Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #370

Good morning everyone!  It's Friday and a wonderful day to look back over the week to notice the blessings in our lives.  I had a super busy day at work yesterday and appointments until late in the evening and then I collapsed into bed too tired to do a post.  I'll be back a little later today to do mine but you guys all go ahead and link on up!

Updated with my own 5!

Whew, finally getting a moment to slow down and pause and remember the blessings in a very busy week.  It's good to take an intentional moment and look for those things that were uplifting and edifying and good in my week especially when it's been so busy because otherwise the days just fly by without me noticing at all.

1.  Found my dress for the wedding!  Whoa that was a bit stressful but mission accomplished (after trying on about 40 dress, yeah, at least 40)!  And I love it.  Wasn't the price I wanted but I'm just glad I found something I love and that looks nice.  Moving on to shoes!

2.  Excited texts.  So much fun reading the excited texts of my daughter as different things are quickly being finalized for the wedding and everything is coming together.  

3.  Warm sunshine on bare skin.  It has been so nice the last few days albiet very windy, but the wind is what is bringing the warmth to Southern Alberta.  I have actually rolled up my sleeves and pant legs hoping to get a bit of a tan in time for the wedding so that I'm not glaring white.  Feels so good!

4.  Fresh cut and hilights!  Very thankful for my hair stylist who fit me in for a color when my original appointment, booked weeks ago, was only for a cut.  She is such a busy gal so I know she was going the extra mile for me.  

5.  Leg hugs from toddlers.  They just make me happy!  

Please join in as we share and are thankful for our favourite 5 blessings of the last week!


Mia said...

What fun to catch the wedding excitement from your daughter's texts! :) And that dress is lovely. Enjoy all the festivities and feeling gorgeous with your new cut and color!

Jerralea said...

Yes! Leg hugs are the best!

Love your new dress - it's very flattering!

I think it is awesome you can share your daughter's excitement with texts. Technology really helps us keep in "the know."

ellen b said...

Susanne! The dress is fabulous! love the style and cut. Remember...comfortable shoes, or at least take something comfie for after the ceremony...

Faith said...

very pretty dress!!! and can always wear tan or light beige pantyhose for your legs!!! cant wait to see what shoes you end up woth! its only a couple weeks away!!!

enjoy the weekend!

Barbara H. said...

That dress looks great! I know what you mean about prices - mine ended up being more than I wanted to spend, but it took so long to find and decide on it, it was nice to have that decision made and taken care of.

It's been so nice here this week as well - even turned on the AC for a couple of days.

How fun to have those existed texts coming in. Glad your stylist could fit in what you needed!

Ann said...

Congratulations on finding your dress!!!

Gattina said...

You found the perfect dress ! I remember that I looked for quite a while until I found something suitable !

A spirit of simplicity said...

the dress is beautiful.

nikkipolani said...

Hurray for wedding plans coming together! You look terrific in that dress, Susanne. I'm sure you're glad to have that choice behind you. Forty dresses!

Willow said...

You found The Dress! That's the hardest part. Yay!
Those excited texts must be so much fun to read.

Wendy said...

Your dress looks lovely and I know what you mean abour price - the outfit I finally got for my daughter's wedding last year was way over budget but it did feel right to me and yes I'd tried on loads before I found "the one" (but not as many as the bride lol)