Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #375

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five!  It's the end of the week and time to take note of the good blessings in our lives.  Whether it's been a great week or a challenging week it's a good discipline to look for what is good and uplifting.  Please join in with us.

1. Great movie.  Friday night hubby and went to go see Miracles from Heaven.  Such a good movie.  Both of us really liked it.  In fact, I liked it so much I went with my ladies bible study and saw it again on half price night on Tuesday.  All the ladies loved it too.  I am so thankful that Sony is putting out some great family faith based movies that are well done.  And it's based on true events which is a genre I really like.  One warning though.  Take lots of kleenex if you go see it!

2.  Books, books, books at a great price!!  My order arrived from (.ca in Canada).  They had a 50% off sale on their scratch and dent books.  These new, unread books are already an awesome price to begin with, even better if they are scratch and dent books and then with the 50% off I came away with with books as low as $1.83 and no higher than $4.  All for new books!  Now I was holding my breath a bit 'cause with scratch and dent you just never know but most only had a small ink mark on the page edges or a small crinkle or bend in the cover.  The worst one was where someone had tried to remove a sticker and took some of the cover pic with it about the size of a quarter.  It's so fun to get books in the mail!  

3.  Beautiful weather.  Our nights can still get down to freezing but some of days have been absolutely in we have to use sunscreen gorgeous.  I've been able to take the kids out and let them run off some pent up energy.  We've even had our first picnic lunch outside this week.  But it is Southern Alberta and today was cold with some rain and closer to the mountains there was snowfall warning.  But hey, it's spring!!
UPDATED:  I wrote this post on Thursday and today, Friday, I woke up to a snow warning for my area.  LOL.  Welcome spring in Southern Alberta!  

4.  New computer finally coming together.  My other computer which is really only 2 years old broke it's hinge!  So my generous hubby bought me a new one, transferred all my stuff and helped me to get the other one ready to be shipped to see if warranty will cover it.  If it does it will be used by someone else in the family.   But the blessing is I don't have to go without until they decide and possibly fix it or let us know they won't.  

5.  Finding my fave dessert.  One of my favourite desserts is a vanilla slice.  When I was a kid they made the best ones at the Kentucky Fried Chicken bakery.  I know, odd place to get them, but they had an amazing bakery at one of the locations here.  After the bakery part shut down, I could never find one quite as good as the ones from my childhood.  Until the other day that is.  I ran into a little bakery in my neighborhood to buy buns for supper and lo and behold there sat some vanilla slices.  Well you know I had to try one!  Score!  They were sooo good.  Now the only problem is they are way to close to me and it will take some major discipline not to be there constantly partaking of one!
What were your favourites from the week?


Gattina said...

How nice that the kids can play outside ! Everybody is so fed up with the cold weather ! and you got a new computer ! congratulations ! I am just back from 10 days holidays in the South of France and it's difficult to get used to the cold weather again !

Faith said...

yay for being outdoors! i wrote about the same thing. dave and I will probably wait to see that movie when it comes out on netflix. we rarely spend $ on movie tickets because here in NY they are almost $13 a piece!!! Netflix is unlimited movies and tv series for only $7.99 a month!

sounds like an amazing deal with the books you bought! because we are purging all unnecessary items from our house( i am slowly going minimalist) i no longer buy books unless Bible studies for the small group I lead. So I only go to the library now😀

what is a vanilla slice? We have never heard of that! my bakery item I splurge on sometimes are the chocolate croissants from Starbucks. OMGOSH they are full of sugar but oh so good. I limit myself to just a once in a while treat there😀

It sounds like you had a lovely week!

ellen b said...

I love this time of year with the change in weather and being outside more. Glad you had some outdoor time. I love a sale and those books really were a bargain. Oh dear a bakery close by...nuff said!
Someone else I know recommended that movie, too.
Hope you have a very nice weekend!

nikkipolani said...

Okay, you had me looking up "vanilla slice".... wow, are you in for some major discipline!

Sounds like some good stuff this week, Susanne, and that you're already on board with your new computer. Enjoy your all-over-the-place weather ;-)

Karen said...

I love it when computer problems are easily solved.

We have been soaking up the sun as well. Our weekend forecast is for lots of snow, so we'll be hunkering down again. But, as you say, that's Spring!

I don't think I've ever had vanilla slice. I'm intrigued!

Susanne said...

Faith: Our ticket price is $10, $13 for 3D, but hubby and I feel it's important when they actually make good faith based movies to support them in theatre. For production companies, it's the dollars that speak. And we can't whine that they don't make good, family or faith based movies and then not go when they do put one out. They will not make them if they are not supported nor will our theatre bring them in if it's not supported. It's just a decision we've made. And half price night means it's only $5

Barbara H. said...

I've seen that movie advertised and it looks good.

I had to look up vanilla slice as well - I'd never heard of it. It looks yummy! Funny that the KFCs don't have bakeries here. Last I checked they only sold these little pudding things for desserts and occasionally had a chocolate chip cake which was scrumptious, but you had to buy the whole cake rather than a slice or serving.

Wow, what amazing deals for books! Glad you got a new working computer without having to wait on finding out about the warranty.

It's been lovely weather here, too.

Susanne said...

Barbara: the KFC bakery was way back in the day when I was a kid, back when they still called it Kentucky Fried Chicken and I think it was probably the local owners that combined the two operations, maybe?

Wendy said...

Sounds like a good week, apart from the weather changes. We've had more sunshine and it's been a bit warmer this week but today we have definitely had April downpours rather than showers! Enjoy your weekend.

Willow said...

I'm so glad you are having warmer and sunnier weather (except for the snow forecast, of course!). My door is open right now to let the fresh air in and I can see the sun shining on the mountain behind my house. Love, love, love spring!
You and your vanilla slice--me and my chocolate :) We're going to have to get outdoors and work it off!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Miracles from Heaven sounds like a good movie.
Oh books - I'm the worst person to know about these special sales.
It's my weakness - that and garden plants!!
Vanilla Slice - it's a favourite downunder too - delicious.
A lovely Five Susanne.
Happy weekend

Deb said...

Inexpensive books and a great movie! Sounds like a very good week for you. I have heard many good things about that movie so will be trying to see it as well! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

I've never heard of vanilla slice before. I have been looking for a good movie to see. Thanks for the recommendation.