Friday, December 04, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #357

Well the Christmas button is up and I just can't believe it is that time!  Yikes where has the fall gone?  I am so not ready at all.  It's a good thing I have FFF to keep me grounded and at least let's me know when it's Friday and gives me pause to notice the blessings that may otherwise just go unnoticed or unacknowledged in my life.  Please join in!

1.  Dishwashers.  As I sit here the dishwasher is humming away cleaning up the never ending dirty dishes.  I am so thankful for that appliance I can't even express.  I go through a lot of dishes in a day between the dayhome and my family and that baby saves me a whole lot of time.  We usually try to load it as we go throughout the day so that at the end of the evening I just turn it on and voila, clean dishes in the morning.

2.  Hard working, pot scrubbing hubby.  Another thing I am very thankful for is that my dear hubby scrubs the pots pretty much every single night.  Only rarely do I take that chore on.  He has taken it upon himself without me asking quite a few years back.  So thankful for that.

3.  The big 2 annual responsibilities from the fall over and done!  Fall is always super busy for me with Operation Christmas Child and also being the Silent Auction/Door Prize Donation Co-ordinator for our annual Ladies Christmas Party at church.  The second is a huge job that takes quite a bit of time and perseverence and they both happen to go on at the same time so it's always a huge relief come the last Friday in November when the evening is done and it is in the books for another year.  

4.  A few extra minutes in the mornings.  I don't know where they've been coming from but I'll take 'em.  Mornings for me can tend to be rushed especially in the fall and winter.  I am so not a morning person and getting up in the dark is tough stuff for me.  So a couple of extra minutes just to focus myself before the chaos of the day starts is such a blessing.  A few minutes in the Word or a devotional, a few extra sips of coffee and just a big breath before that first knock on the door is like gold.

5.  Grapes.  My favourite fruit and this week I picked a good bunch.  I think they are the sweetest and juiciest red grapes I've ever had.  I've been savouring them like candy they are so sweet.  Yum!

What have been your favourites this week?


Monica said...

Good morning Susanne! Your list this week is especially great! or at least I think so. There aren't many husbands around these days that actually pitch in and help in the kitchen, We are a blessed lot! :)
Yes, the dishwasher is a busy woman's best friend in the kitchen. My husband is faithful to keep it repaired or replaced whenever it goes out! ;)
I hope you will get some nice down time now that you are wrapping up your big projects.
Have a wonderful weekend! You deserve it.

nikkipolani said...

Someone said to me when I arrived, "Christmas is coming!" Yes, it is! And you're ready with your Christmas button. So thankful you're still hosting away, Susanne ;-)

That's terrific that your big Christmas season responsibilities are behind you and you can relax while your dishwashers work while eating grapes! Ha!

Just Joy said...

Oh, I do love my dishwasher and my helpful hubby, too, of course!

Wow, what a difference Friday's Fave Five made in my week! It changed my mindset. I found myself savouring special things (focussing more on them then the things that went wrong); wondering if this or that might make this week's list.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing.

Love Bears All Things said...

I always enjoy reading everyone's Fave Five although I haven't joined in for a long time....I'm not a morning person either and when I wake early and don't feel sleepy, I love that I can get up and get going sooner....that happened to me Monday. I woke at 4:00 and tried to return to sleep but my mind was just so busy so I got one up about 5:00......the day wasn't rushed although I got tuckered out in the afternoon and had to take a power nap.
Mama Bear

Willow said...

The dishwasher is a wonderful invention. My sister in law calls it 'a marriage saver'. Hubbies who wash dishes are wonderful too--mine does dishes at our house most of the time.
Did your grapes come from California? Our farmers market grapes have been sweet and tasty this fall. :)

Barbara H. said...

I so agree with what you said in your first paragraph. I LOVE my dishwasher, too. It's so nice to have those pleasant but big responsibilities over. I love grapes but have never had them fresh-picked - must be wonderful! I thrive on early morning quiet time, not only spiritually but just to get my thoughts in gear before facing the day.

Susanne said...

Barbara: Unfortunately these weren’t fresh picked either. I meant I pick a good package at the grocery store. Oops. But they were still the best I’ve had I think

Paula said...

I totally agree with you on how wonderful a helper the dishwasher can be. My hubby is a tremendous help around the house, but he doesn't do dishes. :) Enjoy your weekend!

Ann said...

Somehow projects (like what you do for your luncheon) always end up taking more time, energy, and $$ than we think they will up front!! Glad you've gotten through your major responsibilities for awhile.

Susan said...

Sounds like a lovely week, Susanne. How wonderful that you got some alone time before the house filled up and the noise level grew.

A dishwasher is a handy appliance especially in a home full of kids and having that hot water rinse is sure to get rid of harmful germs before they infect you all.

Having your load lightened for the month of December is a real treat. You can enjoy it knowing that your ministry jobs are over for another year.

Have a great week.

ellen b. said...

Great things to be thankful for. Ya gotta love a pot scrubbing husband!!

Jerralea said...

Sorry I'm late dropping by. I do love grapes as well. It's always so disappointing to get a bag home and find out they are sour! Yay for sweet ones!

Let me just say: I do not want to live without my dishwasher!

Extra minutes in the morning? Love those too, but lately, they've not been happening for me!

Faith said...

well i'm slowly getting back to my blog and visiting folks....loved your list this past week.....i am SOOOOO thankful for my dishwasher...i truly don't think i can live without least not until we are officially empty to have a FFF this week although the next 3 nights are crazy busy.....