Friday, September 09, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #396

Well, it's definitely feeling fallish this fine Friday.  The air has that cooler feel to it even though the sun might be quite warm.  Perfect for sitting outside and reflecting on the blessings of the past week.  Please join us.

1.  Lunch with a friend and her mom.  Sunday we had a lovely lunch out with a couple of ladies we hadn't visited with in a long time.  So nice to finally reconnect with them and catch up with what was happening in their lives.  Sometimes life is so busy that some friendships seem to fall by the wayside so I was thankful for the open afternoon and that we took advantage of it with them for a lovely lunch and visit.

2.  Movie night to kick off our Ladies study for the fall.  All though not all of us could attend, we had a great time seeing Ben Hur.   I remember this movie from my childhood with Charlton Heston but haven't watched it in a long time.  I really liked this remake.  This movie is about so much more than a chariot race.  It is such a powerful story of family, loyalty, bitterness, hate, revenge and redemption.  The cinematography was really good and I love that they featured top actors from all over the world.  Though I must confess I glanced away in a few parts of the chariot scene which was incredibly intense and violent.  Thankful for a night out with the ladies and a great show.

3.  Birthday celebrations.  Love family birthdays and this time it was celebrating my brother in law.  Nothing fancy, just cake and coffee but still wonderful making someone feel special on their day.

4.  Quick customer service.  Anyone else hate when they are put on hold for what seems like forever when you call a company for help.  Well, that didn't happen this week when I had to call in.  I was put through within a few minutes even though it was a prime time of day and the rep was very friendly, helpful and efficient.  So appreciated that.

5.  Great deals.  I love a great deal, who doesn't?  And I caught a few at the Bay.  They had a huge seasonal clearance and I picked up 2 shirts that were 50% off on the clearance and then that day they were an additional 30% off of that!  Now that is worth going shopping for.

What were you thankful for this week?



Willow said...

Oh yeah, I love me some bargains. I'm glad you scored on those shirts.
Watching Ben Hur is a great way to start your group this fall.
Speaking of fall, it's great to have those cooler but pleasant days, isn't it?

Gattina said...

I have never seen Ben Hur in my life ! Some pieces of the film yes. I am happy that these long school holidays are over (2 months) and I am back to normal life ! In this little country, everything slows down during these months ! No classes, nothing !

Wendy said...

A bargain's always nice and with an extra bonus too! Good customer service can be hard to find sometimes. Our bank is one of the exceptions. You hardly ever have to hold, you get a real person, based here in the UK and they are always helpful and seem happy in the job.

Barbara H. said...

I'm so longing for that fallish feel here - hasn't happened yet but I know it's coming some time!

Glad you had lunch with your friend and her mom. It does seem hard to make time for friendships with so much else going on - glad it worked out this week.

I've been curious about Ben Hur - loved the book and the old movie.

Great customer service experience! And great deals!

Kathie said...

Nice to have that lunch date with your friend. I had some friend time this week too - and I'm heading out this morning for coffee with another childhood friend. We've known each other since we were 5 :)

I wish we had a Bay here. I've gotten some great deals online from them but we have to pay shipping.

We met a lady who had just flown in from Calgary when we were at the beach - she said she scraped frost off her window that morning. It was quite a change for her here. The temp was around 27!

Hope you have a great weekend Susanne!


PS - Oh yes - I fixed the comment problem - for some reason your coments were in my spam. Thanks for emailing me!m

Faith said...

Oh how I love good movies and good deals on shopping!! Dave and I might wait until that flick is on Netflix as we are now on a budget. You will see why when you read my post. sigh.

YAY for lunch with friends. There is nothing like staying connected or getting re-connected.

I hope you enjoy your weekend weather..we are still VERY humid here although the temps are starting to drop but the humidity is still so high I need my central air on today. It will probably change to more autumn like temps here soon.

Happy Weekend Susanne!

ellen b said...

Sounds like a nice variety of blessings during this past week. Lunch, movie, bargains, and good customer service and more. We're having a birthday celebration tonight. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

nikkipolani said...

Must be deal time, as I got one, too :-) Happy birthday to your brother in law! Good family gatherings are to be treasured.

Love the transition weather that you're having. We have a tiny bit of it, too, though it's still in the 80s during the day.

May your new season study be rich and deep and rewarding.

Ann said...

Love those bargains!! I got several like that at Kohl's not long ago.

Mary said...

So, Ben Hur is worth seeing? I've heard mixed reviews, so I wasn't sure.
We had a family birthday, dad's 91st.
have a good weekend!