Friday, November 24, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #457

Hi everyone.  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Wishing all my American bloggy friends a very Happy Thanksgiving.  I know it was yesterday and some of you will be in the throes of Black Friday shopping but I hope you had a wonderful day being thankful for all the good things and blessings of your life.  Don't know how many of you will be here to join me but have a wonderful Friday regardless.

~ Birthday Celebrations ~  It started Sunday, celebrating my hubby's birthday.  Our son was able to come home on the weekend so we had our family dinner that day.  He chose one of our favorite restaurants and we had a lovely dinner and wonderful time together.   Then on Tuesday, his actual birthday, we went for dinner with our pastors/good friends as it was their anniversary that day and they asked us if we'd like to celebrate together.  Another yummy meal and great company.  Then today, Hubby's sister and husband are taking us to dinner.  I better make an extra day at the gym after all these yummy celebration meals.  But it was nice to have Hubby honored in so many ways by so many people.

~ On a reading roll ~ You all know that reading is one of my absolute favorite ways to relax.  This month I seem to be on a roll reading some great books that I can't wait to get to after work.  For November, I chose to hit my Non-fiction reading pile.  I'm not a huge non-fiction reader, preferring to escape into a good fictional story, but I thought it would be fun to make a concentrated effort to knock some of those out of my to read piles and I do like a good biography.  So far this month I've completed 3 biographies and am on my 4th which I should finish this weekend.  That is some kind of record for me in the non-fiction department.

~ Hubby's favorite dinner ~ One of my "gifts" to Hubby on his birthday is to always cook his favorite dinner.  Because we were taken out on his actual birthday, I did it the night after.  It turned out perfect and he was happy, I was happy and turns out it's one of my daughter's favorite meals to so she was happy.  I like making him his favorite dinner and it makes me happy to see him enjoying it so much.

~ And in blew the chinook ~  Our warm winter winds called a chinook blew in yesterday and basically raised the temperature by about 15 or so degrees (celcius) in less than a day.  We were sitting at a balmy 17*C (62*F) today, a new record set.  The norm is about 2*C.  The trade off is the crazy wind but I'll take it.  It melted all the snow and I was actually outside playing with the kids with no coat on.  That's crazy for November!

~ New fave flavor of yogurt ~  I came across a new flavor of yogurt while grocery shopping last week and I it made it into my cart with no hesitation.  And it didn't disappoint.  I loved it.  A little granola on the top and oh my.  So good!  It says limited edition but I hope it's around awhile!  A long, long while.  Chai Latte makes me happy!

What are your favorite blessings from last the last week?


Barbara H. said...

What a nice few days of birthdays celebrations for your husband! And some nice meals out for you, too! That's our birthday tradition as well - the honoree gets to choose what he/she wants for dinner, whether at a restaurant or something homemade.

Good work in the reading department! I love biographies, too.

How nice to have a warm day in November! A great boon to the kids, too, to be able to play outside.

Willow said...

Your hubby sure celebrated a lot fir his birthday. That's so much fun!
Hurray for the warmer temperatures. I missed the HOT Thanksgiving in SoCal and here it's freezing today.
Enjoy your weekend!

Faith said...

we are having some warm days too and i am thankful!!!

Happy birthday to your hubby.....sounds like you had a ton of good celebrations! We do the same tradition. The birthday boy or girl gets to choose what to have for dinner ( or where to go).

Yay for reading. I'm still making my way through a biography you i tend to pick up fiction first.

Have a wonderful weekend susanne

Ps i refuse to do Black Friday shopping. Did it 3 years ago and said never again!!!! Im doing a nature walk and online shopping!!!!

ellen b said...

How nice that your hubby was celebrated well. We've had some unseasonable warm days this past week. Hope you have a good weekend.

Karen said...

How nice that your husband was well celebrated. Happy birthday to him!

I love a good biography. Sometimes, I say it's because I'm so nosey;) But, seriously, it's a great way to learn about history as well as the person.

Our weather has been unseasonably warm. Today, I was at the grocery store and there were several people in sandals.

Happy weekend to you.

Ann said...

We like it when the COOL winds blow in!! That's because winter sometimes doesn't seem like winter in the south!!

nikkipolani said...

How fun to celebrate together -- lots of them for your husband!

Congrats on getting so much reading done, even in a category that's not your fave. I've noticed all the reviews you've posted and I'm a little afraid of reading them because then my TBR list will grow!

62F for you is positively balmy indeed! That's what we'd call "winter" in these parts ;-)

Kathie said...

A belated Birthday wish for happiness and many blessings! So nice to see him celebrated like that!

We're having some warm temps here too - 12*c today. Perfect for the Santa Claus parade. Not too cold for all the kiddies.

I'm going to check into your biographies. I tend to pick fiction for relaxation and non-fiction for Bible study. Don't read too many biographies but I do enjoy them.

I haven't seen that flavour of yogurt - although that's the brand I buy. I'm going to keep my eye out for it. Looks tasty!

Have a great week Susanne - and thanks again for hosting FFF!