Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #423

Welcome to the first spring FFF of 2017.  So glad to see that day show up on the calendar.  And true to it's name, we have had some lovely sunshine in our days this week, albiet with the crazy wind that brings the warmth in Southern Alberta.  Join us as we find the blessings from the last week in our lives whether the weather was good or bad.

1.  Birthday dinner for a sweet friend.  My friend's birthday was this week and we had a lovely dinner together on Saturday night.  Her hubby cooked up a wonderful lasagna dinner with of course, birthday cake for dessert.  Tuxedo cake was the birthday girl's choice.  Then we played a card game called "Budget".  It was a wonderful night of great food and lots of laughs celebrating a good lady.

2.  Bouquet of favorite flowers from my honey.  My sweet hubby came home with these for me with the sweet note "Happy Valentines in March".  He decided that after I had bought some fake tulips for a vase, that I really needed to have at least one bouquet this spring of the real thing.  Love that man!

3.  Small but talkative.  Tuesday night's study group didn't see the whole group out but those who came really participated and some really good discussion ensued.  I love when that happens.  I learn so much from the ladies in my group even though I am the leader of the study.  They come with such good questions and insights and aren't afraid to participate.

4.  Phone call with my son.   I sure do miss this young man and was so thrilled that he called.  Sometimes it's hard to know when to give him a call.  He's so busy with homework and practicums that require long shifts.  Hate to wake him when he's getting off one of those.  But the great news, he gets to come home for a few days this weekend.  Can hardly wait.  We'll get all caught up then.

5.  New runners.  This is a bit past it's due but I have been really enjoying the new workout shoes hubby got me for my birthday a few months back.  Funny how one doesn't realize your old shoes are just not supporting like they should until you put on a pair of quality new ones.  With the couple of injuries I've had in the past few years it's important that I have shoes that support and help my feet not to be sore and I'm thankful for the gift of new ones.  And they're nice to look at.  Who doesn't love a cute shoe in one of their favorite colors?!

What have your favorite blessings been this week?


Gattina said...

How sweet of your huband to offer you this beautiful bouquet ! I have the same problem with my son ! I never show hen to call him ! At work it's difficult and in the evenings thés bave no time and I don't want to disturb them.

Ann said...

Always a pleasure to talk with one's son!! I know the feeling!! Beautiful flowers.

Faith said...

great list of faves...especially the sunshine and the tulips with thenstart of spring! we Re finally warming up out here in eastern NY and much of that white stuff is gone thank the LORD!!

yay for your boy coming home...i hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend of catching up.

Barbara H. said...

What beautiful tulips! It's so uplifting to have fresh flowers in the house. The birthday dinner sounds fun and the study group sounds wonderful. I know what you mean about talking lost distance with a son. So glad he'll be able to come home this weekend! Hope you have a great time. Yay for new supportive workout shoes.

Karen said...

I'm ba-ack! Trying to get back into the FFF groove. Great list. Tulips just say Spring all over, and that is a beautiful bouquet. As a mentor, I know I learn just as much from the women I work with as they do from me. I feel so blessed every time I see them. It's so awesome to talk to our adult kids, isn't it? I'm glad for your time with your son this weekend. And those shoes are just so pretty!

ellen b said...

I really enjoy phone calls from my sons. It's nice when they call and have stuff to share. Beautiful tulips! Hope you have a good weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Oh my, that Valentines in March is so so so sweet! Those are beautiful spring colors.

I know what you mean when a lively discussion happens at small groups. It's so invigorating and fun. Glad you are learning from one another as you connect with one another.

Willow said...

Talks with our children are definitely the best! I'm glad you will be able to spend some time with your son this weekend. Enjoy it!
Those are lovely tulips--sweet of your hubby to bring them home.

Wendy said...

I love to have fresh flowers in the home. I've had daffodils the last few weeks - they were so cheap from the supermarket. A chat is nice but can't beat having your kids home. Enjoy the time with your son.