Monday, December 21, 2015

Time is Ticking

The countdown is on.  A measly four more sleeps until Christmas Day (and let's just throw in my daughter's birthday too just for fun).  And how am I doing on the never ending list of to-do's you may ask?  Well let's just bullet point this out and see.

  • Gifts...the gifts are mostly bought, just my mom's is left and I think I'll send her a lovely Christmas bouquet.  She loves flowers.  And one more little one for hubby I'll pick up tonight.  Call it done.
  • Wrapping...Still working on that.  I bought what looked like the most lovely paper from the dollar store only to get it home and find that it's a really odd flimsy foil thing that definitely is making the wrapping a somewhat interesting challenge.  Add in being constantly interrupted by one child or another and, yeah.  It's a ongoing work.
  • the Costco run done yesterday.  Superstore tonight and then I'm not darkening another store's doorstep for at least a week!  I am so done with crowds.  I'll send someone else to go get the fresh buns and T's bday cake on Christmas eve day.
  • Baking...Hahahahahaha.  Ahem.  Yeah, haven't even started that.  I think I'm mostly unmotivated because I've pretty much cut sugar and sweets out, hubby totally has, and I just don't want all the temptation.  I do, however have to get on making the caramel thingies I give as gifts.  Keeping my fingers crossed I can overcome eating the edges as I go.
  • Christmas cards...yeah...not happening this year  :(
  • Turkey...we are trying a fresh turkey for the first time ever.  Yikes at the price!  But we want to see if the extra dollars is worth the ease of cooking (no thawing for days) and most importantly the taste.  I'm still trying to decide whether to try brining.  Anyone got any thoughts or good recipes on that?
So that's about where I'm at with Christmas.  How about you guys?  Do tell!


Deb said...

Yes, things can get very hectic around Christmas. I did a lot of shopping on Amazon this year - way more than in the past. I still have two last minute things I ordered over the weekend coming. Other than that, I'm pretty much set. I am with you on the baking. I tried to make these cute "pinterest" candy cane cookies last week and well, let's just say, I am not much of a "pinterest" kind of baker. My candy cane cookies were quite deformed. ;-) Oh well, that's not what Christmas is about anyway, is it? You enjoy a good one and take some time to relax and enjoy your family and the season! Have a very Merry Christmas!

ellen b. said...

Sheesh...just realized I haven't bought my pop anything. I wrapped gifts early for the first time this year and what a load off that is. I won't do my Christmas dinner shopping until early on Christmas Eve. I'm in the frame of mind now that it is what it is and it will all be fine! :)
Like you I have to think about daughter's birthday and have her gifts prepared, too. Having a birthday on Christmas has all it's own challenges...

Faith said...

gifts for the 4 of us are wrapped and under the tree. gifts for extended family are wrapped and next to the tree waiting our travels. Only did 20 photo cards this year to far away family and friends who are not really on Facebook :) Cookies??? same reasons as you for not doing any....well...I DID make my homemade chocolate orange fudge as the birthday girl (Claire the youngest turns 17 today the 21st)as that was her request and on Saturday I made my famous chocolate cherry kisses. I've been snitching a few here and there. On Wed evening after work (our last day of school is Wed), I plan on making the dough for the Xmas Crinkles but they won't get baked until Xmas afternoon after the lasagna dinner is eaten. It's just the 4 of us this year.I plan on spending the day sleeping in, having a leisurely breakfast, doing our stockings, coffee then gifts. then doing some baking and reading. Supposed to be 70 degrees here in NYS (eastern part where we live is having a wicked mild school year so far...we LOVE it).

Tonight I am catching up on blog reading, reading my library book, my Bible and going to bed ON TIME! Enjoy the week!!

Willow said...

Christmas letters are printed--tomorrow is the day to print labels and maybe get them in the mail.
Baking--not yet.
I think all the presents are bought...

Barbara H. said...

I held off on any Christmas baking until my oldest son arrived, and when he is here my middle son and d-i-l are here more. My youngest seems to be able to eat sweets all day and not gain weight, but still, I didn't dare make anything earlier because I have a hard time keeping my hands off of it.

Gifts are done except a few sticking stuffers. I'm going to the store today and hopefully will be done with that for a while. Cards and letters got in the mail last week.

We're getting there!

Karen said...

My daughter helped with the baking this year, so that made it easier and more fun. Shopping done, wrapping done. We have so many December bdays! so I just add the shopping to my Christmas shopping. I can't believe I waiting until today to go to the grocery store -- it was a madhouse, but I managed to get a good sized ham and most of the other items I needed. I did have to make one extra stop though. Tomorrow, I'm cooking and will not set foot out of my house!

Gattina said...

I had not so much to do, because we went to Amsterdam celebrating with my son in Amsterdam !
I made a FFF, a very little one !