Friday, December 11, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #358

Welcome back to Friday's Fave Five.  It just shocks me that I haven't posted a thing since the last FFF.  It seems to be my pattern as of late. I have these great intentions and then it just seems my days are overwhelming and my evenings are spent trying to regroup.  Especially now that it's only 2 weeks away from Christmas.  Yikes. And I also need to apologize for not getting around to anyone's FFF's from last week.  Sigh.   But all the more reason for me to sit and ponder the good things from the last week before they go by unnoticed.  Please join in with me.  

1.  Holiday dinner at our friends place.  Our friends cooked us and another couple up a lovely Christmas turkey dinner on the weekend.   It was a lovely evening filled with food and laughter. A lovely way to start off December and the holiday season.

2.  Decorating done.  Finally, the halls are decked and the tree is sparkling.  I thought it would never get done but now I can sit back and enjoy it.  I love the reflection in the bay window.  It  just multiplies the sparkle.

3.  An easy-peasy interview.  Dayhome interviews stress me out.  There I said it.  I have spent 25 years of my career having constant interviews and I still stress about them.  But this one went super easy and ended with a contract starting February which works perfect for me.  

4.  Chai Tea.  In these hectic filled days I've been savouring a cup a hot, spicy chai tea when I have a moment to relax.  The fragrant smell, soothing warmth and bit of a bite from the spices  of my favourite chai tea is just what I need to slow down during the hectic days.  Drizzle with just a touch of good honey and maybe a chapter or two from a good read and it's amazing how it rejuvenates.

5.  Telephone chats with both my grown kids who live out of town.  It's so wonderful to hear their voices on the phone and get caught up.  K will be down in a week for Christmas and J sadly will not be home for Christmas as he will be on working as a medic on the rigs.  We're hoping that he can get a few days home at New Years before the next semester of college starts.    But in the interim those phone chats are precious.

What have been your favourite blessings from this busy last week?


Willow said...

December is always so busy, isn't it? Sitting quietly by the tree or enjoying a few candles is restful and necessary.
Those conversations with adult children who no longer live nearby are precious. I'm thankful for texts and phone calls!

Paula said...

Parties and phone calls can sure brighten a day. Glad your interview was a success. I hope you have a restful weekend.

Monica said...

Love your tree Susanne! It looks like you had a great time with your friends for a Christmas gathering. I would like to do this for friends some day. Still have many in the home to prepare for. I love hearing from our grown daughter. She calls me almost every day on her way home from work. Mostly so I don't worry that she didn't get mugged getting to her car!
Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Faith said...

december and June are so darn busy around here and I too havent blogged lately but I plan on being more intentional once Xmas gets here. your tree looks beautiful...i love the reflection too!

embrace every moment of the season and enjoy the weekend!,

nikkipolani said...

Don't worry too much about being too busy to keep up with blogs, Susanne -- these Fives are anchors in our lives to look back each week, especially packed ones!

Food and laughter with good friends are the best, aren't they?? How lovely your tree looks and so cozy in its place of honor. So glad you can connect with your kiddos.

Barbara H. said...

Love the tree in front of the bay windows! The reflection just adds to it.

I love those interim chats with kids, too. One wasn't here at Thanksgiving, but thankfully they all plan to be here for Christmas - this year. :-) Who knows what will happen next time - it gets harder as they get older.

Your dinner with friends sounds lovely.

So glad the interview went well!

ellen b. said...

things are sparkling nicely at your place. Looks like a fun meal with Christmas crowns from poppers, too. Glad the interview went well!

Susan said...

Awesome placement of your tree. It looks so magical.

After reading your FFF, Susanne, I just put chai tea and "read a chapter in book"on the grocery and to-do today lists.

Hurray for phones, getting caught up with the kiddos is a blessing indeed.

Have a great week, Susanne.

Jerralea said...

I hesitate to admit it ... but I've never had chai tea. I'm going to have to give it a whirl.

Your tree looks awesome in the bay window!

Glad your interview went well. I can see where it would be stressful.

Deb said...

I love your tree! So festive! Ran out of time to join with you this week, but maybe next week since I will be "laid up" for a while and will have a little time on my hands.... Merry Christmas to you all!