again.  Very thankful for that!

~new slippers~  what is it about new socks or slippers that just feels so darn good?  My old slippers were starting to see better days.  But I'm quite particular about what I like in a slipper and I wasn't finding what I wanted.  Then one day I just happened upon a pair when I wasn't even really looking for that particular item.  Now my feet are happy again being surround by soft and cushy slippers.  Something so seemingly small really can be a blessing.

~It's Friday!~  I'm oh so glad it's Friday!  Because of the week, this gift of a weekend is especially appreciated.  Looking forward to rejuvenating.  I've got plans to relax with coffee and books, spend time with my Honey, enjoy good company for lunch on Sunday.  

What were your blessings from the last week?


Gattina said...

It's very hard to recover completely from a flu, I am still quickly tired and have to force myself to do something, so with your job which is very hard when feeling weak it will certainly last until the weather gets warmer. That's at least what I hope !!

Wendy said...

Yes getting over the flu takes time. I'm glad you are able to sleep well and hope you have a restful weekend. Perhaps next week the children will settle better and your week won't be so challenging.

Faith said...

Its been quite a week here too. Ugh. But there are always things to be thankful for! Aw.....a crying baby all day is no fun!! For YOU or any!! I could NOT run a daycare in my home. My own were enough. Good job susanne on being a loving daycare provider! I head back to my little students after being out sick two days. The temp is supposed to climb to 57 F!!! And tomorrow an ice storm is predicted. Ugh!

Enjoy the weekend!

Barbara H. said...

So glad you and the kids were able to get out in the snow for a while and enjoy fresh air! I agree with Faith, I don't think I could ever work in or run a daycare. I loved my own children, but brief stints in the church nursery were about all I could handle of group care. I do admire you for providing a safe and loving place for kids who have to be away from home. I'm sorry this week has been a hard one with new kids adjusting - I hope they settle in and get comfortable soon, especially the baby. I'm thankful you're getting good sleep and a weekend off to rejuvenate. And I am so glad you got good service exchanging the boots and got new comfy slippers. Happy Friday!

Kathie said...

Awww that must be so hard for you and baby! I"m helping Robbie look after the twins two days a week while Dorothy teaches. Nov and Dec were very challenging as they were sick a lot. But this last few weeks have been delightful! They've been happy and so have I :) Hoping for better days for both you and baby soon!

And hope you have a wonderful restful weekend! Enjoy Susanne!!

ellen b said...

This was one of those weeks. Even the adults at our small group were all out of it. Glad you had some good shoe/slipper moments. Love that snowman!!

Willow said...

Yeah, that must be hard for both you and the new baby. I know your loving care will bring it around to 'happy baby' soon. And it's always good for the kids to get out and enjoy the outdoors and sunshine.
Have a restful weekend!

Karen said...

I hope you are enjoying this well-deserved weekend! Those long days have to be rough, for you and the baby. That is one cute snowman! New slippers are a favorite indeed.