Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #447

Welcome to Friday and our place to take a pause and reflect over our blessings and good things of life from the last week.  Please join us in sharing 5 of them in a post.  

Miracles in the midst of heartbreak.  With all the horrific storms that happened last week in the U.S. and all the fires in Montana, and B.C. us here in Southern Alberta watched in heartbreak as our beautiful Waterton Lakes National Park braced for a fire that was making it's way towards it.  All thanks to a lightning strike, tinder dry conditions we have here now,  and hot temperatures, the Kenow fire was moving along towards the historic park.  Well Monday bad turned to worse as the winds picked up and changed the direction and the fire very, very quickly went out of control.  Firefighters from all over Alberta were there to fight and fight they did.  Though a lot of the park was devastatingly affected in the wilder area, the actual town was saved, the historic Prince of Wales hotel was saved as was other buildings along trails and at different other points.  The only thing that was lost was the visitor center which was outside of the town.  No one was lost or injured.  Unfortunately because of the wind, it raged past the the point they imagined and jumped the highway and tore through ranches and farms.  People had to be instantly evacuated from their homes with little to no warning.  Five ranch homes were lost but no lives lost.  People have come together from all over Southern Alberta to help out for everything from helping food for pets, offering camping sites for those displaced and evacuated, to all sorts of practical help.  There is miracles when hard things happen and it's amazing to watch how good rises out hurt and heartache.  The hands and heart of Jesus being extended to those in need.

Batch 2 of fresh tomato spaghetti sauce in the freezer.  It's been amazing how many tomatoes we have gotten off our plants.  After sharing some more with my neighbor and some dayhome parents, another batch of yummy sauce is ready for a day when I need something quick and delicious. I've been having fun experimenting with different flavors for the different batches of sauces.  And the house smells delicious.  I'll also have enough to freeze a few batches of diced tomatoes for my stews, soups and chili's coming up as the weather gets colder.

Back together again.  After taking the summer off our ladies bible study group is raring to go.  We kicked off the season with dinner out together.  It was so nice catching up with everyone and finding out what fun stuff happened in their summer.  Then we decided what study we want to do and we're all excited.  And of course, the food was yummy.  I had Bangkok Lettuce Wraps and they were delicious!

Weather cool down.  I know there is a week of summer left, but never before have I been so happy for a cool down.  This summer has been so hot and dry.   The cool down was very welcome.  It even helped with the fire situation.  Now we just need more rain.  Had a little drizzle today so we're hoping overnight there is a good soaking rain.  Everywhere in Southern Alberta needs it so badly.  I'm looking forward to cooking the good ol' comfort foods again too.

Renewing my library card.  I am so thankful for my library.  It is with pleasure that I renew it each fall.  I get so much from my library and don't take for granted that we, in this country, have such available access to books, movies and all sorts of other stuff.

What were your favorite blessings this week?


Susan said...

I love my library, too, and don't take it for granted either. I am amazed that I can go online to reserve books and movies - for free!

I am so glad that the fire in your area did not take human lives. It has been a hard time with so many natural disasters lately. We certainly do need God's miracles through people.

Hurray for more spaghetti sauce. These sauces will be so appreciated in a couple of months.It will be like liquid sunshine.

I hope this coming week stays cooler.

Wendy said...

Our crazy weather is definitely not helping in many places. It's a relieft to know lives weren't lost due to the fire but the devastation caused will take time to recover from. Good that you can still find things to be thankful for though. Have a good weekend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh the weather has been crazy and terrible. Hurricanes, fires, earthquakes! I keep all affected in my prayers.

Barbara H. said...

Fires are so scary - they can do so much damage so quickly and change directions so suddenly. I'm glad no lives were lost in this recent one and I pray for rain for the area.

We've rejoiced in cooler weather, too. I love this sweet spot between the heat of summer and cold of winter.

Yay for the tomato crop and its results! The dinner out sounds like a great way to get back in gear with the Bible study.

I tend to use my library mainly to put books on hold - I have so many books stacked up to read, I don't go in and browse much. But I am so glad for libraries and maybe one day I've go in and just wander to my heart's content.

Faith said...

I LOVE going to the library!! I took out 3 fiction books last week and just finished to read in the evenings after work.

PRAISE GOD no lives were lost in the horrible fires. I was watching and reading about your area and it is so tragic....all that park area!

YUMMY...i love homemade sauce!! perfect for the autumn and winter months.

We still have hot and humid temps here in eastern least this week. Last week was more like autumn and this week we are ending summer with a bout of HUMID and HOT weather....84 today!!!

Have a great weekend! I hope you get the rain you need.

ellen b said...

Those fires have been relentless. Glad no lives were lost. I hear snow is coming to the mountains of Wyoming and Montana and hope the fires will finally be squelched. Fresh tomato sauce sounds delicious. I really appreciate our good libraries, too. Hope your weekend is starting well!

Deb J. in Utah said...

A great week of favorites. So grateful no lives lost in the fires. The sauce sounds so good. Can I come to dinner?? ;-) I love the library too, although I own most of the books I read.
Have a wonderful week. I am hoping to be able to have some time to join in for Friday Faves next week!