Friday, November 04, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #404

Welcome to a gorgeous Friday Fave Five.  It is supposed to get to 19*C (66*F) today.  That is amazing for November!  Suffice it to say, we will be spending time outdoors today.  But meanwhile, while it is yet early, let's take a moment and look back over the past week and focus in on finding some blessings.

1.  A totally relaxed Sunday.  Though it's supposed to be a day of rest, most times I find Sundays to be busy.  Between getting ready for church, being at church (and extra running around if I am serving in some capacity that week), making lunch, and some kind of chores or grocery shopping it definitely has not been a day of rest for me.  But this last weekend I determined to get everything done by Saturday night.  I made a list and knocked it off one by one giving myself some reading and coffee time in between chores.  And Sunday was wonderful.  I was able to put on a movie for my mom after lunch and enjoy it, read and not have to worry about getting prepped for work Monday.  It was wonderful.  I'm going to try and have a repeat performance for this weekend.

2.  A nice cup of herb tea.  Now that it's a bit cooler and dark in the evenings, I am once again in the mood for tea.  So now instead of reaching for snacks in the evening, I'm instead brewing a nice cup of tea.  From Market Spice to Pina Colada to Chocolate Truffle Mint, I've had some pretty tasty cup fulls.  It's also helping to get hydration into me, something my massage lady is always telling me I need more of.  

3.  Christmas shopping started.  Another thing I'm trying to remove stress from is Christmas shopping.  I am determined that come December I am going to be much more relaxed so that I can actually live in the moment of the festivities of Christmas, focusing on the One whom it's all about.  I've been keeping my eyes out for deals and nabbing them when I see them.  I ordered the dayhome kids books on bookoutlet and got a great deal so they are done.  Hubby's birthday is this month and I got him what he wanted, well he ordered it online and I paid for it, LOL.  My sis's birthday present for the beginning of December has been bought months ago when I saw something I knew she'd like and a couple of the family's Christmas gifts are purchased.  I'm determined that once I have the items I am staying out of stores in order not to get caught up in the vortex of seeing something else and then doing the returns and exchanges craziness that sometimes I get caught up in.  

4.  Crockpot meals.  The crockpot has been seeing the light of day more at the house now that grilling season is starting to wind down.  Though we did grill some wonderful steaks on Sunday because the weather has been good this week, fall always speaks to me of those comforting foods such as soups and stews that simmer along all day making the house smell wonderful.  I love how you just throw it all into the pot and then leave it alone and you get a yummy, flavorful meal.  I've made chili, an all in one pork chop meal, and a couple of soups already and am looking forward to more cozy meals.  

5.  Avon peppermint vanilla bubble bath.  Not to bathe in but to clean with.  Yes, avon bubble baths make a wonderful cleaner for cupboards, floors, countertops and even the bathtub and shower.  It makes everything sparkle, especially granite countertops and this particular smell is nice and fresh.  I also like the apple one in the fall and the peach one in the summer.   And no, I do not sell Avon but I sure like the shiny results for little effort I get with it.

What were your favorite blessings this week?


Gattina said...

Since I am retired I find weekends boring, at least most of them. All shops are closed, and besides going to markets there is nothing special to do, unless there is an event. Nobody goes to church here, and if they go it's on Saturday's evenings to be free on Sundays. I too discovered tea again !

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Those sound like a wonderful week. I like to have December for enjoying the season and not running around "being so busy" as well.

Faith said...

Susanne!! so funny you mention doing floors with Avon bubble bath!!!!! Thatmis how I clean both bathroon floors as well as the tub once a week. the tub of course also gets a good bleach cleaner monthly. I love the cucumber melon for summer or the peach and the vanilla for winter.

Yay to warmer days. we have had nuce weather here too this week. that dusting of snow a week ago didnt last even one day, thank the Lord!!

for me, I usually take my Sabbath ( day of rest) on Saturdays as like you said, Sundays are busy with church, entertaining sometimes, chores with hubby especially this time of year, etc. NO where in the Biblemdoes it say our Sabbath has to be Sunday. it has to be a true day of focus on Him, spend time in the Word, feed our mind/soul and rest our body. 😀

im doing the same regarding xmas! sounds like you have a great start!

I hope you get lots of reading time this weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I agree about Sundays. We try not to do any chores that don't *have* to be done that day and get things done ahead of time so that we have time to just relax and rest Sunday afternoons and evenings. It makes such a difference.

I love crockpot meals, too. Sometimes by dinner time I am doing other things and really chafe at having to stop and fix dinner, so it helps to already have that taken care of. I'd love to see your pork chop recipe.

We've gotten just a bit of shopping done for Christmas. I agree, I have spent too many Christmas seasons in frantic stress trying to get things done. We've simplified a bit and started working on it early the last few years, and it really helps.

I'm surprised at using bubble bath for cleaning - I would have thought they'd be too oily. You learn something new every day!

nikkipolani said...

How fun that you've found an alternative cleaner -- wonder if they market it as a cleaner...

Thanks for reminder about the crockpot. And do share the one-pot pork chop meal!

Goodness, you are miles ahead with gifting. I'm usually further along by now and the panic is starting to settle in :-(

As usual, your warm 66F day had me smiling. We had a few low 70F days and I was thinking we'd finally cooled down for autumn.

ellen b said...

Glad you made a list and stuck to it and were able to enjoy a relaxing Sunday. When you work as hard as you do every week I'm sure this is very important for you well being. Cleaning with bubble bath...who knew?? We have early and late December birthdays here, I think I'm behind already. Crockpots are a great invention for sure. Your meal sounds delish. Hope you have a good weekend Susanne!

Willow said...

I like your idea and plan to make Sundays restful.
I'm also in awe of your already starting the Christmas shopping--I like that idea too--will I be able to follow your lead?
Crockpots are a wonderful invention!!

Monica said...

Is there anything better than a totally relaxing Sunday? We aren't doing a great lot of shopping this Christmas. We are going away on a vacation instead.
Enjoyed your list today!