Friday, November 10, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #455

Welcome back to another edition of Friday's Fave Five.  The days are going by so slowly individually yet so quickly collectively.  How does that even happen?  It's a good thing that FFF helps me to notice the good things in these weeks.  Please join in.

My five in no particular order:

~ Extra time for those chores that always get pushed back ~  I've been short about half my child care numbers as I try to replace the families who have left this fall.  I'll not lie, it's been tough but this week, I just determined that during the days when I have all kids who nap after lunch, I am going to put that time to good use and get all those chores knocked off my list that I always procrastinate because they take time I don't have, chores that I can't do with little ones around, chores that I'm too tired to get to.  So far this week I've washed all the kitchen cupboard doors, fronts and handles, scrubbed down all the backsplash tile, and started on the kitchen lights.  Next up will be finishing the lights, do the baseboards and then wipe down inside all the cupboards.  This being productive instead of stewing, pouting and worrying is a good blessing.

~ A lovely smelling kitchen ~  One of the rewards of doing of good deep clean. Thanks to Avon Orange & Honeysuckle bubble bath!  I think I've mentioned it before but it really is lovely to clean with.  Everything is sparkly clean and it really does smell nice.

~ Extra reading time ~  When I'm done whatever chore I've chosen for the day, I get to sit with a nice cup of coffee and get some extra reading done while the kids are snoozing.  Reading is my escape of choice and I love the extra time to relax and let my imagination go with the story.  

~ Caramel Brule Latte is baaaack! ~  My most favorite drink at Starbucks.  I get it half sweet (working my way down to 1/4 sweet) and it's the perfect weekend treat.  It's seasonal so that is a good thing.  I remains a treat I look forward to for a couple of months of the year.  And I just got an email that I have enough stars for a free drink!  Bonus!!

~ Feather Duvet is on the bed ~ One good thing about November and the colder weather is that the feather duvet gets put back on the bed.  I just love it.  So puffy and warm and comfy without being heavy.  Just makes me sigh when I get into bed and pull it up.

This weekend is Remembrance Day in Canada and as we pause to remember all the sacrifices that have been made to keep our country free I just want to thank all those who have sacrificed and/or  fought to give me the privilege of living in this freedom.

What are some blessings and good things you are thankful for this week?


Faith said...

It is a HUGE blessing that you can do household chores while also running your home business. Because I teach and have always worked outside the home I save all that heavy duty deep cleaning for winter break and spring break....or a full weekend in spring if i am traveling during the break. I am just too tired now that i am in my 50s and dealing with special ed preschoolers all day to come home to do many chores. i come home and usually just do laundry or vacuum/dust, general upkeep during the work week. now that the house is mostly an empty nester one it is easier! 😜

I love some of those starbucks seasonal coffees. i had the skinny cinnamon dulce latte the other day....YUMMY!!!

Reading is what i do every evening after dinner! susanne there are so many good books out there!!!

I am also thankful for our veterans of the armed forces.....cannot believe i forgot to mention it in my FFF!

enjoy the long weekend!!

Barbara H. said...

That's a nice plus side to having not quite a full house for the dayhome - glad you're able to have time both to get to some of those chores that require some extra time plus some time to relax and read. I know having fewer children affects the financial aspect, though, so I pray God sends you just the right families soon.

A young man my son's age is a Starbucks aficionado, and recently I saw on his twitter feed something from another friend about being in Starbucks without this mutual friend and feeling like he was in a foreign land without an interpreter. That's exactly how I feel about Starbucks, ha! I don't know why, but I have never developed a taste for flavored coffees (or teas, for that matter). I sometimes wish I had just to add some variety. I also have to have decaf due to heart rhythm problems, and drink it unsweetened. I've thought about going in there to ask for a plain, decaf, unsweetened coffee with a bit of plain creamer just to see the reaction. :-) But I know most people take great pleasure in the variety of flavors here, so I am happy they have them.

nikkipolani said...

I didn't know you can get Starbucks drinks at different sweetness levels! I just never got them because they were tooth-achingly sweet.

You inspire me in your efforts to turn your attitude around and make good use of your time. With such tangible results, you must be pleased indeed.

Your summary of the days is so true -- both slow and fast! Maybe something to do with the goals on the horizon; some close in and many far ahead. Happy weekend to you, friend.

Karen said...

Way to go, balancing the chores with reading. And good for you to find the silver lining. I read a devotion this morning about good days and bad days, and in Arabic it's called Youm Aasl, Youm Basl (Day of onion, day of honey). I love that.

My favorite Starbucks is the gingerbread latte, but they aren't advertising them anymore. I'll have to ask and see if they can still make them.

Enjoy your weekend, Susanne.

Kathie said...

It always feels good to get those types of chores checked off the list. Good for you to tackle them!

I don't do Starbucks although we have 2 in town now. We're Tim Horton's fans but not the flavoured coffees - just the good old plain!

I noticed your book about the Dionnes above - it looks really interesting!

Hope you have a great weekend Susanne!

Willow said...

It's also Peppermint Mocha time at Starbucks! My favorite.

Hurray for you getting those extra chores done. Deep cleaning the kitchen will be so satisfying--once it's done!

We too celebrate Veteran's Day here this weekend. We'll be flying our flag outside.

Have a great weekeknd and week ahead.

ellen b said...

Good things for sure in your week. Nothing like the satisfaction of deep cleaning.