Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #271

My goodness, Friday crept up on me here.  I got my days all mixed up and woke up this morning with a start realizing it was Friday and I didn't do my FFF post.  So I'll put up the Linky and come back with my own FFF post in a little bit after I get ready for work.

Whew, what a mix-up.  I think the long weekend must have thrown me for a loop and totally got my days mixed up.  But here I am and totally ready to celebrate the blessings in our lives.  Hopefully you didn't all ditch me when I didn't show up on time this morning.  :D

1. & 2.    Leisure Time in a Book Store and A New Book Bag. One of my dayhome families had graciously gifted me with a gift card to Chapters for Christmas.  Do they know me or what?  I finally took a Saturday afternoon when I knew I'd have time to wander and look at my leisure.  I love book stores and, like the library, can totally lose track of time in there.  I spent a lovely hour or so just browsing and looking  which is my first fave.  That time to myself doing something I love.  So grateful that came my way this week.  And my second was what I found.  A lovely book tote.  I had really wanted something other than the basket I had on my floor in my bedroom for my books.  I don't like piling them on my nightstand but neither was I liking the basket.  I had tried different kinds and didn't like any of them.  I found the books were getting bent and it always looked messy.  But now I have this lovely bag that has a nice clasp at the top so it keeps the books in shape.  And best of all it was half price so I still have some money to spend in the book store another day!  I did take a pic but I guess hubby forgot to install the camera software on this laptop.  Oops.  I'll have to show ya another day.

3.  Maple yogurt.  Found it at the grocery store this week.  It is delicious and I've been enjoying it everyday for breakfast.  With some Organic pumpkin seed granola.  This is good because I'm not a good breakfast eater (unless I'm on vacation and then for some reason I can eat like a horse at breakfast).  Anyway hopefully, I'll get in a routine of starting my day with some kind of nutrition.

4.  Lunch with a friend.  On Saturday I was able to share a nice lunch with a good friend.  I treasure times I can get out for an hour or two with a friend and just eat and laugh and share life.  I'm so thankful to have a couple of good friends in my life that I can do this with.

5.  This heart.  Again a lovely gift from my hubby for valentines day.  My favorite chocolates and I've enjoyed a few every day!  There is one of every kind they make in that heart and the heart is chocolate too.  Chocolate nirvana for many days to come around here!

What are your favorite blessings and good things from your life last week?


nikkipolani said...

No worries, Susanne. We look forward to reading all about it soon enough! Blessings to you and your day.

Lynette said...

Happy Friday!

Willow said...

Bookstores, chocolate, lunch out. That sounds like a triple winner!

Faith said...

oh YUMMY..that chocolate looks heavenly! and time in a bookstore, lunch with a friend...all perfect! you had a week of nice blessings for sure!

ellen b. said...

Ha! My whole post begins with it's Friday already?! We are also sharing hearts filled with chocolate. Yours is so creative. Love it. Glad you had books, friends and chocolate this week!

Joyful Reader said...

my breakfast habit sounds much like yours! I don't eat well (or at all) most days.
Oh, to have leisure time in a book store! haven't been to one in years!
I should get together with friends for lunch. Something I never take the time for and should!

Barbara H. said...

What a neat day out! Glad you got to do that and found something really neat as well. Glad you had a fun lunch get-together, too.

That candy heart looks scrumptious!

Susan said...

Lovely collection of faves. I never thought to put the books into a bag. Like you I put them into a basket AND I pile them on top of surfaces.

Breakfast is my favourite meal and sometimes it is yogurt and cereal. I've never had maple yogurt though. I get in a rut and usually buy vanilla Greek yogurt.

I kept getting mixed ALL week too about what day it was. lol

Have a great weekend, Susanne.

Kathie said...

Bookstores, lunch with a friend and chocolate? Definitely a few my favourites too!

I admire your self-control with the chocolate - I'm not sure mine would have lasted a week :)

Yay Canada! The Men just won the SEMI!

Jerralea said...

Leisure time in a bookstore - with a gift certificate - sounds delightful!

Enjoy your chocolate!

LivingforGod said...

How fun! I love bookstores and chocolates :)!

Have a blessed weekend in the Lord!

nikkipolani said...

Your book solution sounds terrific, Susanne. A leisurely browse and a find at a good price, too. I can appreciate the time spent with friends. Those are so precious.