Friday, September 26, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #300

Three Hundred?  Can you believe it's been 300 weeks of gratefulness and looking for the good things in one's life.  Three hundred weeks of being thankful to God for the wonderful things that come our way no matter how small?  If you've been with me since the beginning that is 1500 individual items that we have taken note of in our lives that was good.  Big things and wee little things.  What a time it's been!  Made lots of friends along the way.  And I'm so grateful for each and every one of you that joined me in the journey.  It wouldn't have been the same without you!  My focus has changed and I've been more aware of God's blessings especially during hard times.  So join me once again as we continue on developing this habit of noticing the good things in our lives and being grateful for them.

1.  New babes working out well.  I have a couple of new babes in dayhome and that can sometimes be really stressful.  They are precious and wonderful but let's face it, they are thrown into a situation they can in no way understand.  All of a sudden Mom who's been home their whole little lives is suddenly not.  And they are being passed off to someone they don't know in a house they don't know for lengths of time they don'e get.  It's a lot for them.  My little guy who started at the beginning of September has adjusted wonderfully.  After a little fussing immediately at drop off he's transitioned into waving bye to his mom and getting on with playing and cuddling.  He's an absolute joy and a very smiley little boy.  My little girl who's come a handful of times starts full time on the first of October has been the definition of mellow.  Hasn't fussed once when her mom has gone out the door.  So hopefully that will continue too.  So thankful for the smooth transitions as I was a bit stressed over the summer about it.

2.  Beautiful weather.  We've had summer temperatures this week and it's made for good playtime outside which is always a blessing.  When we can get out and run off some energy and play in sunshine it makes for a much better day for everyone.  We've had lots of that this week.

3.  Hard working hubby.   He took it upon himself to learn how to lay a sidewalk and he's doing a wonderful job.  The concrete at the back of the house needed replacing because it had sunk and shifted and broken.  He looked it up and studied how to do it and then grabbed the bull by the horns.  So thankful for his initiative to learn how to do it yourself.

4.  Fall colors.  I've taken out bits of pieces of fall decorating and it's reminded me how much I love the colors of fall.  The plums, burgundies, oranges and gold and browns.  Living in those colors just makes me feel good.

5.  BBQ!  With the nice weather the bbq is still being used and on the weekend I thought I'd try chicken breasts still with the bone attached with PC Apple Butter BBQ Sauce.   Oh my goodness, it was so delicious!  The meat was moist and tender, and the apple-cinnamony bbq sauce was so delicious!  With oven roasted baby potatoes and corn on the cob it was an absolutely perfect Sunday lunch.

What were your favorites this week?


Gattina said...

It will take some time until the little once will get used to their new situation. Adults don't like changes either, lol ! Autumn moves in slowly, I hate this season !

Willow said...

Wow! 300! This has been a blessing for me, too. Thank you, as always for hosting this important part of our week.
I'm glad your little ones are working out so well. One never knows...
I will definitely enjoy seeing all the autumn colors displayed around blogland since we don't get much here in SoCal.
I'm very impressed with your hubby learning to lay the cement work.

Mia said...

Autumn is my favorite season- the colors, the smells, the scarves for fashion instead of warmth! ;)

So glad the new littles are transitioning smoothly. Change can be so scary, especially when you don't understand why it's happening.

The BBQ sauce sounds amazing! :)

nikkipolani said...

Wow! 300 weeks and going strong :-)

I know you've had some crazy weather in your part of the world, but it's nice to hear about the summery beginning of autumn -- nice enough for a bbq. Those flavors sound fantastic!

Sidewalks can be tricky where you get snow, so I'm very impressed with your hubby's efforts.

Kathie said...

Congratulations Susanne! 300 - wow! I'm so thankful for FFF. It's a highlight of my blogging week for sure. Thanks so much for hosting.

We're having a summer start to fall too. And I'm enjoying every moment.

You're going to be such a great grandmother!! You won't have to "back into the swing of things" like the rest of us!

That sauce sounds delish - and I'm heading into SS this afternoon - butter's on for 2.88. Time to stock up.

Hope you have a great weekend Susanne!

Faith said...

Yeah and congrats on the 300th anniversary!! I too have loved being a part of's fun to look back and see the blessings that God brought. I'm glad your little ones are adjusting so well and that BBQ sauce sounds delish!! We too here in eastern NY are having summer like temps and the foliage is just gorgeous! I'm isn't the grill tonight for salmon and savoring every day it's warm😄 have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Happy for those babes that they have someone like you to take care of them...

Ann said...

I think that that's a new FFF picture - it is very nice and I will use it in the future!!

Barbara H. said...

Happy 300th FFF! Thank you so much for beginning and hosting this!

I'm so glad the new little ones are adjusting so well.

It has still been a little on the hot side here but we've had a few cooler mornings - I am looking forward to more!

I haven't gotten my fall stuff out yet but have wanted to at least change the floral arrangement by the front door.

Your BBQ dinner sounds good!

Yay for a DIY hubby! I have one of those, too! Such a blessing.

Jerralea said...

Well, now I'm hungry after reading your #5 fave!

So glad your new little clients are settling in. I'm sure you are right; it's got to be a big adjustment for little ones to spend part of their day away from home.

It always sounds like your hubby is doing something to bless your family! You are a blessed family!

Karen said...

Congratulations on 300! We all appreciate you so much. Thanks for keeping us going!

My, that BBQ sauce sounds wonderful. Such a nice change from the usual sauces, and it does sound very 'autumn.'

I'm getting my fall stuff out, too. It was high 80s earlier in the week, and it somehow didn't feel right hanging up a fall wreath. But, I do love this season and all the colors.

Enjoy your weekend, Susanne.

Paula said...

Congrats on 300 FFF posts! I know that it takes a lot of commitment on your part to make sure the link up happens each week. Thanks so much for hosting; it's a good exercise for me.

Glad your new little ones are adjusting. We've had similar weather this week. I'm looking forward to the colors of autumn.

Sandra said...

Congratulations my friend, 300 IS a long time :)

I loved reading your favorites, as always, but I'm sitting here hungry and then you mention the BBQ and I'm REALLY hungry lol

Hope you're having a good Sunday.