Tuesday, April 29, 2014

"My Life With George" by Judith Summers ~ Book Review

"What I Learned about Joy from One Neurotic (and Very Expensive) Dog"

When Judith Summers lost her beloved husband to cancer, her and her young son were understandably at a loss.  In an effort to help with their profound grief, Judith gave in and said yes to a dog.  After some research, she decided that a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel would fit the bill.  Enter George into their lives.  Charming, adorable, loving and fun.  George also turned out to be high maintenance, naughty, and accident prone.  Things happened to George.  A lot.  This is Judith's story of how a small bundle of fur can take over one's life in hilarious and moving ways.  It's a story full of laughter and tears as George just takes completely over.  I loved her tales of his naughtiness, laughing much because as a dog owner I could totally relate to a lot of it.  I also cried along with her as her and her son dealt with the loss of husband, father, best friend, provider and the huge hole that was left in their lives.  Judith writes in a very engaging way and you are drawn right into their lives and the chaos that is George.  Loved this story.


Faith said...

Oh what a fun book! I think I will buy it for my dog loving daughter for Xmas!!

nikkipolani said...

Pet adventures are fun reads, aren't they? Sounds like there were lots of good elements to this one.