Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #326

Welcome to a gorgeous spring day Friday's Fave Five!  Time to look over the week and see what good blessings have been in our lives.  Please join in!  Guidelines link is in the sidebar.

1.  Pear Walnut Dressing.  I love pears, I love salad so when I saw this dressing I knew I had to try it.  It is now a favourite.  So yummy!!   Perfect for the lighter flavors of spring and summer.

2.  A great pair of shoes.  I admit I am a shoe and purse girl.  I should probably belong to shoes and purse anonymous if there was such a thing.  But what's not to love about shoes and purses?    We were driving down one of our main streets close to home when I noticed a new shoe store.  Needing a pair of black dress shoes I convinced my dear hubby to take a look.  So we took a peek and it was an awesome store full of really nice unique good quality shoes.   This pair jumped out and he had me try them on and bought them for me. (He's a favourite too!)   I Love them.  They are so comfy, it doesn't even seem like I'm wearing heals and they look great with dress pants and jeans and skirts.  Thanks my Honey!

3.  Homemade turkey soup.  Easter dinner in our family is usually turkey and with turkey dinner comes a delicious pot of turkey soup a couple of weeks after.  I freeze the turkey carcass and when the mood strikes I make a huge pot of soup.  It's a favourite of the whole family and I personally can eat homemade soup for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  This week we had it with Jalepeno Cheese bagels.  Such a simple yet such a tasty dinner!

4.  Sleeping with the window cracked open.  I don't know what it is but I sleep so much better.  I love the fresh air coming in.  And it  makes the covers that much more comfy and snuggly when there is a bit of cooler air in the room.  And now that it is spring and not in the throes of freezing cold winter we can open that window just enough to let that fresh air in all night.

5.  Reading in warm sunshine.  A definite favourite blessing this week has been the warm sunshine the last couple of days.  After some crazy days of wind it was especially nice to be able to sit outside while the kids played and soak up that sunshine along with reading.  Out came the tshirts and capris and even the sunscreen for the smaller kids sensitive skin.  I am so looking forward to spring weather and more laid back days of playing and reading in the warmth of the sunshine.

What were your favourite blessings this week?  They don't have to be earth shattering or huge, though they can be.  But in my experience, it's the little things on a daily and weekly basis that sometimes tend to slip by unnoticed that make our everyday lives meaningful.  And purposefully looking for them each week brings the good things to the forefront and helps when those harder days come along.  Thanks once again for joining in with me in finding them!


Willow said...

Oh yes! Sleeping with the window open is a fave of mine too. And it means spring is here! Hurray for your warm sunshiny days and reading in the sunlight!
I'd agree that your hubby is definitely a keeper.

nikkipolani said...

Now those are fun shoes! Isn't it great to find a pair that is comfortable AND stylish?

I think most anything can be improved with jalapeno cheese on bread ;-) Glad you had a ready-to-go fave meal.

Hurray for sunshine!

Gattina said...

I am not a shoe girl at all ! I only buy them because I need shoes for walking. I never notice shoes neither, you could wear slippers for a week and I wouldn't even see it !
We had wonderful sunshine the whole week too ! I love spring !

Barbara H. said...

What a lovely week! I love turkey soup - I always make it after Thanksgiving. Nice shoes! Glad it's nice enough weather to sleep with the window open.

Kathie said...

Hey there Susanne - finally made it back to FFF! Glad to be counting with you again.

That dressing looks yummy - and the calorie count is good too. (lots of winter padding to shed ;))

Stylin' shoes!

So glad you're getting some sunshine - we are too but not tshirt and capri warmth yet. But as long as the snow keep melting I'm doing ok!

Happy weekend!

ellen b said...

Hey! If you can wear stylin shoes like that I say go for it. Glad hubby thought you should have them, too. Glad Spring has made it to you and you can crack the window open!

Faith said...

i LOVE thenfresh air blowingmthrough the house! We have had ournbedroom windowsmopen at night since last Saturday and im in heaven! yay for spring sunshine, warmer temps, and reading outside!! happymweekend!v

Love Bears All Things said...

I have too many allergies to sleep with a window open but I've enjoyed not having to have the heat on so the nights are a little cooler but like you it makes a it cozy in bed.
Mama Bear

Monica said...

I love those shoes! so cute. We have also been sleeping with the window open. The sounds of spring and the light breeze are so relaxing. Sorry I'm late. The weeks have been too busy for me to get online and then I fall into bed into a deep coma! LOL!

Gattina said...

No FFF this week ?