Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #334

Welcome everyone.  Friday's is our time to look back over our week and be intentional in looking for good things in our lives.  Please join us as we share five of them whether they be big or small.  I am not feeling well today so mine will be short and sweet and I'm off to bed but nevertheless I still want to look for the blessings over the last week.

1.  32nd Anniversary!  Yesterday Dave and I celebrated 32 years of married life.  Wow.  I can hardly believe it.  As the old saying goes "It seems like just yesterday...".   Sometimes I still think of us like this:  
taken in the early '80's at Heritage Park, Calgary

2.  Dinner made and ready to eat by my daughter.  Wednesday I came home from the gym to wonderful smells coming out my kitchen window.  My daughter had cooked dinner for us and all I had to do was sit down and enjoy.  What a blessing that was.  And delicious too!

3.  Closing a great read with a very satisfied sigh.  Finished the new book by my favorite author and boy, it was a good one.  A review is coming but I just want to say, as per usual with his books, my emotions went through the wringer and I couldn't pick up another book for a couple of days as this one and the message it sent through it's story churned and bounced around in my mind and heart. 

4.  Time with friends as a couple.  I always enjoy when we can get together with another couple.  This week we had not one but two opportunities and both were a really nice time of visiting and fun.  
5.  Gorgeous walk.  Here in our city we have some really gorgeous trails and last weekend we went on one of our favourites.  The views were amazing, the weather just perfect and it was a really nice way to get off our duffs, get outside and get some movement into our day.  Unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me, didn't even take my phone in an effort to get away from electronics, not even thinking it had a camera. 

What were your favourite blessings from the past week?



Gattina said...

Congratulations to your 32nd wedding day ! I have 45 behind me, as you say "I can't believe it" !

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Wonderful to have time with your daughter and have dinner made too!! Bonus! Happy anniversary.

Monica said...

What a lovely surprise when you daughter had dinner for you! Our middle daughter (the one still at home) can't cook very well so that wouldn't happen her. (lol)
I love it when a book leaves you feeling like that. Too stuck on it to go on... very satisfying.
Happy Anniversary! Not something we hear of much these days! :)

Dianna said...

What a sweet daughter you have to come and fix your dinner for you on Wednesday! Congratulations on 32 years of marriage! Glad you enjoyed the book you've just read. I will look forward to reading your review. Hope you feel better soon, Susanne.

nikkipolani said...

A hearty congratulations to you and Dave, Susanne! What a fun "vintage" photo of the two of you, looking like teenagers ;-)

Glad to hear you are enjoying summer reading with a great author. That crazy weather of yours is even cooperating for wonderful walks. Happy weekend!

Karen said...

Hope you are feeling better, Susanne.

Happy Anniversary to you and your sweetie! Love the photo of you two kids:)

One of my favorites was also a book I just finished. Aaah, so thankful for books.

Your daughter is a gem!

Faith said...

Happy Anniversary!! and i hope that you are feeling better now that its afternoon. I felt the same way aboutnAll the Light We Cannot See after I read it. I waited 2 days before starting the next library book. im reading a charles martin now!! chasing fireflies. only on 2nd chapter and already pulled in!!! i hope you have a wonderful weekend and happy summer two days early!!!

Kathie said...

A very Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved! Love that picture. So many of our friends did that antique shot but we never did - too bad - it's a keeper!

Nice to come home to supper all ready - our son has done the same here. He's an excellent cook - esp barbeque! We're going to miss his meals - um - him when he's gone! :)

I really enjoy Charles Martin's writing. Hoping our library has that book. They carry quite a few of his.

I've been walking our trail too - I've been going in the mornings. Nice for prayertime.

Happy weekend Susanne!

Kathie said...

PS - hope you're feeling better soon!!

Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry you're not feeling well! Hope you're feeling better soon.

Happy anniversary! Love that old-timey looking pose!

It's such a joy to come home to a meal made by someone else.

Love books like that.

Jerralea said...

Aw, you two made such a cute couple in that picture! Happy anniversary!

Coming home to a meal cooked by my daughter is a dream of mine ... sigh. So far all three claim they can't cook! Where did I go wrong?

Glad it worked out for you, though!

ellen b said...

Ahh Susanne! A very happy 32nd anniversary to your and your dear hubby! May God bless you with many more years together!