Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #285

Welcome to the last FFF of the month of May.  Wowzers, where did that month go?   Spring is just about done and summer is just around the corner.  I think I find it so hard to believe because weather-wise it seems spring has just started.  But it is the end of the month and it is Friday so here we go with Friday's Fave Five.  Guidelines are here if you've never participated before.

1.  The color Green.  As in spring green.  As in the grass turning green.  As in the leaves all fresh and green.  As in the coulees a gorgeous green.  It's amazing what a little rain in the spring will do.

2.  A budget win.  After all the hail and storms and microburst of last year, I wasn't too motivated to buy flowers to plant this year.  But my generous hubby gives me his Canadian Tire Money every Mother's Day so that I can buy flowers.  I usually spend it all and then some.  But because of last year I determined that this year I was not going to spend a penny more than what he gave me.  I went and shopped with intention putting everything that appealed to me in the cart.  They had slim pickings on some things and I didn't want it to disappear while I was mulling it over.  Then I really thought through what I wanted in which pot and where and with determination put lots back even though they were lovely.   Much to my satisfaction when all was rung up, I came within 66 cents of the total that I had to spend.  I did not go over!  There is nothing like the feeling of having lovely flowers all around all for free.  I shall totally enjoy them  this year and not fret in case the weather decides to freak out on us.

3.  A spur of the moment movie with my sister.  We went and saw the movie "Mom's Night Out".  What a totally enjoyable time.  Totally over the top, yes unrealalistic situations but seriously folks, isn't that what most comedies base their laughs on?,  it was soooo funny.  The theatre was quite full and everyone was laughing out loud through the whole movie.  It also had a great encouraging message for moms who are in the trenches of raising their children and feeling overwhelmed.  And no swearing or sleaze!  I'm so glad I didn't listen to a lot the more negative reviews.  I would have missed a fun evening!

4.  Reading in the warmth of the sun.  Does this even need more description?  So nice to sit on the deck with a coffee and book enjoying the sun shining down.  Finally!

5.  Chocolate Chip cookie delivery.  My good friend made chocolate chips for our ladies study group on Monday night and they were delicious!  Tuesday I could not stop thinking of those cookies.  I texted her "I WANT cookies" to make her smile.  That night she was on my doorstep with a delivery of fresh mouth watering cookies all tied up with a pretty ribbon.  What a blessing that was.

What are you grateful for this week?


nikkipolani said...

Wouldn't it be lovely to have two months of May? Extra springy green would be lovely. Hope your spring flowers survive whatever crazy spring weather comes your way!

Willow said...

I love May because of the green (and as I wrote in my FFF the purple).

I know you will enjoy those free flowers all spring and summer and maybe in to fall. And the fact that they were 'free' is the best part!

Gattina said...

I solved the flower plant expenses in our front yard by just "planting" fake flowers and only a few real once in the pots, nobody sees the difference and admire my garden (people even stop to look at it !)and for the next years I have always the same flowers. Saves a lot of work and money ! And they are blooming all the time, lol !

Faith said...

I love May and June here for the same reason!! The spring green is just gorgeous and the lawn looks its best in those months ( for us). Books and coffee on the deck is a fave of mine too as you know�� and yay for the new flowers!!! Enjoy your weekend, Susanne, oh!!!! The chicken was divine!!!!! In fact the girls have requested it for next week��

Monica said...

You are way farther north than I. Usually spring really is very short. It turns very warm and humid quickly. I didn't realize how much I like green until this spring after that awful winter we had.
Sitting in the sun with a book and coffee sounds divine!

Karen said...

What an awesome friend, to bring you cookies! Spring is such a short season for us, too. I'm savoring the last bit of it here, before the hot weather sets in.

ellen b. said...

Well I got my act together and joined up for FFF today.
Someone at small group last night was talking about that movie you saw with your sister. Glad you were able to meet your budget with the flowers and plants! A chocolate chip cookie delivery...awesome!
Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

So glad it is finally spring-like there! Reading on a warm deck sounds lovely.

I've heard of that movie but haven't seen it yet. I usually wait til they come out on DVD unless it is something I am really eager to see. I'm looking forward to that one.

How sweet of your friend to deliver her cookies to you!

Jerralea said...

I love spring green, too. Enjoy your "free" flowers - it's always nice to stay on budget.

I've been wanting to see Mom's Night Out. I need a good laugh.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ann said...

I wish I had a friend who would bring warm chocolate chip cookies. . .but made a batch of coconut chews this week. Ate some of them warm and threw the rest in the freezer to nibble on. Shhhh. . .

Kathie said...

Hello there Susanne! Catching up on your blog news. So glad you like that movie. I'm hoping to see it too. It looked funny. I've been sitting on the deck with a book and a cold drink - it was actually a little too hot today. That's a change!! So glad the winter's over. Hope your flowers flourish this year. xo