Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #362

Hello everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five!  I am so glad that I have this pause to take note of some good blessings in my life.  The days seems to be whizzing by and I find I am running to keep up so it's a good thing for me to deliberately be looking for the good in my life or those little things might just pass me by.  Please join me and the other faithful FFF group!  The link to the guidelines is in the sidebar.

1.  Tea with my Mom.  My mom still lives in her home at the age of 83 years old.  Amazing.  There is a senior centre close by that she goes to in the daytimes when she feels like company but they are closed on the weekends.  I know Sundays are really a difficult time for her in the feeling lonely department so we try to have her over to our house for Sunday lunch as much as possible.  This last Sunday I just had some other things to get caught up on so that didn't happen but Hubby, T and I popped over for a cup of tea in the evening.  The blessing was seeing how giddy with excitement she was.  I didn't realize how much it makes her happy to have us come over for a tea or coffee.  We'll have to try to do that more often too.

2.  A total relax day.  Saturday was cold and I was feeling right lazy after a hectic week.  Hubby was awesome and just encouraged me to have a total relax day.  I never have those.  The only time I went out was to the gym for a great workout.  Then I just came home and got cozy under a furry blanket, kept my coffee cup filled and read.  Hubby made homemade popcorn just the way I like it with half butter and half extra virgin olive oil and lots of salt.  I know, totally unhealthy, but totally indulgent.  We watched a movie together and made a point of no chores.  It was heaven!

3.  Dinner out with friends at an Indian restaurant.  I have never experienced East Indian cuisine in an actual East Indian restaurant.  It was awesome.  A new favourite added to my list.  The coconut rice was to die for as was the naan bread.  Oh my goodness, I could have just eaten that naan bread dipped into the sauce of my main dish until I exploded.  So good!  I had the Lamb Rogan Josh and Hubby had the Kali Mirch with beef which was peppery and also delicious.  Yummy!  Love the adventure of trying new Cuisines!

4.  Reading experience with Anne.  This month I've been reading Anne of Avonlea.  I have loved the tv movies of Anne of Green Gables starring Megan Follows since it first came out in the '80's.   In fact when my girls were younger we used to have a once a year Anne of Green Gables marathon where we stayed up all night and watched then all back to back.  Such a great memory to share with them.  But I had never READ Anne of Green Gables until I read the first book a couple of years ago.  I know.  Seriously!  So last year when the Anne series of books (8 of them) was sold at costco I grabbed a set and determined I was going. to read then all.  So far I've really been enjoying following Anne along in the book.  And had I have realized it was written in 1909 I so would have read one last year and thereby fullfilled one more category off that crazy challenging Reading Challenge of 2015 by checking off a book written more than a hundred years ago. 

5.  Reading time with dayhome kids.  In thinking of the "little" blessings in my everydays I realized that the time in the day when I read to the preschoolers is one of the favourite parts of my day.  I love passing on the love of reading to little ones!

What have your favourites blessings and good things been this week?


Barbara H. said...

One of last week's faves was a total day off, too - so needed every now and then. What fun memories of watching Anne with your kids! I loved reading to my kids - my grandson is just starting to get into it a bit. I'm not a big fan of Indian food but naan is one of my favorites.

LivingforGod said...

Your mom is blessed to have such a wonderful, caring daughter like you! I like trying new cuisines. I enjoy some Indian dishes. My husband, daughter, and I used to watch Anne of Green Gables together. I have never read the books. I enjoy reading but I've been limiting my reading time since my left eye had a retinal tear and vitreous hemorrhage.

Hope you have a relaxing weekend!

Willow said...

You are truly blessed to have your mom still and to live near her. It's a blessing for her, too.
I was first introduced to Anne through the books, which I love, and I am thinking I may not have seen all the movies.

Faith said...

that is awesome that your mom lives so close! yay for totslly relaxing days...that was my Sunday last weekend...i loved every minute.

my oldest daughter read some of the Anne books and didnt care for them which totally shocked. me as i read every single one in my early years andenjoyed most of them. my youngest only read the first one and said it was " boring". lol. I guess they prefer British literature since they both collect it. Ive only seen one Anne movie.

yay for reading to little ones. it is one of my faves in the classroom although this year Im not doing as much as our special needs kids dont have the attending skills to sit through an entire book. 😢

happy weekend!!

Ann said...

I had my own total day off today. We need those days!!

Not so sure if I would have enjoyed that East Indian food - I'm not too adventurous in the food department - but it does sound good!

ellen b said...

How nice that your mom is still in her own place and that you can spend time with her. Reading out loud to kids is the best!!

Tori Leslie said...

How nice, tea with Mom, that's so special. The older I get the more I enjoy those off days. Have a great weekend!

Tori Leslie said...

How nice, tea with Mom, that's so special. The older I get the more I enjoy those off days. Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Tea with your mom is my favorite of your FFF. My mom would have been 83 this month and she's been on my mind a lot. Having a cup of tea was something we did regularly and I miss it.

Your 'just relax' day sounds wonderful.

My grandkids are still very little, but I've already started looking at books with them and 'reading.' I love that time with them.

Happy weekend, Susanne!

Deb said...

You are truly a blessing in the lives of the children you work with each day! Reading to little ones is so important. So glad you live close and can spend time with your mom. I am also enjoying Anne of Avonlea and love, love, love those old Anne of Green Gables movies. Enjoy the week ahead. I am joining with you one day late. Have a good one.