Monday, June 05, 2017

We grow them tough and fearless here in Alberta!

Photo CreditPhoto from Mail Online

These pictures were taken when a tornado touched down in Threehills, Alberta this weekend.  The wife was taking a pic of the tornado to send to her family in South Africa and caught her husband casually mowing the lawn.   But before you all think we're nuts around here, in all fairness, they did say the tornado was farther away than it looks in the picture and moving away.

Photo from Central Alberta EMS facebook page

"Great Picture taken today by Paramedic Thijs Vogelzang while staging in Threehills for a possible disaster response!"



Barbara H. said...

Scary! If I saw a tornado, I'd be inside no matter how far away it was supposed to be!

Faith said...

WHOA!!! that is something else!!

Wendy said...

The lawn would still be waiting to be cut if that was near me!

ellen b said...

Now that is dramatic. The shot the wife got of her husband mowing is epic! I saw this on the news and thought of you. Glad no one was hurt.

Ann said...

I saw the picture of the man mowing somewhere else on the internet this week (not sure where). It must really be viral!