Thursday, February 12, 2015

Help a girl out

Has anyone out there had carpal tunnel surgery?  Care to let me know what you think?  I might be facing that this summer and, truth be told, I'm very much on the fence about it.   I'd like to know your opinion if you've gone through it.


Faith said...

well thankfully i've never needed it BUT my husband was advised to get it. He chose NOT to after reading about it via various sources. instead he went to a physical therapist (I prefer a chiropractor) who got him to the point where he had NO more pain!! My brother in law DID have it and the recovery for him was difficult. But...he hasn't had any problems since. Will be prayin' for ya!!

nikkipolani said...

I have two stories, neither of which are personal experience (sorry).

1. Roomie used to do a lot more computering and had gotten many symptoms of CT and was in the process of getting evaluated for surgery (she was in her 30s at the time). Her chiropractor, however, told her that her elbow was out. He adjusted it and showed her how to do it herself, how to put a brace around her arm just below her elbow and she avoided surgery altogether.

2. A woman in my small group (also lots of computering) is in her early 60s and knew she had several nerve problems -- numb and tingling in her fingers and hands in addition to the pain. She opted for CT surgery, one hand at a time. She still has numbness from time to time, but the pain has nearly all gone.

Will be praying that you get good counsel so you can make an informed decision.

Barbara H. said...

I've known a couple of people in former churches who have had the surgery, but I didn't know enough of the details to know what the experience was like for them. Praying for you as you make this decision.