Friday, March 04, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #369

Good Friday Morning everyone!  It's FFF time...time to reflect and remember the good blessings of the week.  Please join us!  New here?  Guidelines are linked in the sidebar.

1.  Wedding stuff coming together.  Whew, the end of the month is coming up fast but we've got a lot of the major details locked down and everything is underway.  Though it won't be quite as casual as a first desired by the bride and groom, simply because of the time of year, it will be lovely.  The time of year just is just not conducive to exactly what they wanted but they are willing to compromise rather than wait so that is good.  Venue is booked, caterer hired, flowers ordered.  Now I just have to make up my mind about a darn dress to wear.  I'm soooo indecisive.

2.  Snippets of reading time in the crazy.  Though it's been busy and I've have way less reading time I still have managed to get in a few pages here and there and it's kinda like my saving grace in the busyness.  So nice to just take a moment to breath and relax with a cup of coffee and a book.

3.  Birds chirping.  It has been such nice weather around here that the spring birds are out in full song.  It's so lovely listening to them as we play outside or have the windows thrown open to let in fresh air.

4.  Having a good friend to share wedding details with.  Though my daughter is a province away and we are trying to coordinate details long distance and don't have that sit down together time, it's been fun to have coffee and talk wedding with my very dear friend who's daughter is also getting married but this summer.  Lots of fun comparing and sharing, go dress shopping together and just chat all things wedding.

5.  Cat and Dog getting along.  The new cat is fitting right in which is a huge stress factor gone.  They play together and so far there really have been no arguements between the two.  It's been fun watching them.

What have been your favourite blessings this week?


Barbara H. said...

It's neat to hear everything is coming together for the wedding. When my son was married, finding "just the right dress" was a big factor for me as well.

I agree about reading. Just a few minutes a day provides a little break.

It's great the cat and dog are getting along and you have a local friend to discuss wedding details with. I don't know if any bride and groom have everything just exactly how they first wanted it - there are usually some compromises along the way. I guess that's a good start to marriage - learning to compromise.

Faith said...

how fun to go wedding dress shopping! what are her colors? Give us some details girl!!😀

theres nothing like a break with coffee and a book!

enjoy the warmer weather!

ellen b said...

Ahhh...the mother of the bride dress. I'm sure you'll come up with something nice. Wear comfortable shoes!!
Glad you have those major things checked off the list!

Wendy said...

I was mother of the bride last year and found the perfect outfit while we were away on holiday! This year I'll be mother of the groom so not so much pressure. It's lovely to have a wedding to look forward to but good to fit in some reading time too.

Paula said...

I'm sure that everything will come together to make the wedding everything the bride and groom hope it will be. I hope your dress hunt goes well. :)

Jerralea said...

Glad everything is going along so well for your big event. I'm sure it will be lovely - and I'm sure you will find just the right thing to wear.

Willow said...

You'll find THE dress. Just don't stress--it'll be there :)
Booking the venue and the caterer are the two biggies. You're golden now.
And hurray for the cat and dog living in peaceful co-existence.

Karen said...

It's so nice when there is peace in the household, even among the pets.

I'm so excited for you for the wedding plans! How wonderful that you have a friend to share it all with. THE dress thing. Ugh. That's always the thorn for me when it comes to special occasions. I have to remind myself it always works out in the end and you WILL find the right dress!

nikkipolani said...

I smiled broadly while reading your #1 -- well done to all of you! Flexibility is paying off ;-)

Ann said...

I just linked to the wrong week - wondered why so many people were so efficient by 8:30 in the morning!! Will re-link when the new one comes up.

Glad wedding plans are coming together. Ours are also.