Friday, May 09, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #284

Welcome back for another Friday's Fave Five!  Join us as we look back over the week and take notice of the blessings and good things in our lives.  They may be big, they may be small but if it in anyway uplifted you or made you smile or got you through, it's worth taking note and being thankful for it. Guidelines are here if you are new.  Please read through them and then join on in!

1.  A lovely day out yesterday.  It was just beautiful with blue skies, warm weather, no wind.  After being cooped up yet again for days with rain and spring snows throughout the week, it felt so good to have that sunshine beating down on us.  It just lifted all our spirits, including the kids who were certainly getting a bit of cabin fever.  We reveled and played in the sunshine for hours and even picnicked our lunch.  I'll take every ounce of sunshine I can get right now.  And I'm very thankful for a job that allows me to take advantage of gorgeous days.

2.  An awesome night of bible study.  There wasn't many of us that came on Monday but boy was it a great study.  We reviewed and went over questions from the Sunday service continuing the series on "Jesus is...".  This week's topic:  Jesus is...Always with us.  What great conversation and thoughts ensued.  I love our group.  It's such a safe place to be yourself and be accepted and share what you think. We all went home uplifted and refreshed and ready to face the week pondering what new level God might be leading us to.

3.  Smoothies.  I've been enjoying a few for breakfasts this past week or so.  Yum!  And it fills me up right until lunch.  I never got on the smoothie band wagon before but I'm starting to see taste (?) the light.  I'm not a great breakfast eater, unless I'm travelling and then I can't get breakfasts big enough, but I'm trying to change that in the hopes that having a healthy breakfast will prevent over eating and unhealthy eating throughout the day.

4.  Some good laughs shared with hubby over the week.  Always an enjoyable thing, laughter is, but having a good laugh with the hubby is a wonderful thing!

5.   Some cleaning out and organizing of cupboards and closets.  I rearranged a few dresser drawers, switched things up after years of it being the same way and I'm quite surprised at the difference it made.  And in the process I added some clothing items to the "out the door" box.  Feels good.  I don't know why, but clothing sometimes is a difficult thing for me to purge but I got determined this year.  And it's feeling good to pare down.

What have been your favorite blessing from the week?


Willow said...

Whittling down any of the possessions, clothing or whatever, always makes me feel so good, too.

Sunshine! Yes! I mentioned sunshine in my post too as a run up to my faves. Just being out in the sun is refreshing. I imagine it is much more so for you since you've been inside out of the snow all winter.

Gattina said...

You are lucky to have sunshine ! I am on holidays in Normandy and it's cold and rainy ! Not the ideal weather for holidays ! Nevertheless we see a lot !

nikkipolani said...

Mmmm, a sunshiny picnic would lift anyone's spirit! As would a lively discussion of endlessly fascinating topics as you have in your Bible study.

Faith said...

Yay for the spring sunshine!! We finally had it too! Today is rainy but at least it's warm!! It must have been fun to have the picnic with the little ones and to share some laughs with your husband. I love my study group too and count it a huge blessing to be involved in a close knit group of fellow Believers. Enjoy those smoothies!! Breakfast is my fave meal of the day!­čśä

ellen b. said...

I love to laugh. Glad you had some laughter this week. Yippee for a good day outside!

Barbara H. said...

So glad you had some warmer. nicer weather to get out in!

It does feel good to find ways to reorganize things and to purge some stuff we have stored.

The Bible study sounds really good!

And laughing with hubby is a good thing, too. :-)

Jerralea said...

It's great to have a bible study group where you feel safe to share. Your study sounds awesome.

I've been enjoying spring and smoothies this week, too. In the winter, I have hot tea for breakfast but once warm weather hits, I have smoothies.

You know me, I love organizing so I'd have been right there with you on redoing your cupboards and closets. Good feelings, for sure!

Snowbird said...

Some lovely blessing here, especially your Bible group. Here's hoping you get to share more laughter and see more