Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #394

I just can't believe it's Friday already.  I haven't posted a thing since last week's FFF.  Can a week have already flown by?  All the better to do the Friday's Fave Five so that I don't miss those blessings in my life as they whoosh by!  Please join in.

1.  Fitness accomplishment.  The ladies only gym I go to, curves,  had a little Olynpics of their own with the chance to "compete" in any one or all of three "events".  Low and behold I won the bronze medal in one of the events which was "Plank".  Simply,  you just held a plank in proper form for as long as you could.  

(This is a plank like I did.  You can make it more challenging by going up on your hands)

You had a chance to try once a day for 5 days.  I was able to give it a go twice.    I have never in my life won anything fitness related.  I was lucky if I ever got a Participant ribbon, which half the time was unlikely as I tried to get out of anything remotely like that.  This was a huge encouragement for me in my fitness journey over the last 5 years.  To realize where I had come from (basically an out of shape couch potato) to where I am now is great to me.  And don't get me wrong, I am no "athlete" but to now enjoy physical activity and actually crave it is amazing to me and worth the effort it has taken.  

2.  New Fave Ice Cream Flavor.  I discovered Nanaimo Bar flavor of ice cream and it has rocked our world.  If you've ever had a nanaimo bar you know how good they are.  As an aside, did you know they are a Canadian thing?  Yup, them and poutine.  We know good food!  Anyway, if you can get ahold of Western Family Classics ice cream in this flavor, do not pass it by!

3.  Washer and dryer.  So thankful for these hard working appliances.  When I think of how it used to be before my time:  hauling water from a stream, building a fire, heating it in a big cauldron and finally boiling your laundry and hanging it over bushes and stuff to dry... all I can say is "Thank you Lord"  that I was born in this age and time of wonderful washing machines and dryers and I mean that with all my heart!

4.  Evenings at home.  It's been a fairly quiet evening week around here and for that I'm thankful.  No running to have to be anywhere, just eat our evening meal together, clean up the kitchen and then just relax for the evening reading or watching tv.  I love being out and about but sometimes am just really glad for home time too.

5.  Sunday afternoon walks.  My mom really enjoys going to the lake for a little stroll but rarely gets there.  She's in her '80's and feeling the aches and pains of old age so to go by herself is difficult.  It's nice to take her on a Sunday afternoon and just see her enjoying nature and being outside.  It's also a time where she tends to go down memory lane a bit so that is always fun to listen to.  Hopefully our weather will hold out for many more Sundays so that we can get our fill before winter.

What were your favorite blessings this week?  What uplifted you or made you smile or made your life better?


Faith said...

Congratulations on your fitness award!!! WHOO HOO that is GREAT susanne! Thos e planks are so hard to hold!! My youngest daughter laughs at me cause I can really only hold one correctly for about 60 seconds. she can do so for about 3 minutes. I told her it's because her core is so much stronger due to all those ballet lessons. I"m thrilled to hear you love working out. For me, I cannot STAND the gym...the outdoors is my gym...and somehow I am going to have to make that work come winter. UGH.

Yay for evenings at week has been like that ever since we got back from vacation...i love it.

Ditto about the appliances!

I hope you have a lovely Sunday again with your Mom.

Have a restful weekend!!

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations on your fitness accomplishment! I'm like you - I've never won anything like that and have usually tried to avoid fitness competitions when I could. I still can't say I crave it but I do feel better after working out and keep coming across medical and other reasons why it's good for me, so I am plodding on. :-)

I have never heard of Nanaimo Bars! Fun that they made an ice cream with it.

I agree about our modern appliances.

Evenings at home are a mainstay for me any more, with an occasional evening out.

It's so nice your mom can get out and walk and loves to do so, and that you're able to take her and be with her.

Monica said...

I love Ice Cream of any kind but with all that planking I don't think I could MAKE myself eat ice cream. It's too much work to get it off! :)
Would love an evening at home. With our workout plan we are at the gym almost every single night! :(
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Willow said...

I'm so glad for your mom to have gotten out to walk! I hope your weather continues to be mild so she can walk more.

MMmmm, I mentioned ice cream, too, in my FFFs. (well, soy ice cream).

Kudos to you on the bronze medal for planks. I'm in awe!!

Jerralea said...

Congrats on being a Bronze Plankster! I've never tried one ...

I've also never tried, or heard of, a Nanaimo Bar but it sounds good.

I love love love evenings at home - my favorite place to be.

Kathie said...

Congratulations on your plank award!! That's wonderful! I do Pilates and we do planks too. But I don't think I'd win any awards yet!

It's so lovely that you have that time with your mom - you'll treasure it always!

I'm looking forward to the quiet evenings - August has been a social whirl. Sept will definitely be calmer.

Have a great weekend Susanne!

Schotzy said...

YOU are so right about the conveniences we are able to enjoy that relieves us of so much hard work and gives us time to enjoy more things... We are truly blessed. As one who lost my mom 2 years ago.. I encourage you to really treasure these walks... Our last several eyars were so difficult and pain ridden... I am so thankful that I retired from teaching in 2003 and had about 7 really good years to spend with them doing fun things!

Gattina said...

I agree with you very much on n°3 When I think that I can do the laundry, washing the dishes mow the lawn, dry the laundry all at the same time while watching TV, I really love modern life !

ellen b said...

I'm always impressed when fitness goals are reached. Well done. That ice cream sounds delicious. Hope you are having a good weekend.