Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #376

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Friday has snuck right up on me this week.  I don't know where the time went. But that's what I like about FFF.  It forces me to pause and look for blessings that might otherwise get right by me.  lease join in with us!

1.  Open windows letting breezes blow through!  All week we've been able to open wide the windows to the wonderful spring breezes.  I love the fresh air permeating the house.  Last night a thunderstorm rolled by about 10 miles out from the city but the smell of the rain and storm came blowing through and how lovely that smelled.

2.  Movie night with friends.  Saturday we asked friends over for a movie night but I decided I wanted to throw a little simple dinner in there too.   Into the oven for 4 hours went a pulled pork marinated pork shoulder.  It was fall apart tender and so easy to pull with a couple of forks.  I added spicy pepper bbq sauce with some hot sauce added.   Coleslaw, cucumbers with cream cheese, slow cooker ranch mushrooms, and just for my veggie disliking friend:  prosciutto wrapped asparagus.  He loves bacon so it was a fun tease to get him to eat veggies.  And he did.  In all fairness, I did know he liked asparagus but it was fun to tease.  And to my and his wife's shock he ate several of the cucumbers too!  Perfect meal!  Then for dessert during the movie it was my hubby's delicious stove top popcorn made two ways:  theatre style and my personal favourite, olive oil popcorn.  So much deliciousness and fun.  And the movie The Walk was good too!

3.  First Aid.  A couple years ago I had to take a first aid course.  I hadn't done one since college and in all honesty I was a bit put out as it was such an exhausting 3 days.  But you know when the need arises for that first aid it's nice to fall back on what you learn.  And this week I needed it in a big, big way.  So thankful I had taken the course.

4.  First bike ride of the year.  Sunday was such a gorgeous day so right after church before we even had lunch, Hubby and I took off on the bikes for a ride around town on one of our favourite riding circuits.  I love bike riding and it was so nice to get to it again.  Looking forward to many weekends spent around town and even out and about Alberta riding our bikes.  

5.  Children's laughter.  We've had some really good belly laughs this week, me and the dayhome kids.  Some of the things they've said have just cracked me right up and then it gets us all on a roll of laughter that just brightens up the day!  

What were your favourite blessings from the week?


Wendy said...

Our weather has been better this week too but not to the open window stage. Movie night sounded fun and I love pulled pork. Have a good weekend :)

Gattina said...

My goodness you call this " a little simple dinner " ? I wonder what you serve when it is not little, lol ! Simple for me are pizzas or Spaghettis ! I love the smell of spring too, unfortunately it's not yet there, but on the way !

Faith said...

Our weather here in eastern NY has beeen just glorious! perfect spring days!! I love sleeping with the windows open!! And little children and laughter...YES...we have had some amazing times with many laughs in the kindergarten this week..I think it's because they know today is the last day before SPRING BREAK!! WHOO HOO!! This teacher is sure excited to face a week off!!

Love movie nights with friends and biking!! YAY for you guys!! Keep it up!

Happy Weekend!!

ellen b said...

Open windows have been enjoyed here this week, too. We are back to clouds today but that's ok. Glad you sharpened your skills just when you needed to put them to use. Belly laughs are fabulous! Have a wonderful weekend.

Barbara H. said...

We have so much pollen in the air here that we couldn't leave windows open, but one house we had when I was a teenager was set up so that you could open windows in the kitchen and the other side of the house and get a lovely breeze throughout. Loved it.

The movie night, dinner, and snacks sound fun!

I've not had a first aid course except for basic baby CPR when Timothy was in the NICU, and thankfully never had to use it. I'm sorry an occasion rose needing first aid but so glad you had the training.

nikkipolani said...

Movie night meal sounds like a lot of fun -- both the food and your teasing. I'm definitely clicking on that slow cooker ranch mushrooms!

So very glad your first aid knowledge became useful. Three days must've covered some good material to prepare you for emergencies.

Your days are sounding beautiful with breezes and sunshine. Here's to more bike riding this weekend!

Willow said...

We've been SO hot this week. Today is cooler and I'm thankful for that.

First aid? Scary to actually need to use it.

OK. You've gotten me excited to get out and get on my bike again!

Karen said...

Your weather sounds lovely. We've had our windows open, too. So nice to welcome spring.

Three days is a big commitment, but what an accomplishment.

Looking forward to seeing photos of your bike rides!

Snowbird said...

Oh, I too am a huge fan of fresh air, I'd happily live with all the windows open. Movie night sounds like fun, with a good meal thrown in. I'm so pleased to hear that first aid course came into it's own, that must have been a relief. You have me wishing for our first bike ride of the year, hopefully this weekend!xxx