Friday, May 01, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #327

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Boy oh boy,  I am needing this.  It has been such a overwhelming week for my brain this week that if I didn't have this discipline in thankfulness, I wouldn't even have noticed good things right under my nose.  They are going to be listed short and sweet this week because I'm just so tired my brain can't think of witty or flowery paragraphs.  But you know, it doesn't have to get all wordy to find and be grateful for good things in my life in spite of the week.   Join on in and share your five favourite blessings from the week.

1.  Smokin' hot day.  Monday's temperature was lovely.  Tuesday's hit 27*C.  That would be 80.6*F.   Around my neck of the woods that would be summertime weather!  I actually had to dig out the sunscreen for the kids.  Hubby turned on the air conditioning.  Never have we done that in April!!  Alas yesterday and today actually felt cold although they were really just seasonal temps.  Thankful for those 2 days of wonderful heat and sunshine.

2.  Evening out with a good friend. My friend and I finally got a night that worked for both of us so that we could celebrate our birthdays on.  Four or so months late, but who's counting?  So we went out to see Age of Adaline  and then topped it off with a nice mint tea and a chocolate raspberry creme brulee at a favourite restaurant.  I'm very thankful for this friendship that I have even though we don't get to see each other too often.  

3.  Salted Caramel Truffle Blizzard.  Oh my goodness.  How did I not have any of these until the end of the month?  I hope they continue to have them on the menu because they are super good.

4.  Great finds on our local swap and buy.  I was needing some new toys for the dayhome kidlets and I found a couple great sets of Little People items for next to nothing.  And they were in excellent condition.  Win for the dayhome kids and a win for my pocketbook!

5.  A wish list item for our home finally accomplished.  We have been wanting stone on our house for some time and have been saving our sheckles for a while now.  Our home was built in the 1950's and needed a bit of updating on the outside.  Finally that wish was realized this last week.  Around the bottom over the cement part and framing our doorway.  Hubby and I both love it and are so glad we finally went for it.  And we got a great deal from a stone and brick layer who does really good work.  

Well this weekend is going to be a busy one for me.  Hopefully that sunshine will find it's way back with no wind and I can sneek some outside time in.  Hope you all have a nice weekend but not before you tell us what your favourite blessings were this week!


Merisi said...

Well, this sounds like you had a truly exhausting week!

We also hit 27°C this week, and I am grateful that by midweek we got a bit of a relieve. Today it's raining, which gardens and fields sorely needed and fewer pollens in the air is not a bad consequence either!

Wishing you some restful moments even during your busy weekend,

Faith said...

sounds like a busy but fulfilling week...yay for nites out with good friends (mine was last evening!) and yay for good buys!! Happy weekend and hopefully you'll see the temps and sun we have in NY (sunny and 70s (F) )!!!! i'm in heaven as you know! :)

Monica said...

I have to keep the sunscreen on April 1 through October 15 due to skin cancers I've had on my face. I'm thankful for sunscreen! :)
Wow! those are pretty warm temps for you! We are supposed to see 80 this weekend. I can't wait to be out in the garden.
I ate at DQ Wednesday with my daughter and was very tempted to get this treat. Alas, I did not! :)
Hope your weekend is a nice relaxing and enjoyable one! God Bless!

Ann said...

We are getting a new roof on our house in the next few weeks. Gotta keep saving those sheckels - there's always something that needs fixing or doing around the house!

Barbara H. said...

Yay for nice weather! And good deals! And time with friends!

So neat about the stone for your home. Love when a long-desired project can finally come to fruition.

I appreciated what you said at the beginning, too. I can forget blessings so quickly or overlook them, and I love that FFF causes me to go back over them and remember and be thankful.

nikkipolani said...

I smiled at your high temperatures. We're hoping to get down to the 80s this weekend ;-)

Isn't salted caramel a lovely thing? Glad you got to get in on the DQ treat while they featured it. Your movie and dessert event sounds lovely, too.

Willow said...

Is it a milestone in the seasons, a rite of passage, when you pull out the sunscreen? We feel that way about the AC and turning on the heat in the autumn. Our AC needs to be installed--waiting on that. Maybe I should get on that...
Dinners out with special friends is important. Glad you made it to celebrate your birthdays.

ellen b said...

I understand the fulfillment of long awaited home projects. The whole process of the vision and then seeing it come together! Sounds like a good week Susanne. Have a wonderful weekend. I'm traveling to B.C. this Saturday...O Canada!

Jerralea said...

Love Salted Truffle Blizzards!

Glad you and your friend were able to spend time together.

I love it when I find things on sale.

Deb said...

Great list of Faves. I am going to check our local DQ for that blizzard flavor. Sounds so yummy. Would love to see the update to your home. That addition of stone facing sounds really nice. Enjoy your weekend.

Snowbird said...

I do hope next week is easier on you! Marvelous that you have your stonework in place, btw, I love the word sheckles, I've never heard that before!
The truffle looks mouthwatering, happy belated birthday, glad you had such a good time. Here's to more sunshine for you and your