Friday, January 02, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #311

Hi everyone!  I'm back after a bit of an unintended hiatus.  After both a computer virus and a human virus, I am glad to say that both computer and I are back to normal and ready for the new year!  I missed you during the last couple of weeks and feel like I really missed out on your wonderful Christmas posts and faves.  But that ship sailed without me so we'll just move on.  

Christmas was wonderful around here with the usual faves of family, friends, food and lazing around.  So I'll move onto some newer favorites and start the new year off fresh!  Unfortunately no pics because I have yet to load all the camera programs that disappeared in the fixing of the virus.

1.  This post on rushing around in our lives really spoke to me.  I tend to be like that.  The results are not pretty.  I'm short tempered, demanding, aggravated and things never work and the fails usually start to snowball.  You get the picture.  So this year one of my goals is to take a breath and slow it down.  Plan better so that I don't always feel behind the 8 ball, so to speak.  This post was very timely.

2.  Brand new calendar on the wall.  I don't know why I like a brand new calendar so much.  Maybe it's the idea of a totally fresh start.  Nothing filled in yet, crowding the days.  Maybe it's just a new theme sitting on the wall.  But whatever the reason the new fresh calendar brought a smile to my face yesterday morning.

3.  A long extended time of my little family all being together this holiday.  We were all here.  No jobs to take us away.  Both hubby and I had from December 24th - Jan. 4th off.  Son wasn't on the rigs this holiday and my oldest has been here since the 22nd.  Youngest girl is living at home so didn't need to get back anywhere to a job.

4.  Quote:  "Don't let perfect become the enemy of better" - Joshua Becker.   Joshua speaks of it in relating to decluttering but I think it can be applied to so much more in my life.  Trying to always come up with the "perfection" part of the equation has actually stalled me from taking first steps in taking something on, from actually completely some tasks, and from feeling good about the job that I have done.  Perfection is such a lofty thing to obtain.  It is so subjective.  And it sets me up for comparing myself to others which never results in a good thing.  Perfect is no longer my goal.  Trying my best and enjoying the journey of doing and knowing I did my best is my new goal to obtain.

5.  Starting the new year off with the people I love most.  This is always a great blessing to me (even though it is getting harder to reach that 12 o'clock mark!)

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and all of God's greatest abundance of love, joy and peace for 2015.

What were your favorite blessings this last week of 2014 and first few days of 2015?


Gattina said...

I am back again, and the first, lol ! Have to say that our days start earlier than yours ! Looks like if you had a nice start into the New Year ! From now on we have to type 2015 ! Have to get used to it !

Joyful said...

Susanne, I so know what you mean about number 1. I tend to be that way too and I am resovling to do better in that area as well. I have enjoyed being with my little family the past couple of weeks. Grandma was in Arizona and there has been a calm around here that we haven't had for several years! Thank you for FFF! It is a wonderful way for me to find the good in each week! :)

Faith said...

Well you probably already know how much I've enjoyed having BOTH of my girls home for the's going to be hard for us to see Courtney head back to Boston for her last semester of college!!! YIKES! pass the tissue please. :) It's funny you wrote about not striving for perfection. I touched on that in one of my goals as well. ENjoyed reading your faves this week and welcome back to blogging!!

nikkipolani said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and the computer, too :-) How absolutely lovely to have extended family time together, enough to celebrate but also relax. That is a gift indeed.

Mia said...

So glad you got to have your whole family together for such an extended time. What a treat! And amazing that you stayed up to midnight- we celebrate on Zulu time around here (and curse the folks that set off fireworks at midnight as we pray our littles don't awaken to the bangs!).

I love Joshua's quote about Perfection. It's also a big theme in FlyLady- they call it 'the P word'. ;)

Carrie said...

The best is being together with your family! I'm so glad that happened.

Our New Year's has started out with a bang! Half of us have the flu and the other half are just....waiting. DOOM. :D

ellen b said...

Glad you could all be together during the holidays. So sorry for the bugs! It's always an interesting time when we put up our new calendars. What will this year hold? It's good to know the one who holds the year in His hands.

Jerralea said...

Love that quote! And it takes the pressure off - better is attainable, perfect is not.

I also like your thoughts on slowing it down. I'm working on that!

Happy new year, and thanks so much for hosting this uplifting meme.

Barbara H. said...

I didn't think I'd be able to do a FFF today, but thankfully it worked out.

I am so glad you and your computer are better!

I meant to mention calendars but forgot. I don't know what it is, either, but hanging up those shiny clean pages is nice.

Glad you had some wonderful time with family. We did, too.

Ann said...

Glad your computer is fixed and you are feeling better!

Willow said...

Joshua Becker has been a favorite author/blogger of mine for years. I love that quote and am impressed that you have heard of him :)

As Mia said, Flylady doesn't like the word perfect either. Maybe some year my word should be imperfect so I don't concentrate on having the 'perfect' blog post or photo or knitted hat. Thanks for the reminder.

So glad you are back up online and blogging--missed you!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Looks like the perfection quote struck a nerve. What is it with women especially that makes us do that?!