Friday, October 03, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #301

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  Time to take a breath, slow down and look back over the week and take notice of our blessings, sharing 5 of your favorites.  Let's get right to it!

1.  Kick off to Operation Christmas Child in church.  Every year I'm so nervous making the announcement. I so want to open people's eyes to what these boxes do in the lives of children, their families and sometimes whole villages.  It went wonderful and now we can look forward to praying and then going shopping for special kids.  If you've never packed a shoebox before, it's a wonderful blessing.  Need info on it?  You can go here for Canadian residents or here if you live in the U.S.

2.  Uplifting words from my wonderful hubby.  Sometimes he just finds the most perfect words to uplift my world. I don't even think he realizes it.  But this week he found just the right ones and I'm so thankful.

3.  Reconnecting with friends we haven't seen in about 24 years.  Unfortunately, it was because of a funeral of someone we both knew.  But getting together with friends out of our past was lovely!

4.  Fall Scents.  I absolutely love the scents of fall.  Outside in the cool crisp mornings,  from the crunchy leaves when I rake, in the spicy scents of candles and lotions.  

5.  Sleep, blessed sleep.  It's been a crazy busy week with settling in the new babe in dayhome and kids ending up getting sick and having to be sent home.  I'm not gonna lie.  I love that age but boy, oh boy, I am tired!  I'm so thankful for sleep at night!

Some weeks it's the little things!  What were your favorites this week?


nikkipolani said...

With your enthusiasm, I'm sure your audience catches the shoebox fever ;-)

#2 Apples of gold in settings of silver. Well done, Mr. LivingToTellTheStory.

Hope all the kids and babes get adjusted in your dayhome this week.

Willow said...

A friend from my Bible study group is a coordinator for Operation Christmas Child in our area. She too loves what she is doing for the children.
Sleep--ah yes! What a blessing a good rest is.
Where I live, there are no crisp cool autumn days. In my writing class we were discussing seasons and the word 'crisp' was on the list--SoCal kids had NO idea what a crisp autumn day meant :) (or why anyone would be so foolish as to purposely light a bonfire in autumn!)

Gattina said...

It's always nice to find old friends again, no matter on what occasion !
I hate autumn, the smell, the dying leaves to me it's the saddest season in the year !

Faith said...

Oh it's so nice to run into old friends even under sad circumstances. And yay for husbands and encouraging words!! I love sleep!!! Seems I need more of it with these more hectic school year days. We are starting to shop for OCC boxes too!! We love that ministry!! I love autumn too and it also made my fave list!! Happy weekend Susanne!

Joyful said...

We are gearing up for OCC too! I just love the videos they sent with the promotional material this year! So sweet!
So thankful for wonderful Husbands!
Love fall scents. I have pumpkin spice going in my home! :)

Jerralea said...

Bless you for your work with OCC! Such a great thing.

I love fall scents, too. I'm planning on burning some fall candles this week.

Me and sleep? We go way back. Hope you have a bunch of sleep this weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Oops - I accidentally linked to last week's Mr. Linky first, but then realized it and linked here.

I hope the Operation Christmas Child goes really well!

What a blessing just the right words can be. I think that has to be Spirit led, because so often we don't know what would be just right to the other person.

That is one of the better aspects of funerals - sometimes they are like reunions.

Hope the new little one adjust well soon. It must be bewildering to them to get used to a new place and caregiver.

Karen said...

I'm with you on the scents of fall. So crisp and clear.

Our community has an Operation Christmas Child group, and it sounds like such a worthwhile cause. I hope it goes smoothly for you this year.

Anonymous said...

Good things in your week Susanne! It's so good to get encouragement from your spouse. God bless him and you!

Snowbird said...

Goodness it time for Christmas child again? How the year has flown. I love the scents of candles at this time of the year too. Glad your hubs has the right words for you, it does make such a difference doesn't it?
Gosh, a new baby....they are adorable but as you say, such hard

Paula said...

I know that OCC is such a special annual event for you. It's a huge undertaking, but such a vital one. I hope you have a lot of participation this year. Encouraging words and reconnecting with friends are special faves. I hope you get some rest this weekend. :)

Mia said...

I'm sorry to hear of your loss but so glad it led to joyful times with old friends!

How wonderful to be gearing up for OCC- such an amazing ministry. :)

Mmmm... yes, Fall scents are wonderful. :)