Friday, January 05, 2018

Friday's Fave Five #463

Happy New Year everyone and welcome to the first Friday's Fave Five of 2018.  Are you all ready for a year purposefully taking notice of and being grateful for the good in our lives?  I hope so 'cause it's so much fun to have to you all along on this journey!  If you are new the link to the guidelines in in the sidebar.  Please read them and then just jump right in!

Here are 5 blessings my last week in no particular order:

~Mother/Son blood donation on my birthday~  This was a blessing because it is something important to my son and it made it him happy that I was doing it with him.  Being a paramedic he knows the importance of donating blood.  We've tried to do it together before but it just never worked.  This year, in spite of the snowstorm and cold, we made it, along with his friend, and donated on my birthday.  Yup, nobody can't say I don't know how to live it up on my birthday.  :)

~Birthday Dinner~  Even though we'd already technically celebrated both my daughter's and my birthday on Christmas Eve with the family because that is when we were all together, hubby made a spur of the moment suggestion to go to one of our fave casual restaurants on the day of my birthday too.  Then my boy secretly picked up the tab.  It was an unexpected wonderful time and a real nice treat for him to do that.

~A Quiet New Years Eve~ an evening spent at home was what I really wanted this year.  I'm not a big New Year party kind of gal in the first place, usually just spending it at my sister's playing games or watching a movie.  But this year I was really just lacking the energy for another late night out, especially one that turned out to be about -49*C with the wind chill  at midnight (-56.2*F).   So I stayed home and had a lovely evening all to myself.  Hubby conked out early and I spent the time reading and drinking peppermint hot chocolate all tucked under a cozy, fuzzy blanket thoroughly enjoying myself until midnight.

~Christmas packed away for another year~  I love the decor of Christmas and always enjoy having it out the month of December, but come January 1 I am always just as glad to get it all packed away.   I'm always surprised at much breathing room there seems to be once it all comes down.

~easing back into the work week~  Tuesday was rough and tough to get back into the getting up early for work mode but for the first 3 days this week I only had once child come and they don't come quite as early so I was able to get about 20 minutes extra sleep and ease into the morning slower which is a huge blessing for me.

What were your favorite blessings for this first week of the year?


Wendy said...

Happy New Year and belated happy birthday wishes. We usually spend New Year quietly too. Watching the fireworks on TV is much easier than trekking into town to see them. Yikes that's cold weather you're having. Our son & DIL returned from Vermont last weekend and they were glad to come home to warmer weather.

Faith said...

happy new year! And how fun to get an extra celebration out and paid for by your son!

i was always too thin to give blood when younger and now that i weigh over the 110 lbs I can't because i had Lyme disease! And Fave used to give blood all the time until he had to spend 5 months in England working during the " mad cow disease" scare and now they won't let HIM give blood!! Even. Though he hasn't had the disease and hasn't been to England since 1998!!

We did the same thing on New Year's Eve. My college gal went out to a party, my oldest declined two parties because she didn't wanna drive in our sub zero temps, dave went to bed by 9 and i read and drank Baileys with coffee and by 11:30 was in bed!! Even the coffee didn't keep me up! First time in a LONG time we didn't welcome in the new year!!

Stay wArm susanne!!! frigid temps here in NY this weekend. In fact this morning the school has a two hour delay which is why I'm on the blog early!!

Barbara H. said...

I feel the same way about Christmas decorations - love them dearly, but I'm glad to put them away in early January. I prefer New year's Eve at home, too. My d-i-l made a nice dinner and dessert, and then they went home early to put Timothy to bed. The rest of us just lazed around, reading or looking at our devices and chatting. We turned on the TV long enough to watch the ball drop and went to bed not long after.

Good for you for donating blood, and on your birthday no less! I was told I couldn't because the neurological illness I had years ago is considered auto-immune. I don't know if that is a lifetime thing or not - will have to check. I'm glad you got to go out on your actual birthday as well even though your family had celebrated with you earlier.

Wow, I thought it was cold here with temperatures getting down to 7 (F) one night! I've been in -20 degrees before in Idaho, but I can't fathom nearly -50. Brrrr!

I'm glad you had an easier start getting back into the work week. Happy 2018!

Willow said...

A slow and easy start to the week was a blessing, I'm sure.
Where you live, the weather is much more severe and cold than where I am visiting. I am amazed that you handle it so well, and yes, peppermint hot chocolate helps!
What a sweet birthday surprise you had to be treated to dinner by your son. Don't you love it when they grow up and do adult things?
Happy New Year!

ellen b said...

That really is a sweet treat when our kids pick up the bill. So special. Glad you had an extra celebration. I like a quiet New Year's Eve myself. Hope you have a restful weekend.

Karen said...

It's so nice when birthday celebrations linger past the date. Your son sounds like a great guy. Your new year's eve sounds perfect to me! Happy New Year!

betty-NZ said...

Thanks for giving us a place to share our blessings! I hope to link up often this year.