Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #419

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  It's been a bit of a busy week this week here at Living to Tell household.  It's a week off from school for the kids so the dayhome has been a bit of kilter with some kids not showing, some coming late and an extra sibling here and there.  Throw in an after hours interview for a new family and whew, I'm more than ready for the weekend.  And ready to find & take note of my blessings from this busy week.  Please join in.  Guidelines are linked in the sidebar if you are new.

1. Phone call from Hungary.  Sunday morning I was given a treat with a phone call from my uncle who lives in Budapest.  He's been my favorite uncle since I was a kid even though in reality I've really only met him twice.  Once when I was 10 when we went to Hungary and a 2nd time sometime in the '90's when my Dad paid for him to come here for a visit.  He calls once a year or every couple of years (very expensive for him) and it's always nice hearing his voice.  It's also quite the interesting conversation because he speaks no English and my Hungarian is passable and gets me by but it definitely is not what I would call fluent.  So I end up accidentally saying in English what my mind can't find in Hungarian and I always get a confused reaction which sets us to laughing.  And when he gets talking and using bigger and more complicated phrasing and because I'm trying to keep up it seems he is talking so fast I find myself doing a lot of "mmmhmmmm and oh? and ahhhs.  LOL.  But I love when he phones so it made my day.

2.  Finding a deal.  I'm a deal kind of gal.  I get very excited when finding a great buy and the thrill of the hunt when we need something specific is something I enjoy as well as coming across an incredible deal that was unexpected.  We have been needing a cupboard in the kitchen.  I don't have an official pantry and some of the bigger dishes or even the big family sized bags or boxes of stuff don't fit into the cupboards.  We've been looking for a couple of years but have never found anything that would work.  Well a couple of weeks ago we came across one in Costco and were very excited when we saw what we thought was an incredible price.  But by the time I went to get the big cart and came back, Hubby had figured out we were reading the wrong sign.  No wonder it was such a great deal.  It was about 3 times more.  With much regret, we left it there and walked away.  And thought about it lots over the coming weeks.  This week Hubby made a Costco run for me and couldn't find one of the items.  At the till he inquired and was told where to find the item.  He paid and stowed the groceries in the car and went back for my bag of snap peas.  In the process he pass the cupboard and glanced at the sign and saw they had gone down to half the price which made it only $50 more than when we had gotten so excited before.  So we nabbed it.  And it is a perfect fit and goes wonderfully in the kitchen!  So thankful I finally have that cupboard I've been looking for for so long and at a great deal.

3.  Opening in the dayhome filled.  In January I was given an unexpected immediate notice with no payment due to unfortunate circumstances for the family involved.  Which in turn made it unfortunate circumstances for me.  Usually, according to contract, family's are required to give me 30 days notice.  This gives me time to try to refill the spot.  So I have gone 2 months with less of a wage as I have been scrambling trying to find another family.  Well this week I interviewed with a wonderful mom and I think it will be a lovely fit and they are starting next week.  So relieved and thankful.

4.  Dinner and a movie with good friends.  Friday night we had good friends over for a delicious beef on a bun dinner and then Hubby made his awesome homemade popcorn and we watched a movie.  It was a fun, relaxed evening and I'm grateful for friends we can totally be ourselves with.

5.  Being taken care.  Saturday and Sunday I was not feeling well.  On Saturday I woke up with a raging headache and when Advil didn't help Hubby volunteered to run out and get the Lay's plain chips and Herb & Spice Dip which for some reason always helps my bad headaches.  And once again it took the sharp blinding edge off and reduced it to a dull roar.  Have no idea why it works for me but it does. Then in the afternoon he picked up some delicious comforting wor wonton soup so that I would not have to cook.  Very grateful for a hubby who takes good care of me when I'm not feeling good.

What were your blessings from the past week?


Faith said...

Oh those headaches sound like hormonal migranes! or the ones I used to get anyways and sometimes still do although rarer now😜. One reason the chios and dip probably help is your body wants or needs the salt. My od. found that I was either dehydrated or needed extra salt or caffeine ( e.ieve it or not) and treats like chips usually helped!

Praise God you found a replacement family and the cupboard,on a pic!!!

Fun casual evenings are always a blessing with friends!

I hope you have a headache free weekend!!

Wendy said...

I'm glad hubby was there for you to ease the headache. I hope you are completely over that now. Must have been a relief to get that dayhome spot filled. A new cupboard and a bargain? What more could you want? lol Hope you have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

That's so neat that you communicate regularly with your uncle from Hungary! I'm not fluent in any language - even my d-i-l's mom with a thick Indian accent is hard for me to understand some times, and I have to ask for a lot of repeats.

That's so great about that deal on the cupboard! And wonderful that it fits and works so well.

That's rough when someone has to leave the dayhome suddenly. Glad God provided someone new!

The dinner and movie sounds fun, and I'm glad your hubby took such good care of you when you weren't feeling well.

Karen said...

I laughed reading about your conversation with your uncle! How great that you have such a connection with him, and have only met him a couple of times in real life. A connection of the heart.

Good news about your cupboard and your new dayhome child. Those are things to celebrate, for sure.

Hope you are now back up to speed.

Enjoy your weekend, Susanne!

nikkipolani said...

What a busy week you've had! So glad you could fill in your vacancy with a new little one.

Your conversation made me think of a visit my mom and I made to France where my uncle lives. The language merry-go-round can be challenging, but always worth a good laugh.

Not feeling well is no fun, but to have love and care as you've had must've lightened the burden.

Willow said...

I enjoyed relating to your phone call as we get regular calls from someone who lives in the middle east but grew up in Uganda--he does speak English but it's with an accent.

I'm glad you filled that vacant spot. It will be a blessing for both you and that family.

Jerralea said...

See! God cares about every detail of our lives, cupboards, dayhome openings and headaches not withstanding.

How fun to have a Hungarian uncle to call you!

Paula said...

Hi, Susanne! It's been a long time since I've joined in with FFF, but I've always enjoyed it and hope to participate more. I think it's wonderful that you've stayed in touch with an overseas uncle whom you've only seen face-to-face a couple of times. The love between family members can't be dulled by distance. I'm glad that you have another little one to fill the empty space that opened up unexpectedly. I hope the adjustment is a smooth one. Have a great weekend!