Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday's Fave Five #415

Hello everyone!  How has your week been?  Was it great with so many good things you can't even count?  Or was a bit tougher and you really have to use discipline to look for the blessings?  Or was it so mundane and everyday that the blessings are hiding in the routine? No matter which way your week went join us in creating a thankful lifestyle by looking for good things, blessings, in our lives.

1.  Open windows.  It has been awhile this winter since I've been able to open some windows due to the cold.  But this week I have had them open everyday.  There is something about fresh air moving through the house that's worth the house cooling off a bit.  Felt so good and smelled so nice.

2.  Making progress on the grocery shopping routine .  I made a decision at the beginning of 2017 that my goal was going to be to get into a grocery shopping routine.  It was becoming to regular of an occurence to keep putting it off and putting it off until we were running out of all sorts of things and I'd find myself on late Sunday afternoon, tired and facing the coming workday with my grocery shopping yet to do.   So I've been working on building a routine that works and that I can live with and sustain.  My budget comes on the 1st and 15th so I'v4e been working on going to Costco one Saturday and then the regular grocery store the next Saturday.  Even when I don't feel like it I've been making myself get it done before the Saturday late afternoon.  What a difference!  No more marathon trips that leave me totally exhausted.  Hopefully I will have the same success in February with it that I did in January!  

3.  The purge continues.  Seems every January finds me antsy to get rid of stuff.  I've already sent one box to the thrift store and a second is waiting for me to take over this weekend.  I've put a few stuff for sale on the buy and sells and I've sold most of those.  It feels really good.  I had to get real with some of the stuff but once I made that tough decision it was great to get rid of it and let it go to someone who will put it use and like it.  And it put a few dollars in my pocket to boot. 

4.  Movie evening with hubby.  Sunday evening spur of the moment we watched the movie "Risen".  It's one we've seen a couple of times before but we really like it.  It was nice to just sit with him on a Sunday evening and have nothing else to do.

5.  Warm and Cozy Teas from DavidsTea.  One of my dayhome families gifted me the  variety pack of Warm and Cozy Teas and I've been enjoying the different flavors.  I love enjoying a warm cup of tea in the cold evenings, so relaxing.  And with flavors like chocolate covered almond and coffee cake to name a couple, I can trick myself into thinking I've had a bit of a sweet dessert.    I ate way too many things that involved sugar over the holidays so this is a nice change of pace and still makes me think I've had a treat. 

What were your favorite blessings from the week?


Gattina said...

That's the first thing I do every morning, open the windows even if it's very cold, just to let some fresh air in. Not long of course just a few min. I always do my grocery each week once, mostly on Wednesdays. I hate to go grocery shopping so I try to reduce it to a minimum of time !

Faith said...

I started going grocery shopping on Mindays aftermwork...lhardly any crowds and then my weekends are free from that. when the weather is bad i order online and have them delivered. it is worth the extra fee.

I love fresh air!
Those teas sound scrumptious.

Risen is a great flick!!

happy weekend

Barbara H. said...

I need to get into a shopping routine. I end up going 2, sometimes 3 times a week, and I hate that. I hate planning for a big shopping expedition, but that would be better than multiple stops.

I don't know what it is about January - I have had that same urge. I'll have a box to give away filled soon. I keep thinking I should sell some on ebay, but I just don't know if I want to mess with listing and shipping it.

I have not yet seen Risen. Sounds like it might be good to look for this Easter, if not before.

ellen b said...

Sounds like a great week Susanne. I'm looking forward to being able to throw open the windows. Good for you for purging. I've got to get on that. Hope you have a great weekend.

Ann said...

I shop every Saturday morning. It's relaxing to me to do so. We have two major supermarkets very close to our home, so it's easy to shop (but also easy just to run in for things several times a week).

Willow said...

We have a routine here that is based around our farmers market. Since that is held on Saturday mornings, we go to the market first and then fill out the rest of our shopping at the grocery store (usually Trader Joe's). It helps to have the farmers market hours to force us into action.

Movie night is always fun!

nikkipolani said...

I like your grocery shopping routine, especially that it's working so well for you. Mine is completely haphazard by comparison!

And congrats on plowing through the purge project. Roomie and I just finished reading Kondo's Magic of Tidying Up and we're motivated to try her technique, one category at a time.

Love that cozy relaxing evening. So glad you got to enjoy it at least once this week.

Wendy said...

Fortunately for me hubby enjoys shopping. He will go off on a Saturday morning, pick up the newspaper and any shopping that we need. He'll probably also stop for a coffee in the local coffee shop. I tend to do one or two online shops during the month for all the bulky non perishable items but then I'll also shop during the week for things we need for dinner. It's a way of building exercise into my routine - it's about a 10 minutes walk to the shops. Have a lovely week Suzanne.

Deb said...

I agree with you - Risen is a very good movie. We are tidying up and purging here at our house too. Posting about it in this Friday's Fave Five link up. See you again soon!