Thursday, October 22, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #351

Hi everyone and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Time to look for our blessings big and small from our last week.  Please join us.

I'm not feeling so great tonight (Thursday) and I'm nodding off so I'm just going to put up the linky and let you all give it a good start and then I'll be by later in the morning to post my own 5.  See you all later!


Whew, it is 1:40 MST and I am just now able to sit down for a moment while the dayhome kids enjoy their Friday afternoon movie.  Three batches of popcorn later they are finally in a bit of a food coma and settled watching their movie.  But I find especially in the overwhelmed busy times it's good to take a pause and take note of the good blessings in our lives.  So here goes!

1.  Great bargains!  So I've been humming and hawwing over whether to do a book study at my ladies bible study or stick with the usual format.  But then this week Bookoutlet sent me an email so that I could register for an extra 15% off of their already great prices on a certain few days this month.  So I browsed around and there was one of the books we had been considering at a good deal already but with the 15% off of that it was awesome!  So we are going to do "Fearless" by Max Lucado starting in January.  I think it will be very timely for us.  Too many of us are paralyzed by varying degrees and types of fear!  Especially with the crazy election we just had in Canada, as a Christian that result was downright fear inducing.  But God says "Fear not" so many times to us in the bible.  I'm looking forward to getting deep down into this study!  That is a load of my mind making that decision.

2.  Jazzed up rice.  Ok, this is a somewhat weird one but really it was great for me.  My hubby is a rice lover.  Plain old white rice is a carb nirvana to him.  Me?  Not so much.  In fact, for me to enjoy rice it has to be doing the back stroke in some kind of gravy or sauce.  But yesterday, I had a revelation.  I had no sauce, so had to get creative.  As I was looking through the cupboard to see what to do, I saw my container of butter and my bottle of Soffrito Herb de Provence infused olive oil that I had bought last trip to Calgary.  So I put about a good heaping tablespoon of butter and equal amount of the oil into a heavy cast iron fry pan and then added the already cooked plain white rice and heated it up. Oh my goodness.  It was subtle and delicious and made me like rice.  I love experimenting and trying things out off the top of my head.

3.  Massage Therapy.  I know I've mentioned it before but I seriously was thankful for an appointment yesterday.  I don't know what was going on but Tuesday my upper back muscles so seized up and knotted causing so much pain that I thought for sure I wouldn't even be able to sleep.  But I had one more sample package of that Biofreeze left that she gave me  (mentioned in last week's FFF).  So I put that on and took some advil and by bedtime it was actually feeling better.  Then last night she massaged that darn knot right out of there and I actually felt functional again this morning.

4.  Grilling Weather still a go!  We have been taking full advantage of using our bbq every weekend.  It's been such a mild fall but I know that is going to end shockingly one of these fine days but meanwhile we've been using that bbq to get our fill of burgers, grilled chicken and steak.  I love meals done on the bbq!

5.  It's Friday.  Oh my goodness, this is definitely a blessing.  So thankful the work week is at a close.

If you haven't already, please join in as we count our blessings and share 5.  


Gattina said...

Thanks for the link ! I am not well neither and slept until nearly 10 am which hasn't happened in at least 20 years, lol

Faith said...

oh dear!!! ipray you are bot getting a cold or any kind of virus!!! hope you feel better by the time you wake for me, i leave for work in one hour and i am sooooo thankful it's Friday and FFF time!!!

Tori Leslie said...

Oh no, feel better soon!

Kathie said...

Hope a good night's sleep is all you need Susanne! (((hugs)))

nikkipolani said...

Hoping you're refreshed today and well rested.

Barbara H. said...

Since it's now late Friday afternoon, I'm afraid that means you are still not feeling well - or maybe just haven't had a chance to post through the busy workday. Hope you feel better soon if you're not yet!

Kathie said...

Catching up your Faves Susanne. Glad to hear that knot is out. I had the same thing happen to me last year. No fun. My massage therapist gave me Biofreeze as well. It's great!

We did Fearless last year - it's a great study! You'll enjoy it.

Jazzed up rice sounds really good. We have one of those oil and vinegar stores in Charlottetown now but I've never bought anything there. I'll check to see if they carry that kind.Thanks for the easy idea!

Faith said...

great faves list this week Susanne! So glad you are better and that you had a good massage therapy appt!!! I love grilling too and we decided today that we are probably done grilling until March's too dark out to see the grill when we have our dinner!!!! haha....seriously...i couldn't tell if the chicken the other night was done or not! And yes...we have deck lights but they don't quite reach the grill...i always have to take a flashlight out there..>I think i'm sticking to casseroles, slow cooker meals and baked items for the rest of the season and winter. :) Fearless is supposed to be a great book! We used to collect all of Max's books although lately we are just borrowing them from our town library. We are blessed that our public library gets good Christian books. Enjoy the rest of the weekend...sorry I'm so late with getting around to the'll see why in next week's Faves :)

Gattina said...

You are lucky to have a warm fall, we are sitting (not dancing) in the rain ! Olive oil with herbs gives a wonderful taste to everything even cooked paper (maybe that's a little exaggerated) lol !

nikkipolani said...

I'm like both you and your husband when it comes to rice -- I like it plain or jazzed up ;-) And... I probably like it too much :-( But it's fun that you found an easy way to spice it up to enjoy.

So good to get the massage help you need. And it sounds like you had recovered well from feeling poorly. Yay.