Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday's Fave Five #361 (updated)

Hello and welcome to a very late FFF.  So sorry everyone.  My week has been a bit out of control and I totally am mixed up as to what day it is.  Good thing for Gatina asking where the FFF is or I would have muddled along in total oblivion that it is actually Friday. Add the fact that a very upset little one started dayhome today and I have not been able to get anywhere near the computer until now.   Please go ahead and link up and I'll post mine as soon as possible!

Whew, it's after 3:30 in the afternoon here and this is the first moment I have had in the last couple of days to sit and record my FFF's.  Got my coffee and I'm so ready for this!

1.  My very first to record this week is that I'm so darn happy it's Friday!  LOL.  I felt a little bit like I was in a whirring blender this week but I survived!  Yipee!  And now I'm ready for a lovely weekend.  It's frosty and cold here so bring on the jammies, the coffee and tea, the books and the warming crockpot meals!

2.  75% off sales.  I love when the decor stores around here have their 75% off  a few weeks after Christmas on all their holiday decor stuff.  I just have to be patient and bide my time because first is the 35% off, then the 50% and finally the 75% off.  I always go and search out the treasures so that I can do some shopping for next year.  I get the item that I donate to the church's mission and poverty relief Ladie's silent auction.  I mean how can I turn my nose up at a beautiful door swag/wreath that's valued at $82 for $20?   And I try to get those kinds of gifts that I know I'll need like my ladies bible study secret gift.  It saves me a ton of money come next holiday season.  And now my daughter works at my favourite decor store so she keeps an eye out for the stuff I like and lets me know as soon as she sees them discounted!  Score!

3.  An hour all to my self, in, wait for it, the bookstore.  And the only thing that makes that better is an hour all to myself in the bookstore with not just 1 but 2 gift cards.  Oh my.  It was heaven!

4.  A good sleep.  After a few nights of not so great sleep it was wonderful to have a couple of totally restful nights.  The comfy bed, the big, fluffy quilt and lots of deep sleep made all the difference in the world.

5.  "Fearless" study by Max Lucado.  Our ladies group has only done the 1st chapter but, boy oh boy, I think this is going to be a good one.  So many good things were discussed, fears recognized and learning to involve God in facing them.  Such good stuff.  

"For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and love and a sound mind"
2 Timothy 1:7

Thanks for joining in with me in Friday's Fave Five and for being patient with the late posts 2 weeks in a row.  I'm hoping to be back to normal routine next week! 


Barbara H. said...

Aw - so sorry about the upset little one! Hope he/she will settle in soon.

Just Joy said...

Sorry your week has come unglued. Been there! However, God is faithful and doesn't give us more than we can handle. Some days, I wish He didn't trust me to handle so much just the same! I'll be praying that things settle for you quickly - blessings!

Faith said...

so happy you are gping to have a cozy weekend susanne! sounds like you need it. I might be doing Fearless for next Sept for my small group.( we are on a school year calendar😀). the one we are doing this year is amazing!!!

time in a bookstore ( or library) is always a fave with me!!

happy weekend!

Willow said...

Well, I was super late linking in, but my excuses are not as good as yours. I was just gone from home. I hope your new little one settles down soon.
Sleep. It's a GOOD thing.

Just Joy said...
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Just Joy said...

Susanne, your apology yesterday for not being on your game had a profound impact on me and I wanted you to know. You can read about it at Thank you for being real.

Barbara H. said...

Neat sales - and neat to have an inside source for when they come around. :-) Wow, an hour to oneself in the bookstore with gift cards would be heavenly. Decent sleep can make such a difference.

ellen b said...

Glad you got some time to finally re-group. It's hard to think clearly with a little one who is upset. I hope you are enjoying a peaceful weekend now...

Snowbird said...

Gosh, it sounds like you have been busy. Hoping the little one settles soon and you continue to enjoy restful sleep.
Well done on hanging out for the bargains, they always make me feel good