Friday, November 03, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #454

Welcome to a very chilly, snowy Friday everyone.  Here in Alberta we're experiencing our second snow dump of the season.  But no matter, it's still a good day to look for blessings.   Feel free to join in, no matter the weather where you are as we try to become more thankful people.  The following quote could not be more true.

My favorite blessings I am thankful for this week:

The Word of God.  I'm not gonna lie, this week has been a bit of a struggle for me.  Another long time family from the dayhome had their last day.   I finally got to the dentist who had not good news for my aching molar.  Long story short, it's a goner.  Stress related to having to replace too many children in the dayhome all at once.  The sad news of the attack in New York.  It all presses in.  But I'm so thankful that in times like that I have to Word of God to turn to to receive encouragement and have my faith built that God is good God and He is there even in the midst of struggle, chaos and pain.  I become very aware that not everyone has the blessing of having as many bibles as they could possibly want laying around the house such as we have in this country.  

Laughter in the midst of a very stressful moment.  My youngest daughter and I had a real good belly laugh over a funny misunderstanding today right in the midst of a very stressful moment in my day.  I laughed till I cried, it was so silly.  I can't share 'cause she asked me not to but suffice it to say that it brought things a bit more into perspective and I'm so thankful we shared that funny.

Caring and giving friends.  After I emailed all in my lady's group that I had to cancel because of the toothache, one of the lady's dropped by and gave me a full bottle of a natural oil type thing called Theives that is supposed to help with tooth infections and aches.  It was very thoughtful and generous of her and I really appreciated the gesture.  It's nice to belong to a group of women, though from such diverse walks of life, that really care and support each other.

Hot tea in the evenings.  With the cold weather my craving for hot herb tea in the evenings rise exponentially.  My lovely organic peppermint always is the favorite standby by this week I've also enjoyed Bengal Spice and Belleni Peach Orange.

Sunday family meals.  With everybody all grown up and moved away or working, our times of the Sunday meal together are all that more precious when they occur.  My son was down from his city again this weekend, my youngest wasn't working and we were able to sit down together along with his grandma and enjoy a Sunday meal. 

What were your favorite blessings of the week?


Gattina said...

When I read snow I thought I better come back to your blog in summer ! I hate winter so much ! Fortunately we still have unusual warm weather up to 14/15°C and even the trees are still green and only start their striptease.

Faith said...

whoa! you have snow??! I woke up so warm so I opened the bedroom windows and checked the weather app and found it was 64 here in Latham NY!!! but the temps are supposed to dip a bit over the weekend...down to the 40s F. My roses are still blooming!

I hear ya on the tooth issue. been there dine that got the bridge many years later after the molar was pulled due to infection. ugh.

It is so comforting to turn to Scriptures in times of stress, etc. I cannot imagine my life without my Bibles.

How awesome to have part of your family for Sunday dinner and to share a good laugh with your girl.

Have a good weekend!!

Barbara H. said...

I was just thinking, as I read your comments on the Word of God and having it to make sense even when the world doesn't, to give us a larger perspective and comfort even when we don't understand, that I wondered how people got along without it. And then that made me think that perhaps so much of the vitriol we see in online commenting, zingers through Facebook or Twitter, etc., might be an outgrowth of that. One son has a number of non-Christian friends that I don't know in person, but I see their comments on Facebook, and there is such genuine worry, anxiety, and almost panic over things going on in the world today. Unfortunately a lot of their negativity comes up when someone gives anything near a biblical answer. But when they don't accept that, there's no hope in anything else.

So sorry about your tooth! A pharmacist told me once that dental pain is the worst pain. And, if you're like me, you just hate to have to have a procedure on your teeth. But I hope they can attend to it and give you some relief quickly.

I'm sorry about losing another dayhome family. Praying for the Lord to send you just the right replacements and to take care of your needs in the meantime.

A little humor goes such a long way. My husband is great at diffusing a tense moment with humor.

Sunday meals together are such a treasure!

Karen said...

I love that quote, and included it in my post today. And the photo of the little girl laughing, just makes me chuckle!

I'm sorry about your tooth:( And the dayhome family. Good reasons for looking for gratitude, which you do so well, and for doing FFF which allows us all to do the same.

Your #1 up there is very thought provoking. I think about freedom of religion a lot, but the very thought of the physical presence of Bibles is something we take for granted. I can't imagine not being able to reach for mine whenever I need or want to.

Enjoy your weekend, Susanne.

Willow said...

That quote is one of my favorites! And it's so true.

I don't know that I mentioned it much, but I had a goner tooth last year. I was thankful for a great oral surgeon. I hope your procedure goes as well as mine did.

Having lived among people who had no Bibles, I know it is a treasure to be treasured. May we never take ours for granted and do what we can to help others have their own.

Have a great weekend!

Ann said...

I am so sorry for the turnover in your daytime. That is no doubt very stressful. And I too am thankful for the Word of God and the comfort and strength that it brings in times of difficulty!!!

ellen b said...

Sorry about your tooth and the stress and sadness of losing your longtime homekids. How nice that you could have a good belly laugh! Hope your weekend is relaxed.

Kathie said...

Sorry to be late reading the FFF blogs - had to rush out the door last night to meet with the grands at the Will Graham kids night. They had a lot of fun!

And sorry too about the flux in your dayhome business - praying the Lord brings you just what you need. And for your tooth! Yikes.I hate a toothache. They're miserable.Praying you get that settled soon.

Laughter really is good medicine - I'm so thankful I married a funny guy - he makes me laugh a lot! Glad you had a good laugh too.

I heard about your snow - we on the other hand are having unseasonably warm temperatures - 19 degrees yesterday! So unusual for us. I know you get that in a day with your Chinooks!

I hope you have a restful weekend Susanne! Thanks again for your faithfulness in keeping up FFF and helping us all look for the blessings! <3